AW Surveys Review- Scam Or Worth Your Time?

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aw_survey_review_Welcome to my AW Surveys review and make take on the whole income opportunity aspect of the company. You’re probably browsing the web because you want to know if it’s’ a scam or not and that’s fine. I’m going to give you my honest opinion as an Internet marketer that really knows what it takes to form an actual solid income stream from home. Most likely, that is the case. You’re just looking for something simple that could make you a decent amount of consistent income and you thought maybe survey sites like this one, is the way to go. Well I kind of have some unfortunate news for you. You see, I am not a big fan of online surveys and I think they’re just as good as a scam. Let me explain to you first how this particular company works.

First of all, there are a lot of AW Survey complaints floating around the web. Before I started reviewing the company, I first started visiting forums, reading comments on actual users. I can tell you that there have been a number of problems from users’ testimonials. One huge red flag and something I saw very common was the issue of non payment! Are you kidding me? That’s freaking insane! The issue lies in the cash out. Usually with most of these sites, you have to reach a certain amount of money in your back office before you can withdrawal. People are saying that the company is refusing to pay even though they have met the cash out requirements. That already is a huge sign of a scam but that’s not even the real reason why I can’t recommend the survey site. Let me tell you. It goes much deeper than this. I’m going to show you why it may just be a big waste of your time.

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AW Surveys Scam Analysis

It says that you can get started for free, which is pretty much a lie because it’s really going to cost you about $25 to get setup and going. When you sign up, there are surveys you can take that will add up to about $27. The problem is you can’t cash out on any of your earnings until you reach $75. This is the trick. They will give you just enough surveys to do but not enough for you to really reach that cash out line. This is going to force you to now work the referral side of the business. This means in order to increase your earnings, you’re going to have to bug friends and family to join the program too, and earn just a little more per each signup. Do you see what’s happening here? It’s all a setup for you to bring in more revenue without having to payout that much to their members. But it doesn’t even stop there!

AW Surveys, according to actual testimonials of former members, will accuse people of violating terms and conditions and close your account right before you even hit the payout threshold. This is also one of the most common complaints that I have seen and it makes sense. They want to get and milk as much money out of you as possible, and then shut you down so they don’t have to pay you. Maybe that’s why they pay you so much when you first sign up, to get you all excited, but make it nearly impossible for you to actually cash out as you approach the requirements to get paid. This is honestly one of the worst survey sites I have come across and I can tell you the actual website home page itself, is not impressive and looks very shady. 

Allow me the actual reason why I can’t recommend the AW Surveys scam or any other online survey sites: you just won’t make much money doing the actual surveys. Most survey sites, I would say almost all, are designed to capture your attention with the idea of making easy money answering questions. Let me tell you why they do this. The secret is, they are mostly referral programs. Taking the surveys themselves is not going to pay much. Maybe $.25 to $.50 per survey and it can take more than 1 hour just to complete one. Plus you might not get a consistent flow or work to do. The real reason why these companies are formed is to give members incentives to make more money by referring others. That’s where the money really is, and you would need to refer a massive amount of people into the system just to make any decent income at all. Opportunities like AW Surveys is just not worth the time!

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  1. is this real or fake please tell me , from 4 days pending cash out when will credit to payza acount

  2. I earned 36.00 Dollars in AW Surveys and They DONT REALLY PAY YOU!
    It`s absolutely stupid to waste your time.

  3. help!!!!
    i had done registeration on bharat online work. and bharat online work ask me for 1490 rupees so i paid that money then it send me one cd i play this cd then the site give me some survey. i had done 1st survet that is aw survey i earn 3$ on it then i press upgrade button then aw survey asking me for card no. , expiry date & security code of my debit card. so please help me to tell i want to give or not? because when i want to check out my money so is it asking me f0r account no. but why it asking me for card no.

    • do not give any single paisa because these all are scam sites. They cheat you.

  4. Waooow great job

  5. Actualy, it limit to withdraw is 5$
    Pays to ur paypal and surveys is one of the multiple way to earn
    so maybe they changed something for good, as soon as I Collect
    I will let you know

  6. Thanks admin…but can introduce to me how to make money online..

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