Business Success Pack Scam- Honest Review

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Even after opting in Business Success Pack, it was just so vague as to exactly what I’d be doing to make money. I really hope this review can help you out. One of the things I like to do, is sort out scams from the real deal. Unfortunately, the majority of “money systems” and such, are pretty scams. So when I visited this website, it literally looked just like a lot of other cookie-cutter websites out there designed to basically capture your info. So for the sake of testing things out, I opted in which brought me to the next page.

[note note_color=”#fffcd6″]Pros

  • it only costs about $10
  • you don’t have that much to lose
  • anyone can join no matter background


  • it’s really just a presell
  • there is no “kit” that produces home income
  • you are going to be led to an MLM company
  • very basic e-book on reaching financial freedom and lots of hype
  • some members say hard to get a refund[/note]


Smells Like A Promotion For MLM

business_success_pack_scamOkay, so while doing this review, I felt a sense of dejavu. Haven’t I seen this before? It just looked so familiar! And then it hit me. I have. But with a different name. The reason why things look so familiar was because of the actual “kit” that you would be buying. I had seen this in the past with another website that pretty much plug you into a multilevel marketing company after purchasing your work from home “kit”.

This kit is nothing more than really a pre-sell to the multilevel marketing industry and in fact, you are going to be plugged into the popular and widely known Herbalife business.

Deceptive Promotional Tactics?

Another thing that I think is kind of sleazy is putting logos that you are not even affiliated with. You’ll see something that says “as seen on” and the popular media logos that have absolutely no affiliation with the company whatsoever. This is also a promotional tactic ┬áthat many crafty websites like to use and I guess it’s to gain the trust of visitors to make it seem like it’s legitimate and to also add a sense of familiarity.


Seems to me like some MLM distributors will do anything to build a downline, including developing something like Business Success Pack. Websites like it do a great job at attracting people desperate to make money who are searching on the Internet for a solution. This is pretty much just a presell into the Herbalife business.

If you are somebody that is into pyramids and stuff, then this might be for you. Most people would say it’s not for them though. If you are to get involved, most likely you will end up investing a lot more money than just your little kid that you get in the mail, but also been lots of other stuff such as promotional materials and everything else.


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