Clear Voice Surveys Reviews- Scam And Waste Of Time?

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clear_voice_surveys_reviewsHave you heard of Clear Voice Surveys? Most people that visit my website are looking for good income opportunities on the web and you’re probably trying to figure out some more info on this particular company to see if it’s good or not. This is a paid online survey site in which you are supposed to get compensated for taking surveys.

How Do You Make The Money?

 I’m going to have to say that I like Clear Voice Surveys a little better than the competition because they at least pay you a few cents if you applied to take a survey, but don’t qualify to take it. But for the rest of the surveys are going to get paid anywhere from one dollar all the way to $20. This is a little bit of insight for you: you’re more likely to get those one dollar surveys than anything else from my experience with reviewing tens maybe hundreds of different survey sites. But you have to understand that that’s how the survey industry really is. Just think about it. They would lose money if they really could pay you $20 for every survey you took and you’re able to take a lot per day.

One of the biggest advantages of this company is cashing out. You have to earn at least $10 to cash out. But I thought the problem. The problem and many people have complaints about how you get paid and you can only get paid through a prepaid Master card, Amazon credits, and other gift certificates. This can make more difficult for people who just want cash.

Any Downsides?

Programs like Clear Voice Surveys to attract a lot of new people to the make money online industry or work from home market because it seems like easy riches and easy tasks to do and get paid doing them. The one thing I like to tell people is if it was that easy, everybody would be doing it and everybody would be making good money. Can you make money this way, however?

Yes, you can BUT…

This is the thing. You never really make THAT much doing paid online surveys. That’s just the reality. Can you make a few extra bucks? Yes, but you’re more likely to earn $10 or so per month at best in my opinion. You could get entered into a sweepstakes for a $1000 cash prize, but that’s merely luck. 

My Honest Conclusion

Honestly, you can definitely make a little bit of money with Clear Voice Surveys as you could make a little bit of money within the other survey site out there. But I definitely don’t recommend this as your primary method if you’re looking to generate a full-time income from home. Taking these surveys tends to be very sluggish and like I said before this article, you just don’t get paid enough for the amount of time that your invest in signing up for all these different surveys to take and what not. It’s definitely not a scam.


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  1. Are their sweepstajes legit.? I received notice that won 1000.

    • Have you tried claiming it yet?

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