Copy Paste Cash Review- Justin Middaugh Scam?

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copy_paste_cash_review_When I first heard about Copy Paste Cash, I thought “oh great here we go again”. But surprisingly this affiliate program by Justin Middaugh wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. You see usually whenever something is marketed as, 99% of time is going to be an outright scam and never works out the way that it says is going to. I’m not saying that this particular program is going to work for you, but it possibly can. But then that goes for just about anything. Allow me to explain how this company or program works and what it means for you as far as making money on the Internet. You can find the website at if you want to check it out even more yourself. I’m just going to give you the general idea of this money making opportunity.

Basically, Copy Paste Cash is a training system for complete newbies. I like the fact that it points out it is for newbies and beginners. But the fact that on the site is says “all you do is: copy & paste” is disturbing to me. Of course it’s not that easy to make money. You have to know what you are doing. And this is where beginners get suckered into buying into a program like this for $29.95. They literally think by joining they are going to make quick and easy cash just copy and pasting ads and stuff. That’s not how it works.¬†

just about everything that you click on in the site, leads you to the presell page telling you how you’re able to make $25 for each responsive that ( in other words, sale) and the story behind the two founders from Minnesota. Of coarse in the pitch, they say how they want to help you once you join you will still valuable content that they have to offer.

Big Problem With The Training 

The training. One of the main methods of marketing they teach is to use Craigslist. This is a big no no in today’s marketing age. You can get busted and your posts and ads can be “ghosted” because they see multiple posts on the same IP address and everything else. Then there comes the other training which is not extensive were detailed enough in my opinion, for you to really start making money. A lot of the tools and training is just way too basic and don’t seem like they’re in a convert at a very high rate. One of the things that it lacks the training is how to build your own list because that is ultimately how you make the big money in the online world. Essentially they are teaching you to market their system over and over again.

I could probably say that the only upside to this program as a moneymaking source, is that they don’t try to keep up selling you to buy more stuff. That alone is a big benefit because in this day and age there are so many affiliate scams out there that make big money up selling you by selling you even more garbage. In my opinion, Copy Paste Cash is definitely not something a I would start out on it on the beginner. They’re definitely better affiliate programs out there that will teach you everything you need to know when it comes to generating full time and money Internet. This system is in work if you or somebody that’s already getting traffic from a lot of beginners and you can easily sell and pitch them in the idea of making “copy and paste” money.¬†

Does Copy Paste Cash Scam People?

Well, I can’t say that this affiliate program is a straight up scam and I have to say it is a little bit less annoying than most low-quality affiliate moneymaking systems out there. You definitely are not going to make a fortune just copy and pasting stuff. If you could, then everybody and their grandmother’s would be doing it and making a fortune as well. You just use common sense when you run into systems like this. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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  1. I was very interested in trying this program and actually bought it! But I decided within 24 hours to go ahead and get my money back! I guess the whole giving my money back is what really got me to buy the program. Too many companies try to make it seem like you will actually make money within 24 hours. And I do think this is a failing marketing system because all you are doing is marketing the company over and over again. As of right now there are not alot of people that have turned conversions on this system. I see the majority that are turning profits are the ones that have created youtube videos. Nice review!

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