Does Google Sniper Scam People? George Brown Review

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Ah yes, the notorious Google Sniper scam “make money online” product that seems to be promoted everywhere. What is it? Does it really work? Can you really make hundreds of thousands by buying it? Does George Brown teach the correct methods? These are all questions I asked myself when creating this review and I got some opinionated answers for you. No, I’m not going to hype up this product so I can place my GS affiliate link at the bottom. I’m just going to be straight out with you and critique this from a realistic Internet marketing point-of-view. So let’s get to it. 

Sales Video Causes People To Buy Without Question

google_sniper_scamThis is exactly why Google Sniper and George Brown makes so much money: by selling this to brand new people in the make money online industry. When visiting the sales page, you’ll be pitched and sold on the idea of being able to make thousands of dollars per month from home, with no experience, and with just minimal effort and work. This is why there is so much exposure and so much hype. This is why a lot of bloggers and Internet marketers might shine this in a positive light: to make money off newbies. There are more legitimate ways to make money than this. 

Things he mentions in the video like setting something up and having it generate you money on complete autopilot with very little effort is just wrong.

This happens a lot in the make money online industry and sometimes it could be very difficult to sort out which product can really help you earn income and witch ones are just overly hyped scams. I would say most are overly hype low-quality products that hardly teach you anything that actually works. And that’s what I’m going to talk about next, the actual training methods.

Training Methods Way Outdated

Wow, Google Sniper is teaching stuff that is way too old to really work that well in today’s online marketing world. I’m talking about stuff that won’t help you get results. Let me explain.

  • George Brown teaches you link building methods that are dangerous today
  • The last 2 years, Google has changed its standards and GS fails to mention this
  • The next Penguin Update could possibly destroy your website rankings

 The thing is, you need to consistently evolve in the Internet marketing industry and be on the cutting edge. If you are not, you can be left behind easily and not make any money. Something that this product fails to mention. 

Final Conclusion And Thoughts

To wrap things up, if I give you an honest conclusion it’s to stay away from Google Sniper if you are new to the make money online industry. It is mainly a product for advertisers to make money off naive and clueless beginners who are desperate to make money from home and want something “easy”. It’s not likely going to happen. There are upsells within the program as well, so you want to be careful with that. I would say the biggest benefit is that you can get 100% guaranteed 60-day refund if you really wanted to. 


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  1. oh my goodness, I do not know how to thenk you for this review, you just saved my $47 for real, cause I was about to buy this junk program, oh thanks again

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