Does Just Been Paid Scam People? Unbiased Review

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I can’t blame Just Been Paid scam allegations. This is a tough one. Thanks for visiting my review on this program. Most likely you’re trying to figure out if you can really make money with this system, right? Well, I got something to share with you. As an Internet marketer, I run into questions whether this or that works. The same thing here except this is a popular one. This program is definitely not what I thought however. It looks to me like another possible pyramid or p0nzi affiliate income opportunity. There are many out there like it and some are just scraping the fine line as to whether they’re legal or not. Let me explain to you what I mean.

Just Been Paid was run with JSS Tripler and drew lots of attraction to people seeking home based income. Let me tell you this. I couldn’t exactly find what product they were moving. Often times, shady companies will do this. The commission structure is setup for money to flow towards the top. What does this mean? It means new people generally don’t make much while those above get easy profits. It offers an “investment opportunity” which is also known as H.Y.I.P. in which honestly, I have never really seen work that well for the average Joe. One of the things that bothers me about Just Been Paid is that there is no refund. Once you pay, that’s it and you can’t get your money back. I could see right away that those already in, were going to make money off the new members who joined. There are some affiliate programs like this one where the only thing that is being sold is a membership or useless investment that really means nothing at all.

Please understand that the alleged Just Been Paid scam always seems like easy money, but it never is. If you’re looking for extra income, you’ve got to stay away from these programs that make it seem so simple to make millions and all you have to do is “use this system” or “join this automated business”. The only reason why you would see positive Just Been Paid reviews is if that reviewer is just trying to get you to join his or her’s JBP affiliate link. You might see that. Don’t believe the bull crap though. Understand that the ability for you to make money with this program is really going to be if you can recruit others into the system and get those to recruit others so it forms a chain reaction. Plus you don’t keep all the commissions. There is a fee that they take out. 


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  1. It is 100% a scam, I was in it for a while, made a few dollars and then it basically stopped paying. My account built up to 10k but wasn’t able to withdraw any of it. Not only that but everyone I got to join lost their money as well. They deposited built up the account and weren’t able to get any money out. It’s a scam, hands down.

    • Since when did you leave just been paid?

  2. I am no longer with justbeenpaid or affiliated with them. However, when I was still a member, it was good and not only
    did I get my money back. I also got the returns it promised with only 2 people introduced. I don’t know what the system is like now but it was a good program while it lasted.

    • Thank You for the info before I get
      SCAM. You work hard for your MONEY.scamers will never have good LUCK.

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