Does Motor Club Of America Scam People? Honest Unbiased Review

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motor club of america scamThere have been many Motor Club of America scam questions floating around over the years. The unfortunate part is, few are telling you the truth. There aren’t that many honest videos or websites out there that will tell you what MCA is really all about and whether or not it’s a good business to join if you want to make money. I’ll be honest with you. Most MCA reviews are completely and utterly biased and just want to get you “in”. In other words, make money off you because most likely you are someone new, a beginner, or just looking for a legit opportunity to make money with. Let me break down this program and tell you why I personally cannot recommend this business to someone who really wants to generate income on the Internet or from home. It’s important to understand how things work and what it means for you.

Allow me to just get through explaining what the supposed Motor Club of America scam is, and how it works, out of the way. So basically it’s roadside service/numerous benefits at your disposal by becoming a member. In other words, your car breaks down on the side of the road, an MCA truck comes and helps you out. It’s going to cost you almost $40 to get started and depending on your subscription level, around $20- $30 per month after that. This is only available to people living in the United States & Canada and is not global. The company has been around since 1926 and is still actively doing business. That is a great sign. I’m actually a fan of the product or service that MCA provides! It’s actually really good and it is a legitimate company.

The actual service is not what I have a problem with. It’s actually a pretty good product. I don’t disregard that. I can see that it may be very helpful in emergencies and when you are in need. The issue I have is with the income opportunity aspect of it all. This is what’s really marketed most. This is what really attracts people into the company. It’s a multi level marketing business.

[note color=”#ffe066″]Note: When you are marketing a product/service and you have a sponsor and you are someone else’s sponsor, there is more than 1 level. Therefore, this is multi-level marketing. I know a lot of people in the business deny they are an MLM model, but that’s the truth. [/note]

The actual TVC website where you  log in as an affiliate for Motor Club of America, is pretty crappy to be completely honest with you. As a multimillion dollar company, you would expect the interface of the website to at least be decent, but it’s not. The good thing is you can keep track of your sales, commissions, and everything else that you need, so I guess it’s not that big of an issue. But still. If I’m going to be referring people, then I want at least something attractive or that at least feels right.


So Does Motor Club of America Scam People?

I am not a huge fan of mlm types of business and let me tell you why. They are just do dang hard to build! In this day in age, it’s just getting much more difficult to do multi level marketing because, let’s be honest here, most people view them as “pyramid” schemes and if that’s not enough, most people that join you will quit. This is why very, and I mean very few people actually make any decent income with Motor Club of America or any other mlm opportunity out there. I’m not saying mlm is a scam, but it’s not easy and it never works out there way your “upline” tells you it will. They want to keep you motivated so most of the time your sponsor will feed you big goals, dreams, and ambitions and very little helpful training.

It’s really hard to get an honest opinion on the whole Motor Club of America scam question because if you’re in the company, then most likely you are going to have a sense of loyalty and pride. You will see that. You will see a lot of people who are members, positively promote the business even though they are not making the money they truly desire or any at all. It’s just a “this is my team” kind of deal. I would say, step back. Take a look.

This is another issue. Most highly trafficked Motor Club of America scam reviews are totally biased and it’s for a reason. They want you to join their team. You might find a lot of positive feedback from blogs and Youtube videos. That’s because they are “in” it themselves, trying to get a good hold on promotion of their affiliate link. I could have easily joined up with MCA, got my affiliate link, wrote a sales-y review about how you’re going to make millions and change your life if you join, and placed it here on my website. But I’m not about that. I just simply can’t recommend MCA. Not only do you have a high chance of failure, but when people cancel their subscription, you get a “chargeback”. It means you get charged for it! That’s freaking insane honestly.

There are also these “EZ” systems out there that promise you great success with your MCA business and how you can generate $500 per day just by joining and following the steps. I’m going to save you a lot of time, money, and hopes my friend. It’s not going to work out for that well. Let me explain. Again, it all comes back to traffic. This business will only work if you truly know how to get consistent traffic to your affiliate link whether it be through video, a website, or a marketing system. You may have heard of the popular EZ Money Method 2x make money program. Again, if you don’t know how to get traffic to this system either, you’re not going to make any money. Funny how the majority of people making the money never tell you how to do it, isn’t it?

Motor Club of America Scam Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Like I said before. I can’t recommend MCA to you if you are someone that is looking to make money online and you are a complete beginner. This is going to work if you have lots of confidence, can talk to people and sign them up. Plus lead, motivate, and inspire a team to duplicate what you’re doing. For most people though, this could take years. Could you make a few dollars in the business? Sure. You could bug a few friends and family to join but I think for most people, it stops there. To actually make a consistent income each month is probably not going to be likely for you at all. To really generate income from home, you need to gain powerful Internet marketing skills and take consistent action. I do have something that works and can teach you how to build an affiliate marketing business from scratch no matter your experience level.


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  1. I am very leary of companies who want your bank routing number saying it’s to put in the commission you make how do I know it’s not to take money out of my acct?

  2. I guess you can call this unbiased. But like any other job, some require more skills than others. Not every job position is a one-size-fit-all. Regardless of what online business you choose, you will need Independent Business Owner experience. And that is what MOST do not express to beginners who seek this type of work. That right there makes the industry of IBO look like a fable. Great money can be made from these companies. But the focus is all wrong. Building an MLM should not be your focus if you are just starting out. You should be focused on your product or services. And no you don’t need your friends and family. As long as you know what you are selling or providing, you should have no problem with getting sales. Because people buy what they want. Stop focusing and wasting time trying to convince people. Just focus on making great marketing tools. Most MLM companies don’t require IBOs to build teams. They encourage them, but don’t need it to make money. Building a team is making residual income. People should really research the IBO industry FIRST, then decide on which company is best SECOND. Many don’t understand that the current job they clock in for is also a pyramid scheme but rather called a corporate latter. Come on, people barely pass management. Do the REAL research before opinions are made about these solid companies. And I’m referring to all direct selling companies.

  3. One of the few unbiased reviews of MCA online. But not nearly to the point. This is a pyramid scheme through and through. They prey on unintelligent people who think that you can actually make money at home by pasting some links to bare webpages that no one is ever going to visit. Much less click on the link and purchase the membership. Who would be dumb enough to pay 40$ for a job? You pay 40$. The person who signed you up gets a cut. You then only make money when you sign someone up. In the end you have no friends because you have pestered them to death by trying to sign them up.

  4. Hello Vince, since you reviewed Motor Club of America, can you review Global Travel International? It is a travel companies that not only sell travel services, but also recruits independent at home travel agents. I want to know if you can review it. Here’s the site to get more info.

  5. Wow this is a great article and I agree with you in some areas. With any business it does require ground work and dedication. It all starts with having determination, focus, and skill. My best suggestion is doing research on the industry before diving in head 1st. Watch YouTube videos and learn as much as you can about that member in mca.

  6. Great blog about Motor CLub of America. I have really learned a lot What other affiliate opportunities do you offer ?

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