Does Primerica Scam People? Review & Honest Opinion

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Ah yes, the great big Primerica scam…or so many people think. Hey thanks for stopping by my website. I hope to shed a little bit of light and clear up some confusion that might be going on. Perhaps you are someone that is researching this company because you are unsure if this is a scam and just want an unbiased, honest opinion and review.

That’s what I do.

As someone that knows home-based business, I can break it down for you and reveal what’s really going on in this “make more money” opportunity that someone, whether friend or family, has recently pitched you. It doesn’t provide you with jobs. So let’s continue shall we?

How Do You Make Money With Primerica?

Wow, this company takes me back. I remember somewhere around 10 years ago, my sister joined Primerica and swore she was going to be RICH. At that time I didn’t know what it was, but now I understand what’s going on. By the way, she never became rich. She quit after like 2 months. Lol!

Primerica is a multi-level marketing company that sells life insurance, prepaid legal services, auto insurance, mutual funds, managed accounts and other various financial products and services.

You sign up and become a rep…

It could definitely cost you hundreds just to sign up!

You then sell these services to your friends and family…it doesn’t stop there. To grow your “business” you have to recruit others to join your team and have them also sell the same stuff. This is what network marketing or what others refer to as “MLM”…is all about.

It’s all about sales & volume. There more accounts created under your name, the more money you can make.

Your teams can grow and grow and grow and some people have become millionaires.

This Is A People-to-People Business!

It’s funny. The amount of success you are going to see in this type of company is going to depend on how well you interact, recruit, and lead people! That’s really where the BIG money is…

If you are not a people-person or not willing to become one, I would STAY AWAY from multi-level marketing.

It’s really hard.

The residual money that keeps growing into hundreds of thousands is going to be from building an organization of reps under YOU. This takes lots of skill, hard work, and TIME….just like anything else in life. 

So will Primerica scam You?

No. I do not believe it is a scam…at all. It is network marketing which is extremely difficult and many people feel it is like a “pyramid scheme”, so it gets extra hard once people start questioning how it works.

But if you can be good at inspiring and convincing people to join and sell financial type products, you can definitely do very well. It is one of the more well-known MLM’s out there and is pretty reputable. The only thing is that since it’s in the MLM industry, it could definitely get a bad wrap from former disgruntled members. 

Conclusion: It’s Possible To MAKE LOTS OF MONEY

You can definitely makes thousands, possibly even millions with Primerica…but remember, that goes said for just about any profitable business venture you get into. It’s going to depend on how much you put in, on how much you get out. 

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  1. The company is not a scam. It’s a legit company, but it’s practices are garbage. I have just cancelled my policy after 20 years because they increased my premium by 370%!!!! It went from $53 per month to $197!!
    And they didn’t even give me a heads up. And they didn’t really seem to give a sh&* that I was cancelling.

    Stay away!

  2. All I can say is my resume was IT based they called saying I was a Windows administration and set up interview. Seemed too easy so I got on Web did some looking and thought not right. I bugged temperature to find out what I was interviewing for and basically just sales. Don’t be fooled this is scam and if looking for job this is not it

  3. People in doubt should really read this write-up. Thanks for sharing

  4. I JUST want to buy the life insurance NOT work for the Company!!

  5. LOL, like BBB proves anything..They are pro-business, not consumer
    There’s plenty of pure scam companies on NYSE, Enron, Worldcom, Nortel.
    Wall Street is a scam, derivatives implosion, trillion $ bailout from taxpayers..
    But CEOs keep $20 million bonuses..LOL

    • Life is a scam if you want to take it there. Are you living your life the way you truly want? Are you currently being scammed in your everyday life? What are you doing about it? Most people do nothing and continue to be scammed or continue to be “blind” to the fact that we are all being scammed in this modernized world. #TakeADeeperLookAtYOURLife #ScamsForEveryone #LifeIsAScam #LfeLimitationsAreScams #ThisIsNotTheWayWeLiveOurLifes

      • DORCAS STEVENS Life is a scam? You have to be kidding me. Life is what you make of it. I love life, it is for sure your only stop here, make the best of it.

  6. I’m a Regional Vice President with Primerica. I started with the company in February of 2015 and took the RVP contract in 6 months. That is not normal but it can be done. Primerica is a great company but you have to work REALLY hard for a period of time. Everyone comes in with different backgrounds and skill sets. I was a detective before I started and I make over 10k a month now. I was lucky to have the right leadership and the right attitude to run it like a business. I also had experience running a few small businesses before I started. My advice to anyone considering joining is that this is a tough business but if you are tough it is worth it. My mentor in the business makes over 100k a month and has been here for around 10 years. There is incredible upside and stability from a well built business. I would suggest researching the office that you join before you ever sign an IBA. I didn’t but I was EXTREMELY lucky to have the coach I did. I have looked at a lot of businesses and spent a lot of money on traditional businesses but I’ve never seen anything that comes close to the potential a Primerica business offers to an average person. You will have very uncomfortable situations put in front of you but that’s where growth happens. That’s why you can get paid so well. Trust me when I say it is worth it. I had to pay a death claim for a vey close friend and I know that without Primerica and the opportunity that was presented to me his family would have suffered much more than they needed to. Most people will fail miserably in this business because they won’t have the mental toughness, the skill set or the leadership to win. Only you can decide if you are the right person but that’s what makes it great. At the end of the day you have complete control of your future here.

  7. I suggest finding a real job that pays the bills, do this MLM job as a side one. zNot all your friends own property, not everyone can afford what Primerica has to offer.. Your friends begin to look at you differently when Primerica fees kick in. your gonna lose friends and your going to make enemies.. They tell you its partybtime and ur gonna make anywhere fromv $1000 to $2000 extra a week, damn, the biggest bullshit ever.. your gonna jave to put 60+ hours a week if you want to make $$.. I tried it, just like your sister, i quit in 2 months.. Find a job at stop n shop warehoyse for $14 an hour and your gonna be better off.. its not for everyone, but give it a try.. they charge you for everything.. if i go to work everyday, i get paid every week or bi-bi-weekly, i dont have to pay anyone to get a job, just sayin.. good luck and get rwady to start making phone calls and book meetings that get canceled once they google Primerica

    • Who the heck recruited Jesus? Clearly the financial industry is not for him. Stop N Shop, perfect. Stop recruiting people who have no shot. Gives them false hope. Good luck Jesus.

    • Clearly This Jesus can’t live up to the name. Those who have no faith only settle for a $14 an hour job. My time is much more valuable to me than that. What happens when they cut your hours on the job or they decide to eliminate the position or Layoffs happen. I believe far greater than a job can supply. I believe that I Can Do ALL Thing through Christ that Strengthens Me. Friends that are truly Friends are gonna be there for you regardless. If they leave, so be it. What plan for financial success do they have for you anyway? You quit in two month and probably didn’t even get a license. Change Your Mindset and get Focused!

      • And Im not knocking a job so please don’t take my previous message wrong people. What we do for middle american class family is absolutely phenomenal and people who get in and don’t go to work are the ones that don’t succeed. Like this Jesus… and they are usually the ones who get on these sites and complain.

  8. I’ve been a Rep with Primerica for over a year. I make decent x-tra income and I only have the insurance license. I haven’t really made an effort at recruiting anyone, and I probably won’t until I get fully licensed. It’s your choice. You don’t have to recruit if you don’t want to. You could choose to just promote the products, but you probably won’t get rich doing it by yourself. Even a broker know he’s going to make more money if he hires some agents to work under him. Anyone could do this business, but not everyone will do what it take to succeed.

  9. PFS is not a scam. I have been there a while now and have come to realize it is the customer being ripped off, not the agent. The life insurance is ok, but the mutual funds are very expensive in regards to fees. They charge a front end load, and management fee and a 12b.1 fee. At least most of the funds do. Although fees are necessary for actively managed funds, the front end loads and 12b.1 fees are long term wealth destroyers. Most people we deal with are low information and wouldn’t research fund costs if they were paid to. That being said they do not know they are realizing an automatic up front loss of 5.75% give or take a bit.

    For you other primerica agents out there, the new DOL rule will absolutely destroy primerica so get ready to bail.

    At all the trainings i go to they talk about the rightness and goodness of what we do…in terms of life insurance and the education bit , yeah. As for investments, take ur money elsewhere.

  10. Bottom Line:

    “If you have to convince someone to give it a try, someone else can convince them to stop.”

    Primerica is the greatest opportunity in North America, but if a blog or post keeps you from it, you would’ve fizzled out soon enough anyways.

    It’s a tough business, it takes determination and effort. But it certainly produces rewards for those who stick it out.

  11. I’m with J Dodge.

    Maybe not a scam, but definitely not for the “benefit of middle income families”.

    Straight up MLM/multi-tiered marketing. Amway, Herbalife, Primerica are synonymous.

  12. Does primerica offer the best policies?? I read people saying that it’s the most expensive?? From what I know it’s cheap if you are young and according to health?? But besides life insurance are there products good?? Do they actually help people??

    • NO they are the most expensive and in some cases misleading!!! Go elsewhere for your insurance and financial product needs.

    • At least in Canada, of the 30 random quotes i performed, Primerica was between 67% and 107% higher priced, especially for women.

    • Yes they do offer the best products .i am a client of theirs . They helped us get out of debt 8 years sooner, and saved us thousands in interest from our credit card debt. And as far as life insurance I would def. recommended them, their whole philosophy of but term and invest the difference just makes the most sense if you really think about it. Our family is in a better place financially thanks to them. So yes I speak from a clients experience that they do actually help people. Hope this helps

      • I agree. I never joined as a rep, but as for their services I am so thankful for their life insurance and investment accounts. My husband just died and my Primerica rep was able to move everything (like 401K) over for me and give me my life insurance and I’m so glad I didn’t have to “shop around” for the best person, I had someone who was there for me with exactly what I needed.

    • No there products are not expensive, I switched to Primerica and saved 300 dollars a year in insurance fees. Far from being a farce. They are the most trust worthy company for life insurance and investments. These people writing must be from other companies or something because what they just said is a pile of crap.

  13. I have been with Primerica now for 21 years. I have done extremely well. I came from another business in a completely different industry which was also successful and I operated that business for 12 years. It is unfortunate that many people have had a bad experience with Primerica, but their personal experience really doesn’t represent the true Primerica overall. It is simply their experience. I was trained to operate a professional organization. It took 3 years to acheive that. Most people can’t even last 3 months. But not ever having a business before explains why. You do not need to recruit to recruit people to make a great living. That is totally a lie. I have gone years not recruiting people and making a solid six figure income through referrals and networking. I never cold call although I know many people do, because I have learned how to create a continuous flow of referrals. I believe my advantage is I came from business ownership to a Primerica business. I had great Mentors and never listened to people who were not succeeding. There are great recruiters and there are great personal producers. Primerica gives everyone the freedom to decided how they want to operate their business and I have witnessed this since 1994. Usually the people who have negative things to say, do so because they are dissapointed in themselves for not doing the things they needed to do to acheive success. I have decided to start aggressively recruiting and transferring my knowledge to the new millennials who ultimately will carry the torch hepling the very much in need middleclass market screamimg for hope. The Financially streesed American people need help and I can’t be of as much service by myself. So I’m recruting an Army to have the leverage to make a difference. And to the haters out there, stop it and go help yourself and the people you most care about. Because odds are, you need help too.

    • Hey I read what u wrote. Very nice. I just joined Primerica. I will need your help please

      • Run April!! Your family and friends will thank you? You are Primera’s customer, they’ll want your family and friend’s contacts since those are the only people who will buy this stuff Only 3% of Primera employees make more than $5000 a year! Get out now! It’s a pyramid scheme

        • You are so right, it’s totally a scam. That’s why we have an a+ with the BBB. That’s why we’re listed on the NYSE, because they totally let scams onto that. That’s why forest listed us as one of the most trustworthy companies in the nation. Let me guess, you came to your conclusion that we are a scam by “researching” us on Google, correct? I’m sure they also researched us, but I guess they forgot the most reliable way to check our credibility, by checking google for complaints from people that won’t even get involved with our company, or people who quit because they didn’t have what it takes to do the hard work. Darn, you should contact them and let them know they messed up, I’m sure they’d feel pretty stupid, and then they’d thank you so much for helping them out.

          • Trevor, one needn’t Google more than their own annual reports to know that the facts don’t match the hype. In 2015, average policies sold per rep was 2.54. Average recruits per rep was 2 1/2. Commissions per rep down from 2014. Licensed rep turnover rate was 32%. Recruit turnover rate was 84%.

          • Negative Nancy

          • My dad always said, do not argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to their level, and beat you with experience.
            Just be positive, love what you do. Respect the choices others make if it makes them happy, and stop being dream stealers. Every statue of a past great was ridiculed during their life. So sad but for some that is their human spirit.

          • Yes,there are scamson the NYSE, heard of Enron, World on..Wall Street is mostly a scam and lies..

        • How long have you been with primerica Charles Wilson?

  14. Not a scam but lots of hype and false hope, very cultish and manipulative. I was fully licensed for a few years and gave it a fair try. The only way to write business on a consistent basis is to constantly recruit and bring in new people. The main purpose of recruiting is to ‘train’ the new person when in fact you’re just using them to get in front of their warm market. I would not recommend Primerica.

    • I know this is an old post. I found your last statement to be right on the dollar. You don’t get commission until you’re licensed. It may take at least 3 weeks for you get your license . In the meantime your trainer will have you call people you know for training purposes. If that person buy anything your field trainer get all the commission bc you’re not license. So if you join make sure to hold on to your warm market.

  15. I am on the fence about joining primerica…i know its MLM,i have a degree in marketing&sales and my modest opinion is ,that i am pretty good at it…my only concern is ,that a lot go people are either ignorant or uninformed and have pretty negative opinion about primerica,so that makes it harder for the sales rep to offer any help,the right financial product or insurance…in mlm marketing its not about harassing ppl,but about educating them and making difference in their lives,offering the right solution to the right person..Does primerica offer the best financial products?that,i am not sure..ill do my research and than make a decision to join or not:)

    • Thanks for the comments, Ivan.

      I’ve had my time and experience in MLM. It’s a really interesting industry.

      I remember a few people who joined my team, had an extensive background in sales and marketing. The funny thing is, they washed out. In fact, lots of people who were outgoing and had that sales-y “personality” washed out.

      And then there were folk like me, much on the introverted side, who were actually going out, recruiting people, and building teams. It got to the point where I had 30+ people in my downline. Of course, I was hardly making much money. It was the niche.

      My point is, it doesn’t matter what background or experience you have. It comes down to your will and desire to make your dreams become a reality.

      Looking back, I can’t say I would ever go back to MLM. In my opinion, it’s like 100x’s tougher to build an MLM business in the 21st century. The financial services are great. It’s the business model.

      Most people now, have already heard of or been approached by an MLM of some sort. Unlike 30 or 40 years ago, it was still relatively new.

      You can still make it. It just might be much, much tougher.

      Obviously I run this blog and have built a living in affiliate marketing online. I always recommend it now, to anyone interested in starting a home based business or just wants to build a supplemental income stream.

      I’ve seen many MLMer’s go from struggling to success by taking advantage of the Internet. It’s an extremely profitable world, with tons of opportunity for anyone who wants to start something.

    • Ivan, don’t focus on their products. Being successful at Primerica is more about focussing on recruiting, plain and simple!

  16. Ur sister probably should have stayed longer by now she might have been pretty steady with her income! I’m doing very well there:)

    • Good to hear you’re doing well!

      It’s not how long you stay, it’s how productive you are. I’ve met people who have been in Primerica for 10+ YEARS and still have yet to make any significant income!!!!

      • This is true. I have met people in similar situations. I have also met people in the opposite situation. There’s a girl in my office named Jlew Lewis who is absolutely destryloying it. She is making over 300K annually, and has actually broken the record for the most money made in your first year as rvp. She’s been in the business for less than two years. She has just put in so much work.

        • I can’t count how many times Ive heard a Primerican referred to as “Youngest RVP ever” or “Fastest 100k Earner” etc etc etc. This year alone, there will be close to 125,000 individual reps who’ve worked there at some point. There are bound to be 3-5 thousand doing well. That leaves a huge number who are not!

        • im so confused. I was told by someone that works there every 10 people you get to be licensed is $1k for you. 100 = $10k monthly? and the the whole getting premiums is a whole another challenge it self.

        • You are referencing that woman located in Flowood, Ms.. Stop promoting this “Pyramid” Scheme..How do you people live with yourselves ripping off innocent people? That blood money will not bring you happiness or peace!!

          • How long were you with primerica Aubrey?

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