Does Tube Launch Scam People? Honest Review

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tube launch scamI know the whole Tube Launch scam concern has been floating around now that a lot of people have gotten their hands on the actual product, and I can’t blame them. Supposedly this program is supposed to teach you how easy it is to make money by simply uploading videos on Youtube. I can tell you right off the bat that you’re not going to make money by simply uploading videos to Youtube. You have to understand a lot more than that and this product won’t really show you. Understand that you can really leverage making videos to drive lots of traffic, leads, and sales, but you have develop and practice the special skills that will bring in the money. It’s not an easy 1-2-3 process.

The first thing I want to get out of the way is Tube Launch is a Clickbank product. If you come across any other reviews that are positive, please be sure that the reviewer is just trying to sell it to you to make a quick buck. Most of the time you will see them say something like “get this right now by clicking here” have you click on a link that will lead you to the salespage. Unfortunately, it’s a common thing in the IM industry, but I just wanted to get that out there.

[note color=”#FFCC00″]Note: One of the things that is a redflag is that there is training on how you can “rip” which is “steal” video content and use it for your own. This is actually against terms & conditions and will get you BUSTED by Youtube.[/note]

Phase 1

One of the biggest problems I have is the actually content through out the product. It’s definitely aimed at total beginners. That’s fine. Everyone had to begin somewhere. But what I mean is, the content is so simple that I don’t believe a beginner is really going to make money by just learning off this program. I honestly don’t. It’s just not enough. I would think of it more of an “intro” than anything else. For an example, they tell you a lot about Clickbank and how it works. Yes, we know Clickbank is an affiliate marketplace. You don’t need to have a whole video on it. That’s the kind of stuff they cram in there though.

Phase 2

There is a lot of “filler” videos to make it seem like you got your money’s worth. For an example, there’s actually a whole tutorial in there that tells you “how to setup a Youtube account”. Really? Do you really need to pay for a video that shows you how to setup a Youtube account? If you don’t know how, then you’re not ready for Internet business anyways. You get what I’m trying to say? There’s another video that teaches you how to shorten links. Honestly, this stuff is just straight forward and pretty self explanatory. You don’t need to pay money to find this out.

Phase 3

Then in the 3rd phase of Tube Launch, there are videos on how to link your videos together and using view exchanges. Please understand that view exchanges or traffic exchanges are just any kind of exchanges are pretty darn ineffective. Like I mentioned before, a lot of this stuff is just filler material aimed at the complete beginner. Also they’re going to tell you how to purchase views. What does this mean? More money you gotta spend!

So Does Tube Launch Scam People?

Ha! Now the big Tube Launch scam question comes into play. I can’t say it’s a straight out SCAM, but I would definitely pass on this video product. On the sales page it says you’re going to make easy money just uploading simple videos. Nope. You’re not. There are a lot of things lacking such as what to even make videos about? How to sell in your videos because you have to know how to get your viewers to do what you want. And there is a bunch of other stuff. Overall, it’s just another Clickbank product more aimed at marketing to complete beginners and “newbies” who don’t have a clue what to look for when venturing into online income opportunities and unfortunately, a lot of them will end up spending their hard-earned money on it.



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  1. I bought tube launch for 7$, why not. I have to say that there was a lot of really great info on there. I have been at this online crap for almost 2 years and 90% of it is all garbage. They say they will teach you start to finish but it is always left really lacking and you’ll be lucky if you can ever get any real help if you need it. Someone is making money with clickbank products and if you are a beginner it takes you through the steps completely and clearly, nothing left out. I guess all a person can say is what they have tried. I have NOT gone trough the whole thing yet and set it up but will be there within a week. I wanted to put it to the full scale test before saying it’s a piece of crap product that does not work. And guess what we all have to start somewhere with learning how to set up a youtube account and yes it is pretty easy but if you have not a clue doesn’t mean you have no business trying to get started with online marketing. Anyway maybe a waste of time maybe not but I like the structure and thorough way it is laid out and for 7 dollars I have learned a few things.

  2. I sign up for this just because it said money back guarantee. Its nothing but a waste of time. Its full of videos, which send you to several different website, and on each website it wants you to put more of your credit information to buy more stuff. Then at the very end it doesn’t even have a way for you to get started. It says you don’t have to know anything. Of course that’s a lie too. Don’t do it! It’s a big SCAM.

  3. Thank you so much for this great review. I wish there were more reviews out there like this one. Thanks a bunch!

  4. I was nearly scammed too thanks guys.

  5. nice to hear that there is one person who is sincere and honest. I am tired of scams. Its hard work that will make one generate extra income. Most of these scams promise you that all is free only for them to demand some fee before you can proceed with their website.

  6. I can Believe that I’ve spend 15 minutes to watch the crap video from Tubelaunchtwo !

    Guys, the scamer Tube Guru is Back With Another boring Stupid Video That Promises Riches !

    By the way, Thanks for the review Vince ! You’ll save a lot of peoples hard earned cash !

  7. Thank you!!!! Finally an honest review. I was looking for more info on this opp and I’m so tired of all the bait and switch reviews that either have you sign up under their link or have you sign up for something else. I’m going to avoid this one! again, thanks!

  8. hey man just thought id try to ask.. i red your post.. im not trying to get rich just make some more of an income for bills i spend alot of tie on the computer just thought i might try you know a legit site or something i can do to bring in money from the internet.. thanks! you can email me back

    • Hey Cody. Yes, I definitely know a legit site that can teach you how to build income streams on the Internet from home. No hype. No scams. No MLM. Just real Internet marketing training, education, and support. If you’re interested, click this link.

      Best Regards,

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