Does Work At Home United Scam People? Honest Review

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work_at_home_united_scamI came across Work At Home United and visited the home page. Judging from an Internet marketer’s background, immediately  I knew what the deal was before even clicking or learning more. But I continued to the overview anyways. The page is nothing more than stating all the benefits of the program including: no large investment, no selling, no pressuring others, no complicated paperwork, no mlm, no risk, etc.

It then goes to say you will get free tools such as: coaching, team support, personalized websites, global marketing potential, 100% satisfaction guarantee and other stuff as well. This page is nothing more than a pre-sell. You’re not going to be informed on exactly what you would be doing, how things work, and how much it costs to get started. The next page is just going to bring you to a form to input all of your information so you can be contacted.

Work At Home United Is Just A Front For Melaleuca 

Yes. That’s right. WAHU is just a team from Melaleuca (popular MLM company). This company is really not much different than Amway. You will have cult-like followers do nothing but praise not only Work At Home United, but the endeavors of Melaleuca as well. It’s easy to see now that this is nothing more than an Internet marketing system designed to grab the interest of people and turn them into leads to be contacted by a Melaleuca representative. Once you sign up, you are on the same team as Work At Home United. This is nothing more than an online marketing system that you drive lots of traffic to and grab people’s info. Once you sign up, you will be set up for an appointment call in which you will just be pitched on joining Work At Home United with all the hype

Quite clever. Do you really work at home as in have a job? No. This is not a job, but a business opportunity.

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[note color=”#FFCC00″]The way this business is structured is by you recruiting others and teaching them how to recruit others. Of course you’re going to use/sell the actual products of the MLM company to create monetary volume in which you keep residuals. The products are mainly eco-friendly househould products that are overpriced and you could find at your local supermarket. There’s nothing wrong with building your own home based business, it’s just that multi-level marketing is super tough and about 99% of the people who join will fail at generating any kind of solid income. That’s just the reality. Members might beg to differ because of the loyalty tied to their team leaders, but most distributors struggle tremendously. [/note]


So does Work At Home United scam people? No, it’s not technically a scam. It’s just a “marketing system” that you become a part of and recruit others into Melaleuca under you. Let me tell you the problem you’re going to face: getting traffic and people to actually join. Let me tell you another problem you’re going to face: getting people to actually purchase the expensive products. Let me tell you even another problem: leading and getting people to recruit others to recruit more, and everyone use the products. MLM is definitely not easy in this day and age, and there are much better ways to generate income at home.


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  1. How do you make money? Where does the income come from? This is why there are so many skeptics because no one knows these things.

  2. is work at home united worth it? does the company even pay you enough like everyone on the website makes it seem ?

  3. I just want to know if the products are reliable and beneficial to a person purchasing them.

    • Yes as a customer for 11 the products have helped my son with his allergies helped me with my heart condition and has saved my family $$$ because the products cost about the same if not less that store products.

  4. So what is the best stay at home money maker?

    • Ashley, there is no true “money maker”. There’s nothing that you just plugin into and it “works” as in pumps money into your account. There is no secret method, technique, or steps. There is no system or sales funnel that’s just going to make all the money for you. The way you do it is by getting good at understanding Internet marketing. This could include learning how to rank a website in searching engines so you draw in traffic by producing VALUABLE content. This could be getting the word out of your business through video such as Youtube and knowing what keywords to target and how to warm up your audience. There are a lot of skills that you need to know how to put together and then take action, and that’s EXACTLY what my #1 recommendation shows you.

  5. MLM is only a great deal for the owners. Dont be fooled!

  6. I found this after Googling a person with a less-than-reputable past. This person is unemployable in the practical and responsible world of respectable humans. Previous ventures included a company that made common practice of losing wedding photos for people who sometimes traveled 16 hours by air to get to the destination.

    Google who you deal with, in any business, and be careful. MLM is full of scammers; while the building itself (the MLM) might not be dangerous on its own… The occupants might have a knife waiting to shank you.

  7. Hey Jessica. Thanks for the feedback and your honest take.

    I agree Maleluca is a decent company. The products are OK. To me it’s just your typical MLM company.

    Work At Home United is just a system that is going to be useless unless you know some pretty nifty traffic-generating strategies to your capture pages and what not. Oddly enough it’s what 99% of online marketers struggle with tremendously. The few that can, may generate some sales off new people easily.

    The opportunities I refer people to don’t just peddle a “recruit more people to recruit more people to make more money” kind of business.

    They teach Internet marketing skills at different levels and teach online business (example: targeting a niche, finding keywords, building a website, driving traffic, creating content, sales conversion, outsourcing, etc.).

    Not only do I earn income by referring people to such opportunities, but I own multiple websites OUTSIDE the “make more money” niche which has quite frankly, gotten very competitive/saturated no matter what people say. Many people have remained active in those opportunities for YEARS.

    So to answer your question, yes people are still purchasing the same thing every month.

    I am also a consultant for a small Internet marketing company in CA as well.

    Very few people truly achieve that significant residual income in the MLM industry. I think I read around 99.6% never even pull in more than $500 per month.

    Wish you the best of luck!

    • Vince, I have to disagree with you on two counts. #1 Melaleuca is NOT an MLM company. Per the U.S. Internal Revenue System. It’s a consumer direct marketing classification. Big difference. No distributors. And my second level of disagreement is with the 99.6% never seeing even %500 a month. Trust me, as a SAHM of 6 young children, reaching $500 and ABOVE is very attainable.

      • Hey Christa. Appreciate the feeback.

        However, if you are marketing a product and you can have an upline/downline, then there are multi-levels…and you are marketing. Hence, multi-level marketing.

        I know many distributors are taught to believe it isn’t “MLM” because of the stigma often attached to it. I know. I’ve been there. I used to be a distributor. But the reality is, it is a very difficult business to build and I would recommend truly spending your time building a home based business through affiliate marketing.

        I’ve made 10x’s more doing online marketing than I ever did in MLM…and mind you I had about 31 people in my downline.

        • This is not a distributer business though. You never distribute a product. People don’t order from you. You ate essentially a customer service representative like those people at Costco or Sam’s club that tell you the benefits of being a member. It is based on an mlm structure but so are businesses in your own town. Walmart gets products from a distributor who gets them from the manufacturer. They then sell those products to us the consumers. See, upline and downline. Not really a bad system afterall.

          • Ah yes. I remember my MLM days when I was trained to think that way too. Good times.

  8. I found this post by pure coincidence, I am not part of work at home united, however, I do own my own business under Melaleuca. This business can be for everyone, but not everyone will be able to do it. Many people are great skeptics, I should know, I WAS one. But I also know that this business is legitimate, and so far, everyone that I am helping build their own business have never had a problem with this.

    True, its hard to find people that will want to build this business. But then again, there are those people that are constantly searching for a way to make money from home. Thats why I got started. I’m a mother, student and entrepreneur. To start my first business I had to INVEST over $100 to create my blog, and start making money. Even then, I didnt make money UNLESS i kept landing jobs. When I started working in Melaleuca I just switched store, and EVEN WHEN I COULDNT enroll anyone, I STILL got paid.

    Its an HONEST, good company. If you refer anyone to any site, or to buy any products, its probable that you will get an income for that sale. But will it be RESIDUAL? will people want to buy the EXACT same product from your site every month?? Will others?

    Just something to think about.

    i checked out your other post: Top 5 affiliate income opportunities if you’re looking to make money the right way.. . Are you making money from REFERRING people to those opportunities? Can you afford to stop working for a month or two, and KNOW that you will receive RESIDUAL income from your referrals for months to come?

    Just a thought

    ~to your success!

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