Easy Cash Code Review- Another Push Button Scam?

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I know you’re doing research on Easy Cash Code because you just want to make an honest $1 online, right? I hate to tell you this but it’s just another one of these “systems” that pretty much rips off beginners like you, so the owners can profit BIG TIME. I see it time and time again. And maybe you do too.

It sucks because titles with “easy” and “fast” and “cash” tend to lure so many people just to find out what you got into was a complete waste of time. I don’t know why people join those things. I’m thinking it’s out of desperation or they just simply don’t know and think it may be possible to find something that “works” easily. Actually I think it’s because a lot of people want to make loads of money with little or no work. Haha. That was me at one time.

But anyways, let’s see what this is all about…

The Typical Cheesy Easy Cash Code Sales Pitch

A lot of times people like you and me will get fooled by these get rich quick systems because we see what we think are genuine testimonials of success. You’ll see the pictures of people and their claims that sound like “hey this system is the best and works! I made $10,000 in just 3 days using this easy system” and blah blah blah. Check this out. Look towards the bottom of the sales video where the fine print is. You’ll even see that it says these are paid actors! The “Antonio” guy that is pitching this to you says he can prove to you that this product works and everything, yet you get distracted with more circle talk and then you’ll see screenshots of earnings that doesn’t prove it’s from this system, but probably another scammy product. It’s like a cycle.

There’s nothing “free” about this system as it costs you $49 to buy. That’s actually not too expensive for a legit work from home membership, but I wouldn’t even pay 49 cents of Easy Cash Code! It’s really nothing but a big sales funnel for the owner and affiliates (people trying to sell this crud on the Internet to you).

There are so many elements that smell of “fake” when watching everything. It just seems so staged. From the mansion to the jet plane. How come I’ve never heard of him before other than this system? Somebody that rich in the make money online industry is going to be well known. 

Oh that’s right. Everything is probably hired or rented. Lots of people do this when trying to create an over-hyped product.

The “Product”

So you will get bombarded with upsells. Oh and by the way, you can get started for free if you just keep exiting out the page until it winds down. But inside of Easy Cash Code you basically get a ECC plugin that helps you create squeeze pages. I have to admit it’s not the worst plugin I’ve ever seen, but the problem I have is this whole thing doesn’t even come close to the hype it tries to sell which bothers me. You will also get 6 training webinars and and a few downloadable PDF files for instruction. 

But the plugin is useless unless you truly know how to drive lots of traffic to your squeeze pages which is what 99% of people struggle with.

ECC Website Not Even On 1st Page of Google

I’ve never seen a truly legit work from home opportunity not on the 1st page of Google. This is actually one of the first steps I take when reviewing a product or opportunity. You won’t find www.easycashcode.com in the first 10 spots. If the company truly knew Internet marketing well and could teach it to you, at the very least don’t you think they’d be towards the top for the search terms of their own name?


There are definitely good and legitimate ways to develop a full time income from home. Easy Cash Code, in my opinion, is not one of them. Although I can’t say it’s an official scam, it is really no different than all the hyped up push-button system that you will run into very often. The whole system is built around sucking the wallets of beginners completely dry, in hopes of finding something that can make them money on autopilot. 


 Score: 2/10


I’m giving it at least a couple of points because in exchange for your money, you DO get something. So it’s not an outright scam. Also, if you’re an affiliate, you can make up to 60% commissions if you don’t mind directing a bunch of unsuspecting newbies to a low-quality product. 


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  1. Is the newest ‘version’ (started about Jan ’16) of Easy Cash Code a scam?

  2. glad i find your website 🙂 it really helps, thank you

  3. Thanks mate,is there a system that does work and doesnt keep making you give your email address to everyone,takes all day just to go through every email that gets sent.I could honestly just chuck the computer in the river.totally over it.

  4. Thanks. Definitely what I was thinking. Just wish for once I could find a REAL system that actually works.

  5. Thank for the review alsmost fell for it.

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