Evolv Health Review- Home Biz Scam or What?

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Hey there, and thank you for visiting my eve Evolv Health review. Okay, okay I know why you’re visiting my website. You are interested in learning more about this opportunity or how you can make money from home. I’m guessing you are somebody that is looking to add more money to your monthly income and you’re looking to do something on the side that could possibly begin generating you income. And you have heard of this particular company and are wondering if it really works or not or want some more info as to how it works. And that is why I actually created this website. To give you unbiased reviews on make more money stuff. You see, I’ve been doing this for two years now and I know how to make money on the Internet. And that’s why I’m going to give you my honest opinion on this company so let’s get down to business.

What is Evolved Health?

So pretty much this is what’s called a multi-level marketing opportunity that is related to the health and wellness niche. There are literally I would say maybe hundreds of MLM health and wellness companies out there that are looking for reps like you, who want to make more money. So what happens is you are going to be charged a fee to join the company and become a rep.

When you sell these products you may pay cash profit. And if you want to make residual money, you are going to have to be cruel your friends and family or just people in general and have them duplicate exactly what you are doing. That is how you start building that autopilot income that the presentations like to pitch people. This is really nothing new and has been done for over 60 years. It’s called network marketing.



Here I have taken a screenshot from their website www.evolvhealth.com. As you can see, there is a variety of products that you can market from your home-based business once you sign up. It revolves and ranges anywhere from coffee all the way to energy. Now, the quality of the products is a different story. After browsing around different forums it seems like there is mixed opinion on how they performed. Many people that I’ve seen seem to argue that the quality of the products isn’t that great, on the other hand, there are some people that say they are wonderful. Of course the ones that give positive feedback tend to be distributors themselves. But this is the kind of products that you’re going to market out of your home-based business and sell. This is where the money is created.

What I Like

the thing that I like about this particular company is that there is a broader line of products than a lot of health and wellness MLM’s out there. I actually liked that there is a coffee brand within the product line. That alone can appeal to a lot of people, if the coffee taste really good. Also I like that the products have to do with recession proof markets which is your weight loss and skin care. Just about anything health. That way you know you always have potential customers.

What I Don’t Like

¬†unfortunately, what I don’t like about Evolv Health is that it’s going to come down to the same old multilevel marketing problem that most people face. And that is that MLM is extremely difficult and very few people actually make it. Please do not think that just because you join this company and become a representative, that you are going to make money. In fact it is very possible for you not to make a single dollar. That is because you have ventured into the role of sales. You are going to have to get good at not only selling these products, but also selling the idea of joining this business under you. And it is extremely difficult and I would go out on a limb and say about 98% of the people that join MLM stuff, never make the big money that they think they’re going to.


Is Evolv Health a pyramid scam business? No. is it anything I haven’t seen before? No. Is it something that I would personally join? No. I believe and feel there are much better ways to make money from home if that’s what you are looking for and you could literally make thousands of dollars on autopilot just with a computer, Internet connection, and phone. But by all means, if you really want to, go ahead and become a rep.¬†

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  1. “you could literally make thousands of dollars on autopilot just with a computer, Internet connection, and phone. ”
    Can you please elaborate?

  2. The sad thing about this that you do not mention is that when the poor people get bullied into this business by their phony opportunist friends they lose their money just to learn the tough lesson about MLM Scams. Run away from this Evil Evolv business before they laugh all the way to the bank with your hard earned money.

    • If you were bullied into the business by your friend/friends I apologize. I am an evolv rep and doing well, not a millionaire, but well. I made over 300 dollars my first week and have been making money since for over a year. Is it a scheme, no. Is it hard work sometimes, yes. But I wouldn’t blame the company for being “evil,” I would probably point that finger to your friends for tricking/forcing you. I have turned away many distributors because they wanted money but didn’t want anything to do with selling…and that’s what we do, haha. So once again I am sorry if you felt tricked or forced into it but most distributors care more about friendships, family and the business not to do that to someone. Sorry for your luck.

      • I just joined last week as a rep & feel great on a few if the products which got me convinced!

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