EZ Money Method 2x Review- Another Scam System?

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You are probably reading this EZ Money Method 2x review because you are curious to see what this income opportunity is all about. Perhaps you have heard about it being promoted by big shots in the industry and you smelled a little bit of fish when watching the sales video and I’m going to have to agree with you. This is definitely another one of those marketing schemes that claim you can make lots of money by simply joining and doing the 123 sign-up process. Not only that but in the sales video it will be mostly about how the spokesperson was one struggling, then found the secret method, and now is making hundreds of thousands of dollars from home on autopilot.

Can you really make thousands from home on autopilot? Yes you can. But with this particular system? Probably not if you’re brand-new and let me explain why.

I know exactly what EZ Money Method 2x is really about. It’s to sponsor people into different MLM companies. If you know me, I’m not the biggest fan of MLM type income opportunities because they’re just extremely hard if you do not know what you’re doing. Think of this particular program as a capture page that converts visitors and signs him up into these MLM companies for you. That’s basically what it does.

[note color=”#ffefad”]Step 1: Sign Up for MCA

Step 2: Sign up for GVO

Step 3: Sign up for Empower Network

Total cost is going to be about $100, and then at LEAST $70 per month after. At least.[/note]

So if you are brand-new, what happens when you visit the capture page is you entering your e-mail address and you were pitched and were forced to watch a video of how Adam Whiting has been able to make all this money after struggling Internet marketing. Next you were pitched to join Motor Club of America which is a very popular multilevel marketing business. You sign-up, you pay to get activated, and then the next step is to sign up for your autoresponder which is called GVO. This is a tool that you use once you capture leads yourself, you can send automated e-mails to your leads. And the last step is Empower Network. This in itself is a whole multilevel marketing business that has lately been a little bit exposed as somewhat of a pyramid.

So EZ Money Method 2x definitely does not provide, in my opinion, enough valuable training to take the average or begin or Internet marketer and truly tell them effective strategies of actually making money with the system. Instead you will get general training including placing ads all over the place with not a lot of specific direction. The way that these kind of moneymaking systems become so profitable is they sell a lot of mindset training.

This means you’re in the get a lot of e-mail invitations to join and watch webinars where really the speaker doesn’t dive into exactly what to do, but rather to believe in yourself, and take action. Most of the time you’ll walk away from these, webinars or “training” looking back and not knowing exactly what to really do, rather than just buy more stuff that they’re promoting.

The only kind of people that are going to give this company a very positive review, are people that are members of the system themselves and were trying to get you in under them. The ones that are really making the big money are the owners of the system because they have thousands of affiliates trying to market their business and system for them. So, for a newbie, I definitely can’t recommend this kind of “EZ” system or any kind of other systems that require you to join and do a bunch of offers before you can make any money.

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  1. It must be a scam. Why?
    1. You still can view “New” Member’s Live Accounts actively trading on the WEEKEND (when the market is closed).
    2. The “New” Member’s locations change according to your country’s ip address (makes it a very interesting and confirming presentation) but their pictures are the SAME. That is a valid sign of a FAKE website. Need not to see more.

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