Fast Cash Commissions Review- Another Anthony Morrison Scam?

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fast cash commissions reviewWelcome to my Fast Cash Commissions review. This is another make-money-online product developed and launched by Anthony Morrison, the author of the infamous Advertising Profits From Home course and book. He is a well-known Internet entrepreneur and most would likely call him more of a salesman than anything else. He has come out with Fast Cash Commissions and honestly, just by the name itself I knew I was going to be taken on a long, misleading ride while reviewing this product. There are ways to generate cash online, but I wouldn’t learn from this course. Just a little tip: anything that projects fast, easy, automated, mass-traffic, I would always raise an eyebrow, because most of the time these are very low quality products that produce poor results. But before I jump into any conclusions about this particular product, let me review it for you and see what’s inside and what’s in store for your money.

[note color=”#fffae5″]Riddled With Upsells

One of the things Anthony Morrison does well with his products is riddle them with upsell after upsell. You get a hold of the basic product, and watch sales pitches tell you how it’s pretty much useless until you buy the next offer. And the next. And the next. Be prepared to whip out your wallet and enjoy the show as you watch sales pitch after sales pitch. Here is the cost as I break it down:

  • Software & Training $47
  • Fast Traffic Magnet $234
  • Cut & Paste Techniques $97
  • Viral Video Denominator $67 per month

Total Cost: $445+[/note]

What’s Inside?

The first thing in Fast Cash Commissions is you’re going to be told to sign up at Peerfly. This is a CPA network, or “cost per action” company that will pay you for generating leads. The problem is, you have submit an application to get approved first, so you might have to wait a tad for that to happen. Also you’re going to need to register a domain and get hosting with the company. There are instructional videos to do this. One thing that I must warn you about. It seems that Peerfly is not too fond of getting applications from people who signing up through Fast Cash Commissions. Most likely you will get an email response saying something like “ guarantee of approval for those using Morrison’s link..” So that was a bummer and kind of a redflag. The reason is I’m guessing they just don’t want anyone to become approved. Makes sense.

Fast Cash Commissions Software & Training

You’re basically going to be shown how you can make money with CPA networks and using an affiliate marketplace like Clickbank. There is also a special keyword tool called the Fast Cash Sniper Keyword Tool and also a social network tool. To be honest with you, there are definitely better keyword tools out there that you have to pay for and you could get for free. Also I can see that they are pinching you the idea of using a social networking tool, but the reality is that nobody has really mastered the arts of marketing within social networks. You are likely to get very minimal results unless you have a huge following in your social networks already.

Fast Traffic Magnet 

Normally, I always stay away from traffic software systems especially nowadays. This software helps you spin articles, submit to article directories in hopes of getting back links and other techniques that would have worked well for search engine optimization had this been before the penguin and panda updates. So right there I can tell you that this is a very outdated method and you are going to do some real harm to your websites and online business if you do any kind of mass submissions for back links. There is a whole science now of doing correct search engine optimization and you can’t just use the software that blast and do automated things that a mass level.

Cut & Paste

This is basically going to show you how to set up your WordPress blog, how to actually blog, and there are some training videos to show you how to do all this. There are different campaigns that you can choose from so you’re not just limited to the make money online niche including health and wellness, relationships, and a few other. One of the things that you get are a few articles that you can spin. I would say that is a bad idea. You definitely want to upload only 100% unique content from this point forward and this is something that should be included in the training, otherwise you might get punished for having duplicate content or content that is too much like other pieces of content.

Viral Video Denominator

Again, this is more of a spinning software but aimed for videos. Not only that but you’ll be able to submit your videos so that way everything is automated. Again, the problem I have with Fast Cash Commissions is that they are teaching very outdated methods of Internet marketing. It is not really a good idea to mass distribute or spin stuff anymore. You’re going to get red flag for low-quality in your online business. My advice to you would be do everything unique and high-quality and really focus on just that more than anything else especially if you are beginning.


If you come across any Fast Cash Commissions scam reviews that are positive, please understand the reviewer is just trying to make profit off you by selling you this crappy IM product. One thing I realized is that it is no longer sold through Clickbank. You know why? Because CB doesn’t like to do business with really low-quality, scam-like products and therefore basically kicked them out. That’s a really bad sign. What I realized is definitely a lot of stuff that is taught in this program is very outdated, and to be honest with you it is quite too expensive for the amount of content that you get. Most of this content you can get for only about $50 per month or free and that’s it, if it’s a legitimate and good training program such is my number one top rated recommendation.

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  1. Just bought this now I am upset seeing I am not comuter smart, I am not looking to make big money like they tell you but $500.00 to $1,000.00 a month would help pay my rent and buy the foods I need being Disabled. If it did happen where more money came in I would dontate it to other Disabled Veterans to help them pay their bills, as most of you do not know we do not get much per month to live on, oh Don’t get me wrong the Va Takes good Medical care of most of us. and that is a blessing. . so is there any place that someone like us setting at home Disabled and not computer smart can bring in a little money with out being scamed , by the get rich quick guy? Please help the Veteran. May God Bless you all.

  2. This is not a SCAM however, aside from the $97 sign up fee, you need to pay again for at least $253.75 or $9.95 a month for 24 months so you can have your own website. they say the website is absolutely free but you need to buy your own domain and hosting. without your own website, you can start posting links and earn money. i just wished there were no hidden charges, they made it sound like you only need to pay $97 then you’ll start earning money already. you can get full refund of the $97 after 30 days trial period or 50% refund ONLY any time after signing up.

    • Jennifer,
      do you have the phone number to call them to cancel ?

      • Jennifer,

        Surely by know you have cancelled your payment. However, if you have not this is the number to call: 888-743-8062. I cancelled mine thru this number. Good Luck.
        PS – If you have followed thru with your membership with them, I’d appreciate hearing whether its working out for you.

        • so do you get a full refund on everything? even paying for your on web site

  3. Hey Vince,

    That’s a very good review. Fast, Easy wording and straight to the point. I was thinking of buying Anthony Morrison’s product but after reading a couple of reviews online – i think I’ll pass.

    Thanks again, keep up the good work

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