Get Cash For Surveys Scam- An Honest Review

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Not likely or typical

Does Get Cash For Surveys scam people who join? If you’ve heard of, you might have been over-promised on something. That something is taking online surveys. I usually do not recommend taking online surveys because I think they are a waste of time and you only make a few bucks for hours and hours of work. Of course, the sales page of this program will tell you otherwise

How Does It Work?

The way Get Cash For Survey works and other sites like it, is by luring in beginners or people desperate to generate income from home. What they do is pitch the idea of making easy money doing surveys and charge you a fee to get access to all of these paid surveys and their membership site. This particular program is going to cost you $37 and that’s with a huge discount. The idea is, survey sites like this one are in partnership with companies who need valuable information from customers, so they send out these surveys and you take them and get paid. You won’t make a lot of money this way. Trust me. 

How Much Can You Really Make Doing Surveys?

get_cash_for_surveysMy experiences with survey income opportunities like Get Cash For Surveys has never been that good. You pay to sign up and get pretty much get links to sign up to other survey sites. You sit there and have to create a bunch of profiles and hopefully get surveys to do. That’s the other thing. You don’t always get a steady flow of surveys. You’ll most likely get 1 or 2 per day at best from my experiences. Not only that, but many times these surveys have screening questions that filter you out if you answer wrong so you don’t even get to take the survey!

Okay, so then what happens when you do get a survey to do? Often times, it takes a long time to do them. It’s really boring. You will just find yourself rushing through them, selecting any answer because the ultimate goal is to make money anyways, right? That’s why you signed up. Not only that, but I’ve never got a survey that paid me more than $1.50. When you calculate all the earnings, you could expect something more like $5 to $20 per month with survey sites like this one. There are definitely more profitable ways to earn income from home

Final Thoughts And Conclusion

Will Get Cash For Surveys scam you out of your mind? Well, it’s not a scam. It’s a Clickbank product though and that’s really how people are making money from this program: selling it to newbies. Another thing is that sites like this often grab your info and sell it to 3rd parties. That’s sometimes you wonder why the heck you’re getting spam all the time. You might be able to earn a few bucks through this program, but nothing to get crazy excited about. If you are going to join, make sure you spend most of your time actually learning Internet marketing skills rather than just taking surveys. Trust me on that one. 


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  1. Mostly agree, the getcashforreview might not be a scam, but it wouldn’t be so nice as it bragged.

    I seriously doubt the logic beneath getcashforreview, you have to pay $74 to become a membership, then how often you could receive the request for a survey, which is unknown. In addition, if the product vendors pay getcashforreview, it should not charge a surveyor.

  2. Hey its atleast providing few cash.but its not scam.Dont post it as scam,am using it.thanks

  3. Thank you because I am bombarded with lots of flyers from cash for surveys. I get about one flyer per day. I almost signed up against my instinct which was telling me it is a scam. Glad to know it is not.

  4. Hello Vince

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    Dan Legere

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