Global Domains International Review- Another Biz Opp Scam?

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global_domains_international_review_Welcome to my unbiased Global Domains International review. Most likely you are trying to do some research on this company because you want to know whether or not it is legitimate or just another scam out to take your money. It’s funny because this is actually one of the first companies I got into a couple years back when I was brand-new to this whole “make money online’ industry. I actually do remember vaguely a couple years back, but I’m going to review GDI again now as a successful Internet marketer who does create a full-time income on the web from home. Is this just another scam or what?

What is Global Domains International?

If I could sum up what exactly this is, it would be: “A place to purchase and host a .WS website and domain.

So basically this company sells .ws domain websites. You know how most websites either have a .com, .net, or .org? Well this company distributes websites with the domain .ws. In fact, the site in which GDI operates under is literally So basically if you’re somebody that wants to purchase or needs a website, you can go through this company and get one. I’m still not sure even as an advanced Internet marketer, why you would want a .ws named website. If you think about it, how many do you see ranking all over Google? Not many.

The Affiliate Program

Then there is the “make money” side of Global Domains International. This is actually what sucked me in a few years ago when I was trying different make money programs. You could actually make money referring people into this business and get paid when they also set up a paid account. The compensation plan is not unlike the MLM or multi-level marketing structure. This means you recruit people, and when they recruit more people, you’ll get paid more. It’s called residual income.

What I Like

cheapOne of the things I like about Global Domains International is that it’s cheap. Only $10 and you’re in business with your domain, hosting, and email. You can set up a website for business or personal use. You can probably pick out a very “brandy” domain name because is going to be hosted on a .ws platform. This means that there’s less competition out there trying to vouch for the same name that you might want.

Another thing I like is that the company has been around for quite a while and has a pretty solid reputation to be completely honest with you. I remember taking a look into the program a few years back, and it’s still up and running today.

What I Don’t Like



Although the cost is low to join, so are the affiliate commission payouts. You’re going to earn $1 for each person you sign up and $1 a few levels deep for the amount of people they sign up. Remember it’s kind of like a pyramid thingy. The only problem is you are going to have to do a whole lot of marketing and work to drive a massive amount of sales that adds up to very little income.

The other problem I have is the training. The training within the affiliate program is so basic, that honestly, I don’t think it’s enough for a complete beginner to really see the big results. That’s just my opinion, but that’s how I feel. There are a lot of holes and a lot of information that is lacking as far as how to drive traffic to your website and make sales which is how you make money on the Internet.

Honest Conclusion

You know, is GDI another biz opp scam? No. It’s a pretty decent company and opportunity. Honestly, I think there are WAY better ways to earn income than to join GDI. But that’s just me. If you need a .ws website, then this is the place to get it. If you’re looking for a good way or program that’s really going to show you the ropes from start to finish? I have other suggestions for that. Thanks for reading.


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  1. I too was with GDI few years back and had some success, even got paid.
    But the problem most people face is the ability to drive traffic to their customized site.
    In time they simply quit.

    I have recently built a website that helps the members earn with GDI as a team.
    The system divides the traffic between the members and especially helping the ones who just joined, those without a downline to succeed and keep them in the program.

    Check it out, might be good for you.


  2. A mostly fair review. I disagree with a couple of your comments though. “$1 a few levels deep” Its actually 5 levels deep.
    “Remember it’s kind of like a pyramid thingy” This can be said of any program that requires referring others and doesn’t make it a pyramid scheme or in any way dodgy.
    I agree with you that the training is below par and I would not recommend joining GDI on your own and expect to be able to build a huge business, possible, but extremely difficult especially for anyone new to online marketing. Thats exactly why some of us have developed our own training and strategy on how to do it the right way. We are building huge downlines of happy members. Working with GDI is one of the most satifying experiences I have had online.

    • I have just joined the GDI online business. I read some of the comments on GDI regarding the .com, .net and .org issues and observe it for myself that I have never seen a .ws before. However I decided to try it because there is a lot of potential if you know what to do. I would need some sugestions to get off the groung. Could someone assist?

  3. What are your, “other suggestions?”

  4. It is very common in today’s world that scams have became a part of our regular life. We all have to be aware of such scams everyday.

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