Internet Power Income Scam- Honest Review

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Yes folks to be very afraid of the Internet Power Income scam because it is out there basically to take your money. I have seen so many websites similar to this one that honestly sometimes I get tired of reviewing such business opportunities or work from home programs. But I know you want to know a little bit more about this program. Maybe you have seen this in your e-mail inbox somewhere or maybe you have seen the name floating around and usually it’s associated with making lots of money from home very easily and very quickly. That enough alone should raise some red flags for you. You see, you can definitely make lots of money working from home but it is not going to come extremely easily and overnight. Let me explain exactly what Internet Power Income really is.

Basically Internet power income is an affiliate package that likes to grab the attention of completes the dinners and basically take the money. Once you visit the website you will notice that it looks somewhat like a newspaper. It is set up this way a lot of times so that people will feel more comfortable ordering through the websites and it just gives a false sense of security that what you’re getting into is something legitimate when it’s not.

The way it works is you pretty much by these work from home packages usually around $100 and then you will receive call after call of sales reps trying to upsell you to spend more money. In the end you end up with guides that don’t even work and teach very outdated material and content. It’s really all just a setup for these companies to make a quick profit off you.

But Internet power income doesn’t just stop there. You see once they grab your information they are able to sell its to other companies looking to build a subscriber list. Once you send in their information they put any database and then they sell these huge list for lots of money to other companies so they can bombard you with more e-mail spam. you will find so many people complain about work from home packages such as this one. In fact you will also hear how hard it is to ever get a refund. Some companies have gone as far as giving a fake phone numbers and never respond to any support tickets.

Another thing about the Internet power income scam is that it looks just like these other websites and I’m pretty sure it is the same as the other websites but just under different names. These companies constantly have to change their names because they keep getting busted by the Federal Trade Commission. On the essay to you is be careful about these get rich quick type of products that promise you easy money for you just putting in any minutes a day of effort. That’s not how affiliate marketing works and that is not how Internet business works.

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  1. I lost $167… Now please suggest me how to get rid of this… They will be having the card details?
    What to do now ? Please suggest ?

    I have put money in HOMEINCOMEFLOW 🙁

    • Hi Sachin. I’m sorry to hear about that. Yes, the will have you credit card number and such, since you gave it to them. I’ve heard what seems to work quite well is calling up your bank and telling them the situation and if they can stop charges from that company. Remember, there is no such thing as a link posting job, or easy money to be made from home. Any site that says you can earn big money quickly or easily without having to do much, is a scam. There are a ton of these out there and you really have to be careful. The reason why these websites exist is because some online marketers know there’s some people that will buy anything that looks promising, so they create a big sales funnel. I wish you the best of luck!

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