My Fun Life Review- Another Pyramid Scam?

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my_fun_life_Looking to join My Fun Life? I’m thinking that you heard about this company because he saw the name floating around the Internet tied to the idea of making lots of money in your spare time and whatnot. Maybe that an e-mail or maybe you were doing some research on different legitimate work from home opportunities and you came across this one and now you’re looking to see if it really can help you generate the kind of income that you’re looking for. Thanks for visiting my website and I money give you my unbiased review here and kind of give you my opinion as to whether I think this is a scam or not. But the best way to understand what’s really going on, it is to see what exactly this opportunity is all about.

Basically, My Fun Life is in application that you download and cost you about $21 per month. With this application does is give you discount deals on different things such as traveling packages and booking vacations. It’s going cost you $21 to get into business and basically make money by booking trips or getting customers to book their trips through you and all these packages include discounts on hotels, cruises, renting condos, and even airfare and now I believe the app is offering healthy and wellness products. So what’s happening is that you are getting involved into in my mind, a very low competition nets as far as a business opportunity or work from home opportunity is concerned.

My Fun Life is a breath of fresh air because most work from home opportunities just train you to sell more work from home opportunities to people looking for work from home opportunities. Geez, try saying that 10 times fast. But I think if you know the correct marketing skills, you might be able to tap into the vacation nets and find lots of customers for your My Fun Life home business.

How Do You Get Paid?

Sourcing to come down to building your own my fun life sponsoring matrix. Yes, this is a form of multilevel marketing. I know what you’re thinking. You might not like multilevel marketing but I can tell you this. It is a very good way to build residual income matter what people think or say. I personally am not that involved in MLM, but if you’re looking to join this company this is what you’re going to be doing.

It is a 3×10 forced matrix model:



So this shows you your income potential if you were to fill up this matrix. I’ll be honest with you, it’s not going to be as easy as you might think it is. This is because your need to know how to get lots of traffic to your affiliate link and find out where these people that are looking to make money or people that are looking to buy vacation discounts and whatnot are.

Is My Fun Life a pyramid scam?

No. It’s not a scam but it’s going to take a lot of hard work and dedication to make any kind of significant money to be completely honest with you.


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  1. UFUN/UTOKENS is not licensed by the Securities Commission of Malaysia nor the BNM and are not allowed to conduct capital market activities there. These official commissions discourage anyone from investing with this company. Something is fishy about it. It is not a sovereign currency and may end up only being recognized by UFUN.

  2. Great post! I strongly believe that MyFunLife is an unreliable opportunity and those who are dedicated to the business will have great success in future!

    • Agreed!

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