My Online Business Empire Review- MLM Scam?

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The gurus don’t make it easy for newbies because they flood the market with a lot of different systems, like My Online Business Empire, and figuring out which one to use can be a challenge. While many of these systems are no more than worthless scams to get your money, some of them are actually valuable, and others just save you time in research. Which of these descriptions best suits My Online Business Empire? Read on to find out.

My Online Business Empire Pros

This is a great pick for those new to the world of online money making and want a comprehensive crash course that will teach them a few important things to know in the make money online industry. This is also excellent for those highly experienced who want to streamline their operations and boost their effectiveness. In other words, if you are someone that is getting tons of traffic, have a huge list, or already have a successful Internet business going, then you can plug right into this system and make lots of money off newbies and clueless people. Whether that’s the way you like to do business, is up to you.

Cons of Matt Lloyd’s New System

Those who are looking for work-free, push-button profits are not going to like My Online Business Empire or any other “system”.

This product does require the buyer to do some studying and I mean lots of it because it’s missing a whole lot of valuable trainng. It is more like a class in online profits, and not so much about learning real, technical business skills that truly bring in the money.

It’s more hype and a “recruit more” people type of training. There is so much information to digest that applying it all seamlessly can prove challenging. However, the strategies taught have been proven effective through many case studies in the MLM industry.

Insight Through the Marketing Hype

It’s a front for My Top Tier Business. New online business systems naturally are just coated in a bunch of sales hype, whether they work or not. The shiny promise of finally achieving financial freedom, without having to put in a lot of investment money, training, or time, makes these systems hypnotic. Some have learned to see past all this because they have been burned too many times.

The claim for this system is that creator Matt Lloyd will take on all the risk and guarantee your success. Is this really real or are they just pulling your leg again?

See the System

What is My Online Business Empire all about? The only thing that stands out about this system is that it is grounded, meaning that this not an overnight riches type of game, but that’s how it is for most make money opportunities. Matt Lloyd dispels many of the myths clogging up the industry, allowing those who try what he has to offer avoid many of the pitfalls, shortening their road to success.

At the same time, his system sells a lot of hype as well as far as making money easily. There is a newsletter, webinars, and even powerful tips and information from some of the big players in the field, such as Daegan Smith and John Chow. But both of these guys are well-known for selling hype as well.

Is My Online Business Empire Right For You?

Those looking for instant online money might find this system a bit much, but the systems they would go for would most likely not work anyway. This is a product for those interesting in the multi-level marketing industry, so if that’s you, then by all means try My Online Business Empire.

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    By William John Thomas

    I have been told by a representative of MOBE that what I have written here is lies is defamatory is libellous and slanderous and that I am being unreasonable. Everything below is fact and is a true account of myself and Mobe.
    IN 2015, I joined a company called MOBE I joined for the price advertised which was $49 for this price I got a so called coach and a 21 video course only two video’s are opened at any one time after about video 6, I was asked for a payment the coach told me that I would have to pay $3,420 he also told me that would be all I would have to pay, bells should have started ringing after all I joined at the advertised price of $49 this was catch number one.
    After completing the 21 video steps which just concentrated on selling this scam to other people, I was told the full price for this program was $30,000 catch number two, such a ridiculous price was out of my range for anything especially for something bought of the internet, I was not told upfront the full cost of joining MOBE so I decided to ask for a refund on the grounds that I had not been told the full cost upfront, I applied for a refund which in my mind seemed fair enough any legitimate company could see I had a valid point, I received an email from MOBE support telling me I was not entitled to a refund catch number three. To be entitled to a refund a member of MOBE must produce the email they joined with and must advertise for one year with three types of paid advertising catch number four; this is the key to this scam Matt Lloyd who owns MOBE knows that unless again told upfront no person is going to keep the email they joined MOBE with and the advertising for one year is going to cost more than the money a person may be owed so this is what Matt Lloyd is counting on that people will think it’s not worth going on with their claim for a refund I suggest Matt Lloyd has scammed more money this way than he has made selling his high ticket priced programs. Most countries and states already have legislation in place to cover such refund claims Matt Lloyd must think he is something special if he thinks he has the right to override government agencies I say he does not have any such rights to ignore any county’s law. For all the people out there who have been scammed by MOBE and that is thousands upon thousands don’t give up on your money flood the appropriate agencies with complaints so they have to do something about this thief who has stolen hundreds of millions of dollars from us. Approximately one year ago Matt Lloyd advertised that he had made one hundred and fifty million dollars with MOBE that is money that belongs to people like you and I so let’s do something to get our money back. Matt Lloyd has been very clever putting this together but if you look at it, it soon becomes clear that each step of his refund policy has been thought out to make sure his customers get scammed if they invest any money at all into MOBE. Matt Lloyd does not have a refund policy he does have a high paying SCAM policy, please be aware any money you spend with Matt Lloyd is money you will not see again if you apply for a refund. But it is not just his customers who should be aware of Matt Lloyd and MOBE one affiliate who is owed o $60,000 has had his access to MOBE blocked this is so that unsuspecting members of the public can see how Matt Lloyd treats at least this affiliate Any person contemplating buying this over priced knowledge is going to Pay $30,000 for information they can get off the internet for a very small cost and can even get the same information free from (wealthy affiliate).  I have tried to negotiate a refund but I am expected to sign a legal document that I do not agree with in other words a gag order they have no chance my story is just that my story and I will publish it for all to see in the hope I can help prevent others from being scammed by MOBE and Matt Lloyd. Matt Lloyd has offered me my money back subject to me signing a legal document that I am not prepared to sign, this document is in fact a gag order and I will not have my right to free speech interfered with by Matt Lloyd or anyone else also there is a $25,000 clause in it. This offer to refund my money is proof that Matt Lloyd scammed me and he does not want me to post my story for anyone to read the legal document I refer to is below for you all to read. The offer of my money back is because I told Matt Lloyd I was going to post my story. All other people who have lost their money with MOBE in the same way I have, should also post their story to show unsuspecting people what they can expect from MOBE and Matt Lloyd. Every person who has been scammed by mobe the same way I was should have their money refunded without any conditions in Matt Lloyds words 98% who buy into Mobe do not make any money and that is 98% who have been scammed by Mobe because they were not told the cost upfront and not told the so called refund policy, Matt Lloyd has to scam people because who would buy into Mobe if they knew the cost and the refund policy. .

    Settlement Agreement And Mutual Release

    This settlement Agreement and release (‘’ Agreement’’) is made and entered into by and between MOBE, LTD. (‘’ MOBE ’’) and William John Thomas (‘’Student’’). And is effective as of sometimes referred to herein individually as ‘’party’’ or collectively as the ‘’parties’’.


    A.  Student entered into an agreement with MOBE where MOBE was to provide business educational training.
    B.  Student and MOBE have mutually agreed to part ways;
    C.  The parties seek now to settle and release claims against one another’
    D.  Student must sign and return this Agreement to MOBE by September 23, 2016 or the offer herein will expire.

    1. Incorporation of recitals – the recitals set forth above are incorporated into this agreement
    2. MOBE promises and obligations under this agreement – MOBE promises to refund student Two thousand four hundred ninety seven US dollars and no cents (USD$2,497.00) via wire transfer to the bank account student designates, no less then seven days after student returns this signed release to MOBE and complies with removal requirements set out below
    3. Student’s promise and obligations under this agreement – Student promises and agrees to keep this agreement and all terms, conditions and obligations in the agreement confidential. Student agree to assist MOBE if necessary to ensure there are no issues with a merchant processor or banking institution. Student agrees to remove any and all negative online post regarding MOBE.  In addition, Student agrees not to make any future negative posts or comment about MOBE. Student agree to only communicate , the following statement with regard to this statement:
    ‘’Student and MOBE have resolved their differences’’
    Student agree to be bound by a permanent injunction without a need to post bond in the event any breach of this Agreement occurs. Students agree to forgive and waive completely any and all claims asserted or unaserted, known or unknown, against MOBE that accrued up to the time of the signing of this agreement. Student agrees to contact any regulatory body where a complaint may have been lodged regarding the disputes between the parties and notify them the disputes have been amicably resolved.  Mobe office below.
             13506 Summerport Village Parkway Suites 1004 Windermere FL34786.

    Rules of so called refund.

    Rules of so called refund.
    5. You must have implemented three of the following traffic methods:
    6. – Facebook, pay per click
    7. – Solo Ads
    8. – Banner Ads
    9. – Adwords (Google, bing etc)
    10. – Video Marketin
    You must forward the email you joined Mobe with.
    11. – Article Marketing
    12. PROOF
    13. You need to provide clear proof to our support desk ( that you have implemented
    the system and despite your efforts you have not be able to make a sale. Acceptable forms of proof are as
    Screenshots of your own tracking statistics
    Videos of your own tracking statistics
    Emails of the opt ins from your auto responder for solo ads
    Receipts from your solo ad vendor
    Screenshot of your Facebook ads
    Infusion tracking stats linked to the ads you are claiming you have used
    15. All proof must clearly display the dates of the ads and show your name and email address to confirm they
    are your ads.
    16. If Affiliate shall make an assignment for the benefit of creditors, or be placed in receivership or adjudicated a
    bankrupt, or take advantage of any bankruptcy or insolvency law, licensor may terminate this agreement by
    giving written notice to the Affiliate, specifying the date of termination, such notice to be given not less than
    10 days prior to the date specified in such notice for the date of termination.
    17. Licensor may terminate this Agreement if Affiliate:
    misrepresents, makes false claims or damages the business or personal reputation of Licensors;
    conducts him or herself in an unprofessional manner; and/or
    materially breaches any of the Agreement terms and conditions.
    Please note that the guarantee also states that the strategies must be implemented consistently for a year. According to company records, this means you will become eligible for review on 8/6/16. We would be happy to review your documentation.
    MLR purchase.We are happy to help direct you to where to find the various marketing strategies included in your

  2. Just relax and enjoy life!

    Money really isnt as important as we think it is. Theres no need to be so attached to it.

    If you made a bad investment, put it behind you and get on with your life!

  3. Hi everyone! I joined MOBE a few days ago and started listening to them waiting for when they start selling something. Matt is a soft spoken guy telling interesting things, teaching you and mentoring in the first 5 steps but from the step 6 he is starting selling you his product for $2497! I was waiting when they start and here it is. And I started looking for review online and found a lot of bad but sometimes good hat is interesting. Just got an access to other 14 steps from my coach without any payment so going to look at them. Anyway experience is experience and lucky me I paid just $49. You can read my MOBE story on my website if you interested.

  4. My story with Mobe starts when an acquaintance mention this business in his facebook, I checked the link and looks fishy everywhere, but as I know him (actually I worked for him a few years) I trusted him.
    I look for reviews, I found several saying it’s a scam and several saying it’s not… but I couldn’t find any negative review from someone who bought the license, so I bought it.
    This is what happens…
    First, Mobe has a warranty, if you are not satisfied and make at least $1.000 after completing the 21 steps within 30 days, they will give you $500 back, but the step 6 requires buy a $2.497 license that makes you a Mobe Licence Affiliate and gives you access to the real commissions.
    When you purchase the license a coach is assigned to you and he contacts you daily, unblocking the steps by 1 or 2 every day.
    Also, there is a 1 year warranty for the license… After you pay the license, you receive the contract with a disclosure agreement and you realize the condition for the 1 year warranty requires you to prove have been promoting at least in 3 different methods the products during 12 months.
    After the purchase, you have access to the commission chart, where you learn you have to upgrade your account to Titanium in order to get the $3.300 commissions , upgrade again to Platinum to get the $5.500 and of course, upgrade again to Diamond to get the $10.000 commissions.
    The upgrades costs are: Titanium $9.999, Platinum $15.999 And Diamond $29.999
    When I was hesitant about it, my sponsor (the person who introduced me to this program) told me the license can be purchased later, is not relevant. So I got in with the $49. After that, my coach told me if I don’t get the license I’ll waste my time and energy because is too hard to make money in this way and the commissions are practically none. So he was honest and told me to get the license when I get the money and he’ll help me get my first 2 licenses to recover the money. (That never happened).
    Believing in my sponsor, I got the license and a second coach was assigned a more “experienced” one. This guy pushes me to buy the Titanium upgrade, I told him I did not have the money for that and he insist with new options every time I said no, saying I could pay it with several credit cards, ask for a loan in the bank, a loan with friends or family, sell my car. I told him the money for the license was more than enough and when I see some revenue I’ll think in reinvesting. He got upset, told me without the upgrade is a waste of time in the program and ignored me since then.

    Also, after the purchase you start to realize all the products you think you can sell, like the Masterminds, are ONLY for MOBE promoters…so, what we have left for make money (other than incorporate more people)???
    At least in Canada, Pyramidal scheme are illegal, but Mobe insist they are not pyramidal and the last answer that takes 4 month and several emails, messages, etc. was:

    “MOBE sells business training programs, with a special emphasis on internet marketing. The business model is such that customers purchase various training materials, masterminds, classes, etc. and MOBE provides those training programs.
    MOBE also has an affiliate program for those who wish to refer interested business owners to MOBE’s training. MOBE will pay a commission for any sales made. There are no incentives simply for recruiting.
    I believe your reading of the law is inaccurate.
    MOBE complies with all laws in the jurisdictions in which it does business.”
    In the government web page you can find this:
    Pyramid Selling Is a Criminal Offence
    A scheme of pyramid selling focuses primarily on generating profits by recruiting others and not from the sale of products. These schemes may offer products; however, the products may have very little value or the plan may offer limited incentives for their sale.
    Definition of a Scheme of Pyramid Selling

    Section 55.1 of the Act defines a “scheme of pyramid selling” as an MLM plan with one or more of the following features:
    • requires a payment for the right to receive compensation for recruiting others into the MLM plan (compensation for recruitment);
    • requires purchases as a condition of participation (purchase requirement), other than a specified amount of product at the seller’s cost for the purpose of facilitating sales;
    • lacks a buy‑back guarantee on reasonable commercial terms or participants are not informed about the guarantee.
    It is a criminal offence to establish, operate, advertise or promote a scheme of pyramid selling.

    The 3 features mentioned above are in Mobe, you require buy the program, next the license and the warranty is very tricky.
    If they are so good why is a problem a refund when you are not interested in promoting their products?

    I know I was naïve and dumb in buy this, and of course, broke and in debt (I’m a stay at home mom in a very difficult economy) but also I have values and I can’t incorporate anyone else to this and if my experience can help others to not get in the loop, I’m happy to share my story.

    • Thanks for sharing

  5. Hi gays I have paid to MOBE $47 I am on my step 6 and my coach ignore my claims to unlock step 7 and 8. They are insisting to rise money and earn as affiliate $2497 to pay rest of course. I am just thinking how much advertising I must buy to sell theirs high tickti programs. I really want to drop of this shit. Who want to spend $1000 in order to earn $1000. I am happy that I come to my sense. Thank you for your insights

  6. Hi I would like to warn everybody about the MOBE program and here is the reason: I bought the 21 steps, just to discover they all just try to brain wash you about earning all this big money in such short time. Sure, some people may earn a lot, but it is all about smart tailored online marketing and traffic generation. What I disliked was the fact even though I asked to get all videos unlocked (the 21 step), because a lot of info was already known to me , they ignored this message completely, insisting on having all those follow up meetings after each step. And those meetings are just all about how important it is to follow all steps, and how important it is to change mentality getting away from the rat race and back in to online business life full of big money in a short amount of time. The person I spoke with did even not respect me when I said it was late, 11:59 PM I have to close the call and get offline, he just continued like a machine blablabla non stop. Crazy stuff, not for serious people I can tell. If you wanna learn digital marketing, affiliating, etc buy street courses from reputable institutions or people that are willing to sit down with you , listen to you, and only show what is needed to fill your knowledge gap to be a success. There is no doubt, there are big money making opportunities online, which requires a website, big traffic generation, the collection of client data, and to broadcast various offerings to targeted segments with a well planned advertisement and marketing strategy. Sorry Matt and guys, you are a big SCAM, don’t brain wash people like this, listen to your customers, I don’t want my 49 USD back, but I also don’t want to here from you again.

    • I know what you mean. I did the 21 steps and then the next thing I know there are more things to do. I thought I would just start making money. It is a scam. I hope you get your money back. Matt Lloyd is a liar and a thief, this is how he makes his money, off of the backs of others. I’m warning people to avoid this guy so he can’t go to Fiji and has to return to his family farm in Australia.

  7. My letter to Mobe:

    Following a string of misleading information, misrepresentation and what I later determined to be outright lies, I was deceived into believing that MOBE offered products and services and programs that would allow me to earn considerable income.

    I initially attended a seminar in March 2016 in Toronto, Canada, delivered by Raymond Aaron. While initially intrigued, I was persuaded that I had to “invest” more money in a licensing program in order to continue my “training”. I was convinced to pay an additional $2,497 USD.
    On May 10, 2016, I was asked to “assist” at a life event in Toronto and there duped into upgrading to “Titanium” to be fully positioned to earn money and to have access to a coach in order to be successful. I paid a further $13,717.55 at the seminar to upgrade and continued to follow MOBE’s direction to buy more software as well as online traffic.
    Soon thereafter, my “coach” told him me that I had to spend a further $5,000 to buy more traffic to get stats to analyse my business. Your representatives took advantage of a trusting but unsophisticated individual as to lure me into believing this was something more than a scam or perhaps Ponzi scheme. After spending more than $18,000, I realized that MOBE offers no product of any real value, and that I was being groomed to re sell the same scam to other victims.

  8. MOBE is NOT for the faint of heart or the legitimate working person. If you want to go through life acting like a clown who hijacks their grandmother’s pocket book then go right ahead. MOBE sucks- there is no other explanation necessary. Jay is right….check into a mental facility if you don’t agree !!

  9. Hey guys ,I am looking for an online business! I do office supplies and am not keen on jumping into any pot that is going to suck me dry! I am still just scouting for honest income for my family! Is it WA oor Move, or is there something else? Like to know please?

    • WA. Not even a question, my friend!

  10. I have great news for the unfortunate many who have been MOBE’d. You CAN get a refund~ NOT from the pay toilet that serves as MOBE HQ but your own bank or credit card company. ALL you have to do is file a dispute based on the fact that you were promised 21 steps with coaching for $49. Then they pulled the rug out mid-stream and tried to extort you into another $2497 (or any other figure). Then you can ask them to look up “Reviews of MOBE>” My CC company actually apologized to me that I had been MOBE’d (robbed). Also, CANCEL your credit/debit card so the morons can’t rob from you again. I MOBE’ing is enough !!!

    ******************************SUCK EGGS MOBE****************

    • There is hope at the end of the dark tunnel for those of you who have been robbed by MOBE. You can solicit help from and they will collect your money for a percentage of the take. Something is better than nothing. Good luck !

    • I too have been sucked in to their crap only to add to my desire to kick myself in the butt. I paid $97.00 for the program. How come everyone else paid $47.00 but I was charged $97.00 instead. Makes me twice as much of a boob for thinking this might help me. Anyway I have requested my refund and I just be they are going to give me a bunch of baloney to get out of giving me a refund. I don’t know why they balk at refunding money to dissatisfied. According to the training, $100.00 is chump change. Anyway, I intend to take the suggestion to go to my bank since I paid with my credit card and request a refund since they didn’t deliver. Thanks for the suggestion.

  11. I have tried MOBE, I have tried WA, along with many other programs online. I see that you are recommending Wealthy Affiliate as the most ideal training platform and I think that you are doing nothing but offering your folks the truth.

    Here is my story. I actually started out with WA far before I started out with any other program online. They were pretty good back in 2012, although I at the time wasn’t really ready to commit to anything that took any amount of work. some would say I was lazy, but I was working full time and going through a divorce so my heart just wasn’t in it. I quit after a few months.

    I later went on to buy into no less than 7 programs, Affilorama,, Empower Network, Easy Video Creator and then MOBE.

    One thing I learned is that there are very few honest people left in the online world, but the folks over at WA are definitely some of the true gems and truly honest folks. Josh Bartlett behind EVC I would also put in the same class as Kyle/Carson form WA.

    On the opposite end of the spectrum you have crooks like those behind MOBE and Empower Network They someone think it is OK to deceive you on their front end price, only to force upsells down your bloody throat when you get inside, With MOBE it is the MTTB program, sounds great, but deceiving as an be. $49 gets you in the door so you can realize that in order to make money like the braggers they showcase in their videos. Up to $30K you can spend on this program. Nothing about it is creating creating some sort of business it is all about upgrading and then selling people into the program.

    The only thing I like about MOBE is John Chows funny videos.

    Needless to mention, I am back with WA since Jan of 2015 and i couldn’t be happier. They are a class act and are bloody light years ahead of the goobldigook that is out there.

  12. Wealthy Affiliate is also about hype” of how 2 college buddies came up with an idea directed toward newbies as the intro platform to Affiliate Marketing. I was involved with WA from the first eBook they published:
    All About Money, and if you read it more than once you could see right through the smoke.
    I worked a self directed Affiliate Marketer before anyone in this country (US) even owned a PC that connected via the Worldwide Web, and my niche was a cassette recorder. When anyone can sell advertisements via use of a hand-held cassette recorder as their niche of getting inside the mental image of a business owner than promoting their products for profit is a no brainer. All you people in this business thinks that Affiliate Marketing begin when the Internet went public, but you all are very wrong. Marketing has been around since man first discovered fire, and some would say that the Internet made it easier though; also, not true because nothing is easy about selling yourself. You want to make a decent income from marketing it’s very simple w/out paying anyone to teach you. Find a product that you have used many times, and promote that product to others from your personal experience, not from what some guru was taught by another guru. Look around in public places people are advertising for many companies for free, but they paid those companies to advertise their products on their clothing, vehicles, hats and even petwear. Why would you want to pay to learn a gig that has been around been anyone alive today!

  13. I read your article. Many people will not like MOBE because it requires commitment. People are looking for get rich quick. Last I checked businesses requires money to start. If you are lucky enough to start one for free, you will have to use money to run the business. You are right many won’t study the lessons. Do the testing. Matt Lloyd gives you the lottery numbers in this system, but people will not pay to play the numbers. I have not made a dime in MOBE, but I know I will help someone. See the learning in this system teaches you to market anything not only the MOBE system.

    I plan on making it work to help others understand internet marketing. Investing is a gamble. We have to make the knowledge work for us. If Matt did it, then WHY CAN’T WE?

    • Simply~ the HEAD CLOWN gets ALL the gravy in a Ponzi scheme !

  14. I got a email from a very famous experienced internet marketer inviting me to join mttb, I will not join, biggest reason is I have to plunk out money, No Way, Empower Network is the same. I will avoid both like the plaque.

  15. Maybe you should actually seek advice from someone working the business, who has purchased the products, and is an average work at home dude and not a “guru”

    But, I think you’re right the average person will not succeed because they won’t do the work it takes to promote the system. It’s not push button riches that’s for sure it takes work like any business.

  16. Theraton Bharucha, how did you lose all that money? Have you gotten your refund back?

    • I have the same questions as Alice. How did you lose 4K and were you ever refunded???

  17. i lost over 4k being with matt lloyd for mobe. matt would not give refund and did not stick to his word.

  18. I would have to agree with you. They have a woman named Jo Botting that forced me into there system claiming it was free when you have to stake about $5k then put me in there group on facebook, when all they use is liar guru tactics and slandered me claiming I was spamming there liar system. Truth is average person want make a penny with this system its all set up to make a few select money and rest will lose there hard earn money.

  19. Hey Vince,
    Thanks for the review and confirming that this is a MLM business. Look forward to learning about your top 3 ways to make money on the internet.

    To your continue growth and success,

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