My Unbiased Freebie Money Printer Review- Dishonest Scam?

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freebie_money_printer_scamThere’s a little bit of buzz around Freebie Money Printer that managed to catch my attention, which is why I am doing this review. I am going to attempt to give you an unbiased review. I like to view things as if I’m brand new and looking for ways to make money. That’s because I know where you’re coming from if you’re struggling to make money, or if you are brand new to this industry.

Gosh, I Had To Sign Up To So Much Stuff!

It seems like a million steps you have to sign up to in order to make this “system” work. After you create your account you will be instructed to sign up at Big Kabang.

Within that company, you need to sign up for a trial offer, so that means signing up there. Then you come back and if you want this to ‘really work well for you”, then you sign up with the co-op. Then to get max benefits with following up, you then sign up at an autoresponder company.

Oh yeah, and for the training, you then need to sign up at Supreme Team Marketing Group. Goodness gracious.

“Free” But Not Really

freebie_money_printer_payI guess the “marketing system” is free. Your account is free. The lead capture pages are free. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to cost $0 to run this thing and have it work optimally. The offers at Big Kabang (Step 1) could cost some money.

If you want to get qualified at that site for free, be prepared to give your credit card info to about 2-3 different companies for their “free trial”. And yes, that’s a trial meaning if you forget to cancel, then you will be billed. If you want to just earn your 1 required credit, then I suggest signing up for a paid offer to get your 1 credit real quick.

Then there is the “co-op” portion. They say it’s optional, but really pitch and make it seem like you’re going to “miss out on some commissions”.

This is going to be an investment as well, and honestly, co-ops in the make money online niche, usually suck and don’t bring in great results. It’s you and everyone else, joining the same co-op, marketing the same system, to the same people. Good luck.

Then there is Pure Leverage, which is a separate follow up tool. This is going to cost you money to run each month as well.

This is also something that you can make commissions on when you refer people through here, which is why it is included in this Freebie Money Printer.

It’s All A Setup For Experienced Marketers

If you know what you are doing and you own a website that gets lots of traffic, or if you know how to invest in the right advertising, then you could definitely siphon a bunch of clueless newbies through this thing and make some good money.

This is why you might find some websites who recommend this or Youtube videos of people trying to promote this to you. They simple step-by-step signup process is what sells. Each step is designed to make you feel like you are one step closer to actually making profits online…but that can be something really far away in reality. 

Can You Make Money With This?

Yes, if you are willing to hustle people through your Freebie Money Printer affiliate link, then you can make some money. The person or website that is recommending this to you, is really in it because when you complete the steps, they get paid.

The real ones making money are the people who own the site which recommend this, people trying to make a dime on Youtube, or those who don’t mind spending all day trying to post ads or buy “lists” and blast them to get people to sign up. Of course, the owners of the company make the most. 

I Can’t Recommend This

To be honest, Freebie Money Printer is a CPA offer opportunity no different than any other CPA system I have seen before such as Online Payday System, Instant Payday Network, Project Payday, Instant Rewards Network, and others. I can’t recommend this type of “income opportunity” to people for a number of reasons. 

It can be really confusing. 

There is a ton of stuff to sign up for. 

There are subtle, indirect upsells, really to pay the person who referred you.

The training is geared towards pretty much basic marketing and paying for co-ops and stuff. 

Too many missing pieces!!

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  1. all i can say is, its hard to scale up on freebie money printer, i earned $80 after that it was downhill instead of uphill.

  2. Gosh, thank you so much.
    I personally already am a member of wealthy affiliate, however I started not that long ago and I was browsing around to find a way I could make a couple hundred bucks until I start earning from my affiliate links in my nich…
    I should have known better not to trust scamxposer after my bad experience yesterday with his second recommended program projectpayday…
    I guess I’ll just wait it out- I’m already getting 5-10 visitors on my site daily…
    Keep up the good work and YES everybody Wealthy affiliate is the place to go.

  3. Guys I’m glad i am reading this as i was about to start the free mony printer program i knew it was too good to be true, are there any legit websites out there that show u how too make money online

  4. If I had to give someone my honest advice about making money online I’d tell them to sign up for the free (premium trial) membership at Wealthy Affiliate. Get in, look around, and see if affiliate marketing and managing your own website is for you, because it’s not easy, but it can EVENTUALLY be rewarding. Plus you get to have free hosting for your websites just for being a premium member. Do the math and see what you come up with. Good honest site Vince!!

  5. Hi Vince,
    Me again. I just wanted to let you know that I found oyur review about freebie money printer and bigkabang. I understand what your saying about them as I have recently signed up with them and yes did the trial offer. I ran into a jam with bigkabang cause they tell me I need more credit to qualify. I dont remember this being part of the info. from the steps I watched. I also have an acct. with wealthy aff. that I started before fmp and bkb. I joined fmp because I need money asap. I know wa takes time to earn money but how much time ? Yes I am a newbie to all this.
    Thanx for the reviews you do to help people like me out.

  6. You have done an excellent review on Freebie Money Printer. They are absolutely the same as Online Payday System, Instant Payday Network, Project Payday, Instant Rewards Network.

    I believe you should add to the list of TRUTH… none of these systems are FREE as they promote. You must have a “viable” credit / debit card (NO PREPAID CARDS are accepted). My mistake was in not reading the fine print to all the so-called FREE TRIALS and my credit card was getting drained for months and months before I was able to resolve the problem.

    Keep in mind… many many of these so-called reputable “Fortune 500” companies have “affiliates”. So, you have to read EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING carefully to see you are not giving permission to the affiliates. Example. I signed up for a FREE TRIAL for a Credit Report. Somewhere hidden in all their “policies” was that even after I cancelled with them… I was signing up to pay $29.95 / mth to yet another company for financial newsletters, etc. It was a NIGHTMARE.

    You are RIGHT ON about WEALTHY AFFILIATE. Their training and support is the best! If I were not a Premium member already – you would have me signing up today!

    Excellent website!

  7. Vince, you are one of the very few grains of gold in a great dessert of sand. Spotting you is only difficult for those who want to be deliberately blind to your glow, who secretly enjoy the wishful dreamy thought of “something for nothing”, and shortly awaken to one more sad disappointment.
    Your path is thus deservedly paved with well deserved blessings! Take care.

  8. hey Vince, since you don’t highly recommend this one, I was wondering which out of the similar ones you mention, eg project payday, instant payday network etc etc you recommend, if any?


    • WA has a lot of hidden fees? Are you kidding? There’s one…which is Premium membership and it’s optional. Also, SFI is more like an MLM, so I don’t recommend it. If you’re looking for something that’s “free” or “fast” as far as income, I think the make money online industry is not going to be a good fit for you, Guy.

      • this people are total scams.. i saw something like this called Zip Nada Zilch . total scams. 99% of the good reviews online are paid for.. Scam exposer is also not to be trusted because it claimed that freebie money printer is legit.. Who in the right mind would pay you 20 to 180 just to refer someone who is most likely going to cancel the trial offer…

  10. Thanks for the heads up on having to pay bigkabank wasn’t aware of that, But every negative review I’ve read Including this !!!! at the end of the review how this in case Wealthy AFFILIATE IS WONDERFUL

    • Dave, shouldn’t that be a testament of how good WA teaches its affiliates how to market? WA actually works and the sites you see ranking giving reviews are proof of that since some have been built within WA. If Freebie Money Printer and all these other crazy marketing schemes were so good, they would teach its members how to rank on Google and give positive PR of their own product at the least. SEO is one big, very effective way to make money online and WA teaches it correctly. I hope that makes sense.

  11. I completed everything…used this system for about 2 months and made $40.00 total. Spent over $100.00. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS!!!!!!!!

  12. it is scam do not trust freebie marketing

  13. I just went to a woman who I saw advertise her earning statements on FB. So, last night she messaged me and walked me through three separate sign-ups for trials to get to get me to 1 credit. Interestingly, she paid for these with HER CC No. She even gave ME all of her CC info and address. At first she told me to put her master card info in and use my address. I told her I couldn’t do that as CC are linked with zip codes. So she messaged me her address too. So, if they get us to the one credit we need and place us in this FB group right after, telling us if we’re ready, is it easier this way? (personally, I would hate to give out my CC info to help newbies…however, it got me through a lot of what people are having trouble with. Again, this was just last night – so, I’d love some feedback on it. Thank you.

    • Well that just goes to show you how desperate affiliates are to try to make money with this “system!”. Do you see how she’s doing it?

      Hustling people online and even giving them her credit card, simply so she could reap a commission.

      That’s basically gaming the system. Not even sure if that’s legal. That’s crazy.

  14. Thanks for the information. There are so many of these programs out there it’s hard to keep track of all of them. Here is another werbsite that I found recently called My Job Flex. They tell you it’s data entry, doing emails and verfication. And, they claim it won’t cost you any money. It isn’t until you give them your name and email information that you learn about doing trial offers. You also have to signyp with a company called PCbackup which does cost you money which the company claims it will refund to you. Like all these other companies there is a lot of deceitful marking going with these companies in trying to get people to join them. I always check for reviews on a company to learn as much as I can from others who have been there. Keep up the good work.

  15. I was so happy when i found this site, but i thank my 8th sense that had some doubts. i really thank you for the infor. guess i’ll still continue looking for a good rewarding online program that i can work with.
    guys if you have an idea of genuine site kindly share it with me. thanx everyone

  16. I too read about freebiemoneyprinter on scamXsposer. I thought finally a gem after nothing but dead end ads on Craigslist. This turned out to be a disappointment because before I can get to the back end of the freebie site where you make money referring others I can’t get past completing offers on the big kabang site to get my referral membership number. The offers are really expensive, some don’t work, the one for hosting leads you in by saying sign up for $5.99 but then you have to also pay a set up fee, also pay for 12 months in advance and some other $11 fee. I was only able to sign up for 1 offer that was only a quarter of the credit amt needed to get me to the next level. So in essence even though freebie is free big kabang is not. You can’t work freebie without paying up at big kabang first

    • I tried it and when I went to complete one of the offers on bigkanbang I got a virus on my computer. It’s a scam. Thanks a lot freebiemoneyprinter. Please replace my MacBook air

  17. I enjoyed reading your review and I thank you much for saving me the frustration, emotional downtown that I would have encountered doing all the several steps. Thanyou. And most of all you have saved from feeding these manipulating , my harearned cash. I was going to do the program because ScamXposer recommended the program. I guess that he was wrong on in this .

    • Keep in mind there are no “official” review sites out there. They are simply blogs run by affiliate marketers, no matter how “legit” the name of the site sounds. Always use common sense.

  18. I went through most of the sign up and being a new-be I thought it was just confusing and the steps never stopped. So I quit.

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