News Daily 7 Review- Scam Or Real Deal?

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News Daily 7 is going to be a big disappointment if you are someone looking to make real income from home. I want to review with you why you should stay away and know what kind of signs to look out for in the future. Many times companies like this one will get your hopes up mentioning how easy it can be for you to make money and generate lots of autopilot income even with no tech skills or Internet marketing experience. Well I got some news for you of my own. I’m going to show you how these scams work and how they are misleading. this is a business of you pay us first, and maybe you might make some money. This is not a real job or online work from home position or anything like that that you might think of when visiting the site because it looks a legitimate. It’s actually quite impressive how good these scam products are able to fool people into believing that they’ll actually make lots of money doing easy stuff. Let me try to explain to you as best as I can exactly how you’re going to get scammed here.

First of all, News Daily 7 is no longer an active domain because after trying to visit the URL address, it just gives me an error message. Anyways, I’m going to try my hardest to explain to you exactly why your mother lose money when you join a program like this one. Usually you will see the same old thing over and over again of how this person or that person is making lots of money doing simple data entry or just posting links for various companies and how you can do the same thing. But that’s not the way it works. You’re going to have to invest your money first, and then they are going to train you on how to do affiliate marketing. There are first of all is a big problem with the training. It is very vague and basic and out of date. You really have to be on top of the most cutting edge ideas and strategies if you really want to make money from home doing marketing. The problem is most people been assigned to do any marketing. Most people are visiting the website because they want to make money from an online job.

This is where News Daily 7 is really going to get you. after you have purchased whatever income opportunity that they’re selling, they’re going to do what’s called upsell you. Basically what they want to say to you is, if you want to make more money, then invest in a higher VIP package and you will have opportunity to make more money with less effort. Then after you invest in that package they will upsell you another one saying that if you are making more money than by the next product that we promote you. So after while you will invest lots of money and look back and not even know exactly what to do or what you were doing. That’s because I said before, this is not a job, but a business opportunity and more specifically there went to want you to market their program for them. Just please understand that you should stay away from the New Daily 7 scam. 


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