Numis Network Review- Scam MLM or Good Idea?

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Welcome to my personal unbiased Numis Network review! First of all, I would just like you to know that I am not even in Numis, so you don’t worry about me trying to recruit you and giving you a one-sided review of how great this company is and how you’re going to change your life and live the good life. No. That’s not what I’m about. If you didn’t know already, I like to give brutal, honest, transparent reviews of “make more money” stuff floating around on the Internet. I usually base them off the perspective of whether the “beginner” or “newbie” will really get a good shot at making the big money through the program’s training and system.

So, I’m going to give you my opinion whether or not this is something I would consider joining as an expert Internet marketer, or if it’s just a complete scam and waste of money!! So lets dive in, shall we?

What Is Numis Network In A Nutshell?

Numis is a multi-level marketing company that centers around silver and gold. Pretty much it comes down to this:

Every month you purchase one of their silver coins or gold, and you recruit your friends and family to join under you and do the same thing.

Then you turn your team into active wraps that go out and find more people to join your team as well. This means getting them to invest in the company’s product each month. The bigger your team grows, the more money you can make is really what it comes down to. You are essentially kind of duplicating yourself through other people and in theory, it has a viral effect were lots of people then join your downline and you are at the top.

What I Like


Silver. I really think silver is going to be a valuable investment. If you haven’t noticed, the price per ounce is pretty good around the ball park range of $22-$28 per ounce right now, and I think it’s going to skyrocket. So the product that you are “buying” in Numis, I would call more as an “investment”. You’re essentially kind of saving your money into silver instead of cash.

What I Don’t Like

The Silver Premier Club costs too much!!! You’re essentially paying at least $119.00 per month for 1 silver coin, and a duplicate Numis website for you to market. I could buy like 5 silver coins for that amount. and this is at the more low-end cost.


Also, the other thing I’m not too crazy about is at the end of the day, this is multilevel marketing. Very difficult. Could literally take years for you to build a decent or significant amounts of income this way, unless you already have a system or you are already an expert network marketer.

My Honest Conclusion

I actually think Numis Network is a good idea. if you are somebody that is going to take this very seriously, and I mean you’re going to dedicate your life and do whatever it takes to be successful, then this could work really well for you. You definitely want to take a look at investing into stuff that is actually going to be worth more later than now. And I think the idea of silver and gold is brilliant. In fact if I was going to do multilevel marketing I would probably join this company. But, I still won’t because I’m comfortable doing what I already do.

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  1. Thank you for posting this information. Until this evening I had never heard of this particular company and wasn’t sure what it was actually about. Who would have that selling coins would be an mlm!

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