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If you’re looking for Online Home Jobs reviews on the web, good thing. I’m going to show you that Online Home Jobs scams people because what they are offering is not really work or really legitimate employment or legit income opportunities. They require you to pay first. That’s a huge red flag. Let me explain as I go through each “job” that they claim you can get. First thing is I have to warn you about this company. I have already seen so many user complaints of people investing money, doing the work, and never getting paid. There are a ton of online data entry job scams out there like this one that don’t deliver what is promised at all.

Online Home Jobs Scam Claims From Actual Users



The site provides different types of “jobs” for you to do including:

  • Online Data Entry Jobs
  • Offline Data Entry Jobs
  • 10 Minute Job Work
  • Form Filling Job
  • Ad Posting Job
  • Copy Paste Job
  • Make Money Investment Plans
  • Instant Adsense Cash
  • Tweet N Earn

Okay so as an experienced Internet marketer, let me break it down for you so you can see what you’re really getting into. First of all, I can tell you that this website is from a 3rd world country due to all the punctuation and grammar issues through out the site. This alone told me that the owners did not care to provide a high quality platform to work off. This website and “job offers” just smells of all the signs of your typical data entry scam that have been around forever. Often times websites will try to fool into believing you’re going to get a legit job by posting “data entry” as your main position. That’s not how it works in the Internet business world. I’m going to reveal to you what is really going and how it’s not even going to be worth your time to invest into this “work”.

Can you really work from home and earn income? Yes you can. You just need the right income opportunities that show you how to build an Internet business. 

When sites like Online Home Jobs say they have “data entry” work, it’s basically your own paid advertising. You fill out PPC ads. This means it requires your own money, time, and you won’t make any money unless you get hits and make sales with whatever company you are working with. Instant Adsense Cash? Give me a break! Do you know the amount of skill you need in order to generate any kind of real money through Google Adsense? And then there’s Tweet N Earn? Did you really think that you’re going to actually make easy money by simply tweeting? Absolutely not. Again, the same thing with the Ad Posting job. You don’t get paid to post the actual ad. You only make money if you submit that ad, it gets traffic, and people buy. That’s really really hard, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing or if you’re a beginner.


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  1. Please don’t do data entry. I’ve experience in this. SRT informations, the company cheats me by not paying my salary of 15k for typing 450 pages within 15 days.Quoting fake errors and reasons they have cheated me. Please please don’t go for data entry don’t go for Don’t know whether the document given by them is legal or not. Not at all a safe job.

  2. Hi Vince! I don’t have anything to sell. How can this site help me. Thanks!

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