Online Payday System Reviews- Chuck Marshall Scam?

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online payday systemThe big question is, does Online Payday System scam people? Well I can tell you that most reviews are fixed and aimed at you joining through the reviewer’s link. I’m going to be really honest with you here. Most likely you are browsing around Google, looking for legit home income opportunities, correct? I’m not going to be able to recommend OPDS to “newbies” and I’m going to tell you why in a bit. But first, let me explain what the heck is going on with this whole “work from home” opportunity that Chuck Marshall describes.

Online Payday System Costs Money

I don’t really have a problem investing in a home income opportunity, but it’s the fact of the matter is that Chuck Marshall says in the sales video, the capture page, that he is going to show you a way to make money with zero out-of-pocket costs. I don’t know where he came up with that but I’m going to reveal to you how much it cost me to get set up with Online Payday System. OPDS is a marketing or sales funnel that combines different affiliate programs in which you have to complete sponsored offers or join. This is how much it cost me total to get started.

  • Online Payday System ($19.95 per month)
  • ZNZ One (Proactiv $20.00)
  • ZNZ Big Cash (GoDaddy $79.00)
  • Empower Network ($45.00 per month)
  • Total: $163.95

So as you can see it actually cost me over $100 easily just really to get set up to start using this sales funnel. Now I’m going to reveal to you how it really works and how you really make money with this system and how it’s not a work-at-home position rather than just a CPA kind of system.

[note color=”#fdf2c3″]Note: I would recommend OPDS after you have gained enough marketing skills and enough training to consistently generate traffic to your affiliate link.[/note]

online payday system reviewsHere I have created a model showing you that you must get people to click and go through the same process you did, to actually earn income. It is not a simple job or position. You have to know how to do affiliate marketing and know the secrets to getting traffic to your website or blog or else you are screwed. Bottom line. Can you make money? Yes you can but you can make money with any scammy product out there if you get enough people to click on it. This is why a lot of Online Payday System reviews are so biased and in favor of the system.

I started marketing this company and started getting people in. I realized that there really is no valid Internet marketing training within the system at all, and at best, the ZNZ companies provide very ineffective tips and strategies. Empower Network is a whole other discussion in itself. Basically you get paid to get people to sign up for all these things. I had to stop promoting it because people kept calling and emailing on what to do because they had no idea.

Most Online Payday System Reviews Are Fixed

there really is nothing wrong with being an affiliate and writing a positive review or article about a certain product that you are trying to market. The problem I have is when that product clearly is not going to deliver for the people who are ready to join and can cost them money that they might not even have. So again, if you want to have a lot of strong consistent income it is really important that you market a product that is going to deliver a lot of valuable content and not some shady work from home opportunity which is not even really a real job position or anything close to it. I think you’d be confusing a lot of people if you were trying to sell them on joining OPDS.

Does Online Payday Scam People Then?

I can’t say that it really scams people but I can tell you that it’s going to be really hard to make money and I would call it a waste of time if you are brand-new or you are somebody that is struggling in affiliate marketing. There are much better resources out there and in fact I know of one really good program that shows you step-by-step the process of making money on the Internet the legitimate and correct way and provides a lot of very valuable content and training no matter what experience you have. I cannot say the same though for Online Payday System unfortunately.

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  1. Thank you very much for making this information available and simple to understand. I am currently searching for a work from home opportunity, and this website almost pulled me in. If it was not for your review, I would’ve been in a worse situation than I am now.

  2. How to terminate my account from those scammers? I couldn’t find any section on their websites.

  3. I’m hoping that Chuck Marshall will see this. I used OPDS back in 2012 and thought it was ok, but cancelled it with no problem. I signed up again this year, March 2015, and decided to cancel my subscription because I didn’t have time to devote to it. I have submitted support tickets, and they are not being answered. My only option was to email Chuck, and he was very nasty, telling me that if I continued to email him, he would block my email address. He eventually refunded the subscription that was erroneously charged to my credit card, but my account still has not been cancelled yet! So, now I’m afraid my card will be charged again this month because none of my support tickets have been answered! I emailed Chuck again, but he must have already blocked my email address. This is not good business practice, and if I don’t get my account cancelled, I will make every effort to blast him across the Internet.

    Chuck Marshall, PLEASE check with your support desk!!!! They are not answering support tickets!!!! All I want is to have my subscription cancelled before my credit card gets cancelled again!!!

  4. I got hooked up into online system by email from Dan, my enrolling sponsor as well as Chuck. I set up everything and tried to log in…..guess what happened…my account got suspended. I contacted my enrolling sponsor DAN. I emailed him many times….there was no response but only his automatically and stupidly continuous emails. What d…….and why he did that if he wanted his business to keep growing. Called and left many voicemails yet no responses. I’m very fed up. Now I try to cancel but don’t know how. If I just got a response from my stupid enrolling sponsor, I would be very happy. I hope I can cancel this and I don’t want any refund from Mr. Chuck because I am stupid to get myself into it. To be honest, I really wanted to try if my enrolling sponsor just told me where to log into my suspended account and why it was suspended and why it did not allow me to log in. This message is for Mr.Chuck as well if you dare to come up here again. Man, you might make lots of money, but I feel bad for that you called others idiots. You started from scratch, right? Without the people you called them idiots, you won’t have anything like today. I’m sure that I’m an idiot, too, because my enrolling sponsor is an idiot. I still believe that your system is ligitimate, but you manage a bit better.


  5. Hey, this is Chuck.

    I appreciate your honest review of my system Vince, even though the whole purpose of it is just to send people over to whatever deal you’re doing at the moment.

    Let me clarify a few things:

    Getting registered as an affiliate w/ZNZ is absolutely 100% free. However, I cannot control the trial offers that come and go within that CPA network. Most times, there are more than enough free offers for a person to complete their required credits. And if/when there’s not, I personally reimburse anybody who had to spend any money to complete their offer requirements (if they’re a direct referral of mine).

    And joining Empower Network is completely optional as well. These are all things that are made very clear both written and verbally.

    The OPDS system is optional and NOT REQUIRED to earn an income with ZNZ. I clearly state this in giant bold letters on the join/account creation page of the system. I make this 100% clear before a person even pays the $1 for the 30 day trial. I also make it 100% clear that a person can cancel their account at any time by SUBMITTING A SUPPORT TICKET VIA THE SUPPORT DESK. You have to check a box to agree to these terms and conditions before you can even pay the $1 for a trial of the system.

    As far as there not being any actual marketing/training in the back office, that’s just not true. There are many marketing strategies that range from free to paid marketing, offline and online.

    Re: Malissia’s remarks, she omitted about 90% of the dialogue we had back and forth (surprise, surprise). I never treat someone like that unless they come at me that way first. I don’t know why people think they can be rude, mean and nasty to people, and then get surprised when someone treats them the same way right back. Anyways, her issue was (as with most people who cannot follow instructions and then like to pass the buck and point the finger to blame someone else), that she wanted her account cancelled, but had never sent any prior support ticket in VIA THE SUPPORT DESK to cancel it. The support desk is run by a 3rd party that I pay to manage all support (to include account cancellations). So, when someone contacts me personally and requests cancellation, I simply tell them to submit a ticket via the support desk. She did not do it. She had sent an email to me requesting cancellation and I turned around and told her to submit a ticket on the support desk. There’s a 60 second tutorial video on the support desk that shows you how to register and login to the support desk so you can submit a ticket. Of course, she didn’t watch that, and then was upset when she wasn’t able to submit a ticket. She did not follow the basic instructions laid out, right in front of her, and because of this, I’m the bad guy.

    Again, I appreciate your review. However, keep in mind that opinions aren’t facts. People often times confuse their emotions and how they feel about something, with what is actually the truth.

    -Chuck M.

    • Thanks for your response, Chuck. (I’m pretty sure a member by the name of “Lindsey” made some noise lol) But you’re absolutely right. These are my opinions as stated in the “About” section. And of course, I’m going to refer people to things I think would benefit visitors. It’s my website. It’s my business.

      I was a member with OPDS, probably over a year ago. At that time, I couldn’t find any training. I think I even contacted you. Maybe things have changed. But all I can do, is tell my experience with the system, Chuck.

      Sure, I made some money. It converted well. But that doesn’t mean much to me. Just because something converts well for me, doesn’t mean I’m going to recommend it, especially when I truly don’t believe in it.

      And OPDS worked for me because I know Internet marketing. I know SEO. I know keyword research. I know PPC. I know how things work. I’m not a newbie. But I was getting too much negative/confused feedback from new people signing up. They didn’t know what to do after. They complained a lot about the training, or lack thereof. People were wondering why the capture pages say “zero out of pocket costs” and “free” when the some of the steps and the actual system costs money.

      Very often people were having a miserable time for the most part getting ZNZ (credits) squared away. And especially ZNZ Big Cash, where I don’t remember one person getting started for free there. After all, these were the steps to OPDS. I do think it’s nice of you to reimburse people personally though.

      Sure you can play the game that everything is “optional”. But the system really promotes people to sign up to the steps. It’s kind of the whole point! Lol. And I’m not crazy about Empower Network to be honest. The “Bonus Step” video really pitches it.

      It’s just not my thing. And I just tried to give an honest review with my personal experience. That’s all I can do.

      Best Regards,

  6. Don’t do it. I tried this and was so confused so I contacted Charles Marshall by email to try and cancel and get my money back. Here is his reply…
    I can tell now that you are nothing more than a complete and utter blithering idiot. The system works. Systems don’t fail, people do. Why could myself and thousands of other people use the system to generate income, but not you? The answer is YOU. It’s not the systems fault. So you will NOT be receiving a refund and your email has been banned and blocked. You will receive no further correspondence from anybody regarding this matter, so don’t bother responding.
    Finally had to go through heck but got everything cancelled after they charged me $19.95 a month for 3 months after I contacted him.

  7. Hey man, just stumbled across this after trying to promote my band page for a few likes on a facebook group meant for that kind of thing and I saw the ad on that online payday thing. Since I make an average yearly salary of about 16,000$ I was envious to see if it would work. Gladly i checked for reviews by typing in a google search *chuck marshall a scam?* and found your article. I might try your methods later on since I work in front of a computer in a hotel at night and dont have much to do than try and get traffic to a page for more money. I’m guessing theres no way i can get rich off of this, but even 5 to 10 dollars more a day would be HUGE to me. So thanks for saving my budget from being frauded *technically*. Hope to get to talk to you personally one day, Signed a nineteen year old you saved.

    • Cool man. Glad I could help. OPDS is not necessarily a scam, it’s just better to get plugged into something that will actually show you Internet marketing skills or else you’re going to be going around in circles. I just think the OPDS is a bit deceiving in that Chuck says it’s something completely free, when it’s not…and it’s just a sales funnel really and nothing else. Tends to sucker a lot of newbies.

      • Hello:

        I just posted a comment, but I’d like you to delete it please. I was able to reach Chuck, and apparently his support guy is having some family emergencies. Chuck was very nice and told me that he would make sure my account got cancelled. If my account is not cancelled, I’ll come back again and repost. Thanks.

  8. Charles Marshall
    Called me a blithering idiot
    And blocked me from any further communication
    With him.
    Have the email to prove it.

  9. Vince, I got an email from someone wanting me to join OPDS. Of course, I wanted to see their reviews so I googled them and there you are, again. Helping shed light on the “online” business rackets.

    Since I saw that it was you I decided to Thank you for your online diligence. Your recommendation to me was rock solid and I appreciate it. I will take your advice here, too. Keep up the good fight!


  10. I should have known ‘free’ is not really free. I joined and watched the video. Then started to look for reviews. It’s a good thing I come across your review. So now I unsubscribed again. Paying monthly…are they crazy? People that want to earn online don’t want to pay monthly for it if it’s unsure if you are able to earn it back. What if you can’t find other people then you would be paying monthly all the time losing your money in stead of earning.

  11. Thanks for this info i believe he’s a complete scam and phoney he has anonym ous names he go by too other than chuck and Charles marshall

  12. wasted money trying this and they wont refund your money
    Couldn’t get anyone to click on my links.
    Contacted Chuck by email…He refused to give a refund.
    Don’t waist your time or money.
    Malissia Forest

    • How do I get the charges stopped?
      Don’t know who to contact
      Please help

  13. Vince

    Thanks for the review and I agree that in order to make money the trick is to drive people to your website plan and simple. Affiliate marketing does work, but alot of hard work. I tried 2 work at home marketing things and they were both the same just presented in another fashion. What they do not tell you is about all the extras you have to buy or claim you have to buy to drive people to your website. The cost can actually go over a thousand dollars when there done with you. It’s just as easy to build your own website and be an affiliate with other stores, There is plenty of companies that pay commission for being an affiliate at no cost.

    Have a good day


    • Thank You, Vince. I have been looking off and on for about 4 years to find a way to work from home on my computer. It is disappointing how many scams there are out there. One give away to whether a company is legitimate, is if they beat around the bush, and never really go into any detail. Thank you for your advice and information. I’m sure you have saved many people from spending time and money they don’t have, to try to do this. It’s nice to see someone with integrity

  14. could you email me your reccomeneded program fer a newbie that could actually make money for me

  15. Hey Vince,
    Just wanted to say thanks for this video and it’s content. You gave me some basic understanding of how these internet marketing programs work and I’m appreciative of that. I’m a newbie at internet marketing, tried a couple of marketing programs, did not succeed and discovered that I really need to take a class on internet marketing in order to get to 1st base if I was going to this. Any way, you sound like a person of integrity and I appreciate that. I’ll be checking out “Wealthy Affiliate”.
    Thanks again,

  16. Hey Vic. Glad I could help. The only legit “work from home” opportunity would be to start an Internet business or do affiliate marketing. The best place that can help anyone with that would be Wealthy Affiliate. You can create a free account right now if you click here and join me on the inside.

    Thanks For Visiting,

  17. Thank you for your review. I have to work from home. I would very much appreciate any info and recommendations for legit work-from-home opportunities.

    Kindest regards,


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