Paid Surveys At Home Review- Patricia Johnson Scam?

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paid_surveys_at_home_reviewRun away from Paid Surveys At Home. Trust me. It’s going to waste some of your time in my opinion. The website has become popular and many people are flocking to it to see if they can make some extra easy cash. This is a survey site represented by “Patricia Johnson” who claims and gives all the benefits of joining his website’s membership. Just so you know, it’s going to cost you a fee to become a part of this. Let me explain how these online survey sites work.

In theory, sites like Paid Surveys At Home will pay you for filling out surveys and you can make easy money sitting at home on her computer doing these surveys. I want to be honest with you right up front. You won’t make a lot of money on the Internet this way. Please think of this company has a kind of middleman to other survey sites. Because when you join all you get is a guide with a list of companies with links to other sites which some of them you definitely have to pay to get in as well, or at least complete trial offers that usually do end up billing your credit card.

[note color=”#fee78a”]Let me point out some red flags that immediately popped up in front of me when looking at Paid Surveys at Home:

  • you actually have to pay a fee to gain access
  • it actually has an F rating according to the BBB
  • there is no valid phone number or address on their site
  • the earning potential on the website is very unrealistic
  • it’s a very sluggish way to make money
  • they make the payout threshold very difficult to reach
  • they can sell your personal data when you sign up[/note]

Why Would Anyone Recommend This? Because They’re An Affiliate

So if you come across any positive Paid Surveys at Home reviews, I am 99% sure that they are affiliates themselves of this program and are trying to get people to sign up because when they do, they will make a commission for every person. So of course they’re going to create a positive review and not reveal the downsides in hopes that you visit their blog or video that’s getting lots of traffic, join, and they make lots of money off you and your vulnerability.

Does Paid Surveys at Home Scam People?

I can tell you that taking online surveys to make money is mostly hype than anything else and you will see that all over the website. These kind of make money online opportunities like to sell a lot of hype to people who are just entering in the whole make an online industry and will say anything and give out any of the benefits they can so that you join in and make money off you. Never mind whether or not they’re going to provide valuable training that can actually show an average person to make money. No. They’re more focused on getting you to plug your credit card and do something that can keep you busy and distracted from realizing what’s going on. I cannot recommend Paid Surveys at Home.


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  1. Nothing for free I don’t know but hard working increase your income, paid survey can be like other job, we need to see actual offices to apply for jobs. I don’t believe either to find job you must pay first.

  2. Thank you all for your reviews. I always do one now to know if its a scam or not. It feels great to review a review.

  3. Work from home

  4. Hi all..thanks for ur input…ever wondered how all of u read about someone getting rich by using paid survey from home..? Take a closer look all these stories are fabricated ,…to ur u know most servers use ur location including yahoo and hence puts upa story with ur location name…beware…it’s a scam…

  5. Please be warned that the woman who they showed from Jamaica is a fabrication. She is not real, I have hunted down this elusive person and could not find her. I live right in Ocho Rios, so I would know. These people are scammers and thieves. Like my grandmother would say…..”scratch a liar, find a thief.”

  6. I am from Jamaica, i read the article on the yahoo site about paid surveys at home. Iwas excited to try it out but some how kept putting it off . I then decided to wait untill school re-opened in September that way i would have the cash to spear, but some how i became obssesed with the story and wanting to know more about Melicia Henry and her story of how she got started. I looked in the directory for her name couldnt find her so I decided to google it and came up with three persons with the same name all in the United States of America. The storis the same as that person from the phillipines. Melicia started using paid surveys at home and then after a few months she was able to buy her dram car (bmw 5 series) and was able to take her dream vacation to hawaii. it sounded good something i would have wanted but still too good to be true.

    • I know what you mean. I was about to sign up when something prompted me to do some background check on this company. The reviews had me thanking my luck stars. these people are thieves, waiting to prey on the uninformed and unsuspecting.

  7. Guess what everyone? In today’s Yahoo Phils news – careerjournalonline, Alina Cruz is from SAN JUAN, Philippines. It was written by a certain Amanda Ong. It is just funny that ” Alina Cruz”is claiming she doesn’t want to get into any get rich quick schemes, but then later on was able to buy a BMW 5 series and a vacation in Hawai with just 12 hours a week. This certainly is a scam!! Anything that does not embrace the principle of hardwork and sacrifice will not make you such amount of money, wherever you are and in whatever platform – be it in the streets, in the stock market, or over the internet. This is a sure way to deceive and capitalize on people’s poverty and desire to earn big in countries such as the Philippines, and for those people who are greedy and wants to make a quick buck!

    • Thank you Vince and GUARDIAN I almost fill out my card’s info when I decided to visit their fb page first then google it and look for the reviews.

  8. omg …i was about to sign up for Paid Surveys At Home but have a second thought after i filled up my credit card details because of the money involved..I’m from Silay and it says Alina Cruz is from Silay also.Now i came across her story again and it says she’s from Cebu so i decided to Google if it’s a scam.Thank You my guardian angel for not letting me become a victim ..i’m sure now it is a scam..

  9. Calling those people who signed in to this site! Please give us any comment about your experience… I would love to know if there is any positive feedback! Tnx

  10. when ill first read this article I feel so amazed because I always read yahoo news and I trust this site it because yahoo is considerable as a credible and eligible site particular from international news all over the world. So why yahoo site let this happen to post unreliable and not credible article? whatfor? for earn money from the scammers?…and I guess the yahoo will get the low morals and images from the public people because of this article? is it right?…

    and could you help me what legitimate site not scam for paid survey because I want to try working online?..^_^

  11. Thanks for informing people about this. You’re doing great favor to everyone. Here in the Philippines we get to read an online article about a mother (named Alina Cruz) who earns around 8000 USD a month BUT who seems to have different addresses depending on where you are. I was able to read her story while I was in Manila and the article claimed that she’s a working mom from Makati. But few days back, my sister here in Cavite asked me about paid survey at home and she related of an article about a working mom earning big time. She said this mom was from Cavite City and that her name was, guess what — Alina Cruz. I just hope people will learn to check first on the legitimacy of this so called ‘life-changers’ lest they fall prey to these scammers.

    • Oh My I wish yahoo Philippines will at least checked there articles before they post it online Philippines is consider a poor country and lots here have no work I bet lots now are getting crazy over this article which is a totally scam. Even the smartest person here can fall on this scam if money is badly needed. I bet yahoo Philippines is being paid huge amount of money to post this article so greedy and not being helpful with lots of unemployed Filipinos.

    • Really? Am about to sign up in Paid Survey at Home because when I opened Yahoo lat few days, my attention was captured in one of the Articles Featuring Allina Cruz who earned a lot of money because of Paid Survey at Home…But guess what? Allina Cruz is from Surigao City…which I am from the Province of Surigao del Norte…

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