Rapid Mass Profits Review- Software Scam Or What?

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rapid_mass_profits_Rapid Mass Profits seems like a good idea. I mean, c’mon…you’re going to make big money fast by purchasing the software tool, right? Yeah…you and the gazillion other people who also purchased it. I think if you can understand that you don’t make money by investing in crazy software systems that claim to bring in the money on autopilot, then you’ll be alright. But if you did buy this or if you’re checking it out, I’ll give you my unbiased opinion and review on if this is a scam or not. I see these things pop out all the time and people ask me to review. I do know how to make money from home through pure skill and using very minimal tools, although there are some helpful ones out there.

The Typical Rags To Riches Sales Story

Something you see quite common with the cheesy gurus is hearing their story about how they were struggling to make money and blah blah blah. This is because they know a lot of people searching online are freaking desperate and are looking for this kind of “stuff”. So they will tailor-make a story to fit the same story as their audience. Don’t be fooled my friend. It’s just a sales pitch. It’s to entice you. Yes, I understand a lot of programs use very “sales-y” methods. But as long as the content delivers, I’m ok with it. But I can’t say that’s the case here. 

What It Does…Or Doesn’t Do

The only thing I found that Rapid Mass Profits did well was…sold you more stuff! The process is plagued by upsells. You buy one thing, and then feel pressured to buy the next thing because you think you need. It’s how these guys got out of the “rate race”…by selling crap to others in the rat race. It’s simple to understand once you realize what’s really going on here. 

What it also does really well is sell you on the idea of the software. With terms like “ultra strength encryption” and the like, you would think like you’re on to something. Ha. Give me a break. You would think they cracked or found some kind of loophole. Again, this is to get you excited about the whole darn thing. 

No Such Thing As A Software That Makes You Money

Sorry to break the news to you. But if there was, then everyone would be making money with it. That’s the big problem I have with Rapid Mass Profits. They make it seem as if this is your key to online financial success. You’re going to need to cough up about $77 per month to use this. They like to real you in with a “try it for $1 trial”. You’re giving out your credit card for that. Is that something you want to do?

Final Thoughts

I would stay away from Rapid Mass Profits personally. It’s just really sketchy and I can tell you this…you make money with your Internet marketing skills…not purchasing some magic software. There are some tools out there that can help you for sure. Something like an Aweber autoresponder is a legit tool that will help follow up with your leads. But it won’t make money for you automatically. I have a gut feeling that you already knew that though. Usually the people who do research online first, tend to be pretty smart!!


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  1. Used the software I do not believe that it was working and I made no money by using that software and would say beware!!!!

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