Rocket Cash Cycler Review- Another MLM Scam?

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rocket_cash_cycler_review_Thanks for stopping by my Rocket Cash Cycler review. I’m thinking that you’re looking for different ways to make maybe a few thousand dollars per month from home or on the Internet and you came across this particular business opportunity and you want to know if it’s a scam or if it’s legit and you can really make money with it. So when they do is kind of give you my own personal honest assessment of this company in terms of whether or not I think it’s going to be beneficial for beginners. And the reason why I could tick products from a beginner’s perspective is because about 97% of the people searching for online income reviews are beginners. That’s why I really only recommend 1 income system that works. But anyways, let’s get into what’s this particular program is all about.

Basically it is an MLM type of business model which includes a sponsoring matrix. What this means is that the way to make money is by paying money to get in, and then recruiting other people to do the same thing under you. Not only that, but you’re going to teach the people that you recruited, how to bring in other people and make more money this way by building teams. Some people like to call this style of Internet income a “pyramid scheme” and some call a multilevel marketing or direct sales.

So let’s talk about the product. I’m not going to say that this is an actual Ponzi Scheme or pyramid because I guess there is some sort of product within this system that you’re went to be will to use. It’s actually going to cost you $315 to get started in this business. I’m not going to lie, that’s kind of a lot. But if you have the money then it shouldn’t be a problem. But anyways, let’s get back to how you actually make money with this thing.

The Rocket Cash Cycler Products

  •  Skype Ninja
  • Marketing Software
  • Success Training Library

In order for something to not be deemed a pyramid, there needs to be some kind of product being moved whether it’s digital or physical. These are the three main products that you get when you invest into the business and get started. One of the pieces of software is going to scrape different Skype IDs you can harvest information and contact people for your business. The other product is pretty much a personal development product which is the Success Training Library. I would have to say that these are pretty mediocre products to be completely honest with you. To make it work you’re going to need some and Vance Internet marketing skills and that’s just the reality.

The Earth 2×3 Pay Center

Wow. So the compensation plan is probably one of the most confusing I have ever seen. But let me kind of sum it up and give you a basic idea of how works. You pretty much supposedly work together to fill up spots in the matrix. Normally you would only be at the top and be required to recruit a bunch of people below you in a traditional MLM. But here, you actually work or start out on the “8 Line” meaning it’s you and some people above you and to the side of you, that are also trying to fill up the same matrix that you are in. Once your line is filled up, then automatically move up.

Okay, so let me just sum it all up and give you my honest opinion. I would be here all day trying to actually explain to you exactly how the compensation plans let me just give you my honest opinion. If you are a beginner, I can never really recommends multilevel marketing or matrix type business models. Why? Because you’re going to need a lot of Internet marketing skills that generate traffic. Could you make a lot of money with Rocket Cash Cycler? Yes, you can. But you can also make a lot of money and just about anything else too. I personally would have to pass on this business but you can do whatever you want.


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  1. I call MLM = Making Less Money!

  2. Hey Vince. Nice reading here. I’m one of the beginners that you talk about. I’ve never been interested in these kind of “make_money-fast” programs. But This one Got my attention. The Big difference in RCC and other MLM programs is the team-work that you mentioned. IF you’re not good at recruting new members your “team” can recruit for you…. And it works good…

    Still a little sceptical but Until the first check comes who wouldent be 🙂

  3. Brilliant!But I need more stuff.

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