Safe Simple Commissions Review- Just Another Scam?

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Running into the Safe Simple Commissions scam? Or is it finally a legitimate IM product? Thanks for stopping by my review. My goal is to open your eyes to these crappy make money online things. They never work and never will. This product in particular in my opinion is just another waste. So many people are looking for legitimate ways to earn income on the Internet and companies like this pretty much take their money. There is a whole science out there of getting people to pay more just to know “more”. It’s called upselling and unfortunately it works. But let me tell you about this program.

Safe Simple Commissions is another Clicksure product and let me tell you about this marketplace. A lot of scams come out of Clicksure and it’s not like Clickbank (reputable). Going through the sales video of course of a luxury car and big house and this and that and blah blah blah. It’s always the same old pitch and story. It’s going to talk about how you can make a bunch of money without spending a dime and how to generate thousands from home even with no experience. The product revolves around marketing in social media: more specifically Facebook. Oh boy. I’m going to have to break you the bad news.

No one has mastered marketing directly on Facebook unless it’s through paid-advertising which is a whole skill in itself!!! Safe Simple Commissions is going to teach you how to use a software to basically spam up your friends and family’s FB profiles with affiliate offers and links. Yup. Prepare to get your account shut down if you do this. FB absolutely hates affiliate marketing now and has banned many specific domains. Honestly, marketing on FB still isn’t the best way to go about promoting affiliate links. People hate being spammed and when you do stuff like this, it could really piss them off.

If anyone is promoting Safe Simple Commissions reviews in a positive tone, best believe they are just trying to sell it to you. It’s an affiliate product so you can be sure the person who is saying good things about it on his or her blog is just trying to sell it to you so they earn a commission off whatever you purchase. It’s a very common thing and there’s nothing wrong with it unless it’s just a really crappy system that’s going to rip you off. Some people like to become vendors on Clicksure because it’s an affiliate marketplace with very low standards. I say you should stay away from products from Clicksure. It’s a company located somewhere out in China, hence the low or non regulations.

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  1. i brought the commission engine soft ware after 40 campaigns & earning nothing it sure is a scam thoes like bill should be in jail for fraud may be we should contact the fraud squad or inter pol to stop thoes rich b__s artist peadling there wares
    they take your money, there shoud be a fraud squad working actively on the net to stop all of this b____s, the commission engine support is in uk they refuse to tell you much about the software only it takes 3 months to earn any thing which is b—-s. you will never make a penny out of it. DO NOT BUY IT, YOUWASTING YOUR TIME & HARD EARNED MONEY AS I SAID THEY ALL SHOULD BE IN JAIL FOR FRAUD THERE IS SO MUCH OF IT GOING ON LIKE THIS ON THE INTERNET

    • you are absolutely right. i bought the whole package worth USD 690. make nothing after 3 months. send email to bill and get a refund


      nizam hamid

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