Savings Highway Review- Not Another Scam Please

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savings_highway_scamWelcome to my Savings Highway review. I am pleasantly surprised about this one. If you know me, you know that I am not the biggest fan in the world of MLM opportunities. They’re usually really expensive, sell an impractical product, and are really hard to build networks of people which is what brings in the money. I have to say that this company is a little bit different.

I Think Discounts Is A Great Idea For Product

One of the things that really made Savings Highway different from the rest of MLM’s out there, is that the product you’re marketing is all about saving money. That’s a huge advantage in my opinion. Especially in this economy, any time people can get a good deal, they will most likely be for all that.

“Join an MLM company whose product is so good, people will stay members no matter what.”

That’s the kind of thing to look for when building an income opportunity. You have to understand that many people will cancel business opportunities in a matter of a few months if they are not making money. This will be a loss of income for you. Counter this problem by plugging people in something so good, that they will remain customers at the very least. 


So how does the product work?

It’s a membership that gives you discounts on different things. It could be a roadside assistance service to dining out and other random deals.

Here are some benefits and discounts of being a member:

  • Family Legal Plan
  • 24 hour Roadside Assistance 
  • ID Theft Restoration
  • Dining Savings
  • Discount Shopping Network
  • Hotel Discount Program
  • Discount Movie Tickets
  • Doctor Visit Discounts
  • Prescription Savings 
  • Save 10% on Gasoline
  • and much more

You get the idea?

Of course, there are guidelines and requirements in the fine print, but I still think this is the route to go if you are looking to build an MLM business because of the perks of being a member of the company you are representing.

How Do You Make The Money?

You simply refer 2 and yours is free. So sign up 2 people and your membership is free. That’s pretty awesome. But let me explain how you’re going to make the money. It’s going to be by earning commissions from all the people you sign up as paid members as well. It’s really no different than any other MLM opportunity as far as business plan.

You can make a six-figure income through this company if you managed to somehow build a huge team and network of members in your downline that kept on multiplying.  You can make $0 with this company. It’s all going to depend on you. And that’s why I’m not usually the biggest fan of multi-level marketing: it’s way too hard for beginners in my opinion. 

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  1. Hi, Vince. I am also a member of WA and I am happy with it. I also have an MLM company in Sweden, which I am also satisfied.
    I found this save highway and interest woke up. You have obviously checked the company and whether it is good or not. It is also free as Wa and then the following levels pay for something.
      I think I can make a free admission and see what it is.

    Thanks for a great web page for a very clear site.

    Cheers Jarmo WA member Jhalonen

  2. SH keeps stealing from my credit cards when I am not a member. How on earth did they get to have me in. I heard about them when my credit card provider sent me info of payment made to them. I am not in US, so how can they take money from me for services offered to a particular nation? They are thieves.

  3. This company has a major problem understanding the word cancel!! For freakin two month i demanding to cancel my account. And what do they do? They keep going into a handicaped senior debit card and taking out money without my consent! The State of Minnesota Attorney General and The United State Attorney classified it as FRAUD. You want us to believe this is a great company popcock!!!!

  4. Vince,
    I am a member of WA and Savings Highway. It is the first time I’ve seen a review about an MLM that is somewhat favorable for the industry. As a “free” member of Savings Highway you can earn commissions from selling the services to other people who join for absolutely free. If you want to make more commissions then you have to upgrade your account and get more quality services and discounts. In any home-based business it is about working hard and finding what separates you from the competition. The attrition rate in MLM’s is staggering because not enough (99%) of people want to put in the effort. I think that is where the industry takes a beating because of the untrained distributors or associates. They have to figure things out for themselves. Wealthy Affiliate is a great program because Kyle and Carson do an excellent job of walking you through all the necessary steps to attain some success. They will not do it for you but will be in the trenches with you all the way through. Thank you for not giving all MLM’s a bad rap and cheers within the WA community.

  5. I have realized that my wife and I are buying more and more online. I was approached more than 20 years ago by an Amway sales rep who described their process as retraining your buying habits. I believe I am correct in drawing the conclusion that America’s buying habits have been retrained with the internet. Companies from Amazon to the local bookstore dealing in used books are making money through us buying online.
    I recently took the time to go to a site to investigate MLM companies and was shocked to see there were over 240 listed just in the Nutritional category alone. It would take me forever to investigate all 500 or more companies and truly believe this route is 1 of many out there that the average Joe like myself could supplement their income. Have you ever taken the time to review some or all of these companies and/or do you have any recommendations company wise for someone looking at the industry?
    My thought process is to stick to a MLM company that sells consumables that every household needs? What is your thought on this and if you approve of, do you have any recommendations company wise?

  6. Hi,
    I am from India.I understand that SH is global company,then there product should be globally available.Please tell me can I get road assistance or dining discount coupon or whatever product are available for US citizen.I have already asked the same to helpline of SH,but could not be convinced.IF SH does not have product for India.then in India it is money circulation scheme not MLM.

  7. I’m confused as to how this business opportunity is any different from other so-called MLM’s out there. Is it simply because one can get the membership for free by only referring 2 additional customers? And WHO is going to pay the membership fee? (What is the membership fee cost?) It actually sounds quite similar to another company you have reviewed, Melaleuca. They offer most of these services and very frequently offer their membership for only a $1. What does Savings Highway have over other MLM’s you have negatively reviewed?


    • Hey J Martin. Thanks for sharing your question.

      Most mlm companies market a product that you could pretty much find anywhere on your own. For an example, Maleluca’s main product line is the “green” household cleaners. For Amway, it’s Nutrilite vitamins. And for Monavie it’s the “health” drink. I can get all this kind of stuff at local stores.

      These flagship products tend to be way overpriced, and most people join these mlm’s for the income opportunity than anything else. Many reps find it hard to believe in the product they’re marketing which makes it 100x’s harder to build the business.

      Savings Highway is different in that it revolves around the “discount” niche (saving when dining out, travel discounts, 24hr roadside assistance, etc.) People love coupons, discounts, and the idea of “saving”. That’s why I would consider this company if I were to decided to join the mlm industry, although I still don’t recommend mlm.

      When marketing, people might join for free but after seeing the benefits of membership levels such as Economy and Ultimate, they are likely to upgrade where you’re going to be most profitable.

      When looking at mlm companies, I like to see if the product/service could sell itself.

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