The Clixsense Scam? Full Honest Review

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clixsense_scam_Welcome to my Clixsense scam review. I really do hope you get the truth about this income opportunity and what it is really about. If you are someone seeking different ways to make money online or from home, then this review is definitely for you. Sometimes it’s really hard to find a good business to work with because let’s be honest, some are just too good to be true. Could this be one of those? Can you really make money with it? How does it even work? All these questions I’m going to answer for you and I am 100% confident you will have a new approach when it comes to make-money-online programs and products.

Remember that if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. That’s kind of the general rule of thumb. That’s not to say that Clixsense makes any claims of you getting rich if you join, but just the sales pitch of making money from by simply clicking on ads might lead one to think “ez money”.

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Get Paid To Browse & Click? Yeah But Not Much

This is pretty much the whole premise behind Clixsense. The pitch and idea is that you can sign up for free or get a premium membership ($17) and generate income by simply clicking on advertisements. Wouldn’t life be so easy and great if we could all just make a bunch of money clicking on simple ads all day? Of course it would. Unfortunately I’m going to have to give you a sense of reality. When you sign up as an affiliate, the deal is you can money if you click on an ad and view it for at least 20 seconds. How much? We’re talking 1 cent. Sometimes maybe 2 or 3 cents. For shorter view times, you literally get paid a fraction of a cent. That is freaking dumb. I can’t believe or really imagine someone really wasting their time doing this. Clixsense scam? I guess I can start to see why people ask it. But there’s more to it. Let me explain. Further.

How Much Can You Make?

So I signed up for the program and let me tell you. It was just like I expected. I pretty much wasted time and sat there, trying to get as many high paying ads as possible to click on. I think the most I ever made on an ad was 2 cents. What I’m trying to say is, don’t expect to make any kind of significant income with this method. But don’t just give up hope yet. There is a way you can actually make a semi decent income. There are other money making tasks in your dashboard area such as taking surveys, trial offers, and other incentives that also don’t really results to a lot of income after you have joined and followed what they tell you to do.

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The Real Money Is In the Referrals

So where you have any chance at making the Clixsense scam, as some would call it, work is through the referral program. Think of it like an mlm business. That’s kind of what it is. Well that’s how you would be able to make any kind of decent income. You would really have to promote and market your unique affiliate link and get loads of traffic and get people to sign up. But isn’t that like any other business out there? Then these people would have to be actively clicking on ads in order for you to earn residuals. Remember how you only get paid a few cents per click? Yeah. Good luck. You’re going to need thousands and thousands of people in your network just to make a few bucks per month consistently. Sounds like a waste of time to me.

Clixsense Scam Conclusion

So there you have it. You have my opinion on the whole Clixsense scam deal. You can also join as an advertiser and pay just a little to get people to click on your ads in hopes they buy. But again, you are most likely going to be disappointed even as an advertiser. Why? Because people clicking on your ads are just trying to sit through them to make money. This is not going to be any kind of high converting traffic that’s for sure. There are much better ways to generate income on the Internet. It’s just that people like the idea of “easy” and “fast money” and get sucked into a system that promises them just that, but ultimately fails to deliver. So does Clixsense scam people? No I don’t think it scams people. It’s just a waste of time and you can do much better.

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  1. very worst fraud ptc site. waste of time

  2. Friends please dont waste time on clixsense,,,this is Scam……. and wastage of time and energy

    I also see some of the positive response for this… I guess these are the employees of same co. and wants more and more fools to hit their site so they can get more profit…….

  3. clixsense is totally a fake site, i reached 10$, but at the time of payment they say your account is suspend, because you are violeting rules, but i didnot violet any rules of clixsense, they are fake,donot register in clixsense, they are fake

  4. whent i complete my 8 $, clixsense suspend my account.. it is a fake, frod and lyre site. i request to you please don’t waist your time in clixsense.

  5. hshahahah puro scam

  6. Valerie is a joke! Her and her faded 70’s avatar pic.

    • LoL. Valerie is quite famous, I guess.

  7. clixsense is ridiculous and a waste of time.every time i am about to finish survey in the end it says survey is not available .

    • I agree same with me …….they fake with survey.

      • Same thing happens to me too…

  8. This is not fake but income is very less then … mostly income reffer. So this is a chain system work

    • Can you tell me… this website is really great earning by reffer or is a fake website ….. tell me had you withdrawal your payment by clixsense

  9. I think clix sence is fake.. Because. I entered so many times for sign in… Its not taking full I’d….

  10. i just join one of this ptc site and i was thinking of going on to clicsense, although at the back of my mind i have been wondering if the money to be made by clicking is worthy of the time, effort and cost of connection [quite expensive here in my country] thanks for the review and othe comments,it has gone a long way in helping me to make a decision.

  11. Click to Scam=
    You guys can earn by personal and individual work contract only. Not by daily begging work. Once your earn nothing but lost u go to for real contact.

  12. You need to have 20 to 40 or 50 ptc sites to earn a good income. I once joined every ptc that pays good money and just clicked everyday. Let say 0.10 cents a day for each site. 50 x 0.10 = $5.00 x 30 days or per month -s $150 and then you have referrals who join you. The money increases. I did this around in 2010. But then I moved and also my laptop crashed and couldn’t find all my data. I remembered a guy who showed me this was making 5,000 to 6,000 per month. So I wouldn’t say it’s a scam because ClixSense was on my list too. they were paying me. It requires dedication if you want to do this.

    • can you tell me what are the sites that i will earn money online and the payment method is also good and secure

  13. Oh my gosh, what a bunch of bullish comments. First of all, I am one to rarely display my earnings and I rarely mention how much I have earned at ClixSense. Secondly, not just myself, but thousands of members have been making honest money and being paid for almost ten years of this posting. TEN YEARS. Absolutely NO, you will not get wealthy at ClixSense and they certainly don’t claim such. However, you can make some extra money if you’re willing to. It is also absolutely free and the only OPTIONAL upgrade is $17 per YEAR. Just for the record, ClixSense does NOT own survey companies or offer companies or any of that. They are simply an affiliate that passes the opportunity to their members that want to do the surveys/offers/etc. My gosh, if you are too lazy or simply have no interest in ClixSense, so be it but why say a long running legitimate opportunity that has paid millions of dollars in honest money to hard working members, a scam! Some of these pots are totally stupid. Just ignorant as can be. It’s like you’re jealous because ClixSense is a USA program. They don’t create surveys and they don’t create offers. If you want to raise hell with someone, why not raise it with those business people in your own country? In regards to ClixSense advertisers, I am one. Every time I have advertised anything at ClixSense, I have ALWAYS gained takers. So if your advertising isn’t working for you, I suggest you get help with your adverts and/or your web pages.

    • thanks but do I have to pay register?

    • Clixsense treats it’s members like crap. If they don’t like what you have to say, they delete your post. They deactivated my account for my son and grandson using my devices to click ads on their accounts when they came over to visit me. My grandson has been clicking ads for months to earn money to buy his mom a gift. He finally cashed out and clixsense will not pay him. They are not paying my son or myself. They don’t even give you a warning. They just deactivate your account. All of my grandkids always take my phone or tablet and sometime my pc and play games on them even though they have their own devices. Clixsense is treating me like a criminal when I was unaware of violating their policies.

  14. I made 93 cents im more than 20 days. This is shameful. Clixsense is just a fraud to waste your time. Another thing in line to befool you is NeoBux.

  15. Hi there,
    I just got my $10.00 to cashout, but I want to continue and make enough for my bills ,this business is true I saw for my eye my friend got hercheck and yes its not easy but once you get the hang of it, you get it. I planning to pay the 17 .00 because that’s a good thing,for a years kool. So good luck.
    Thank you,

  16. Very shady site, tells you that you cab cash out with paypal and that is a lie, you must get a check for your first payment and it has to be $10 not $6 or $8 like they claim, not secure, hacked many times, my advice, stay away.

  17. I can’t open the site anymore. Every time I try to open, a pornsite is opened instead. Why is this happening? I can no longer open my account. The p*** site is so disgusting! And so I say it’s a total scam!

  18. Clixsense scammed me a few times. Twice, because I had an inactivity fro ore than 90 days (they stoled more than 11 dollars), because I have had a health problem with my son and husband ( My husband is unfortunately dead from colon cancer). But I have continued to view their adverts because I am in a great financial trouble, and I am working in Germany to get out of this financial “well”, and a few days ago, they told me that I don’t have my Serbian IP address (I don’t have it since October 2015), so I cannot view ads any more. And they denied the access. Shameful. That is my experience with Clixsense, A GREAT SCAM.

    • hello.Im sorry for your loss but that 90 days of inactivity has always been that policy and that message you got saying u couldnt watch ads because of your IP happened to me because I moved to another country. You just ask for help in the forum or in the client support and you have that problem solved in 5 minutes. Again, sorry for your loss but you need to check the facts and ask for help if you are in a difficulty before making such accusations to clixsense. thanks for your attention if you read this.

  19. Oh, I want to say something they almost told you – Get paid a virus every single 30 seconds :))))

    I agree with the author. I filled the surveys, wasted 10m and like usually I see the “Sorry, no survey available” hahahahaha.

    do not WASTE your time on PTC sites. I also got warning from Avira a offer link is containing malware!

  20. i made 35 dollars in 3 days ( im from the u.k) but on the 4th day i went to log in and it takes me to an error web page and doesnt let me get to my account so now ive got 35 dollars in an account that i cant get onto and a lot of my time has been wasted total scam!!!

  21. I really enjoy how ClixSense asks me to fill out a survey, I fill out at least 20 questions, if not more, and then they tell me that they’ve reached their quota on the survey and thus won’t pay me. But they’re still getting the data out of me because they’re asking me all the bloody questions upfront!! Frustrating. Forget these guys.

  22. Seeing that all these names are foreigners, don’t believe any cpmment you read. They are the real thieves and America are letting them rob us blind. I hate that they are even let in our country, leave them nasty creatures were they are and keep them out of America.

    • So Non US members are only allowed when they are throwing money in the pot ? Not when they also want to get paid ? It actually seems so in Clixsense forum to . US moderator Valerie is always bragging about how much she is earning and rubbing the nose of members from countries with very little offers and surveys in it ! It sure makes Non US members feel unwelcome .

      • I Agree. Valerie was always belittling people. I called her on it and the next day my post was deleted. She always had some ignorant, rude comment to say about people who are not US citizens.

  23. I never ever seen this type of site because it’s just a waste of time nothing else honestly saying i already tried more then a hour in every day for a long week but u know what i am just getting 2 cent and if u can get $6 then u can claim for the money so its mean its really not possible to clam any money on this site.

  24. I agree with you in some points like getting referrals is the real key to earn more. However, there are many offers, tasks, and surveys now. I have one direct referral who is making more than 10$ daily.

    It is good as a start for beginner and it would be great for anyone if he built a big downline like the #1 in the affiliate program who have about 27,000 active direct referrals.

    I am making about 100$ per month with about 100 active referrals.

    • 100 active referrals at $100 per month?? OUCH. You should be earning 10x’s more than that, Mahmood. I would point your efforts somewhere that actually pays.

    • I must agree with Vince Mahmood . 10 $ a day is very much to earn at a Ptc a day . But these amounts of money are for a few countries only , the rest are limited to a few offer wall and survey providers that often got nothing for their country . For those members there are only the Referral Pyramid Scam left to earn at and it can easy cost 30 $ a month to maintain the amount of active referrals . Most never upgrade due to they are unable to complete CS check list to get their bonus and leave fast due to very low earnings .

  25. All of these kind of websites are usually fake people do not waste your precious time in them, Things to remember is only Money can earn Money

  26. I am upgraded member at Clixsense , but have put it on my to watch list . Yourserveys router seems to have a bug in the link causing many to get blocked due to yourserveys is detecting a proxy . It seems to be coming somewhere from somewhere in the connection between Clixsense and yourserveys , The offer walls is more and more often malfunctioning and not crediting and costing us our daily bonus . We have also started getting the Congrats you did the survey you can now close the window . But when we click yes we did the survey it si not being credited to our account even the money is being credited to Clixsense account . These 3 bugs is denied existing by Clixsense Admin . Payza and Netteller is also rarely paying and it seems to be in Evil intent . The page is still paying yet but I have put it on my To watch list ,. Looking at the facts I see early signs of scam that slowly is getting worse .

  27. Thanks for the review! It seems this isn’t such a great way to make money online. Oh well, I’ll keep looking!

  28. Very disappointed. I have a better chance of winning the lottery than being able to finish one of these surveys! Anything that they offer I apparently don’t qualify to complete. This is a huge waste of time! It took me two weeks to make $5.

  29. On the very first day, I got disappointed with clixsense it doesnt provide not more than 15ads and even if u give 1 hour you cannot earn a dollar such a waste of time it is my day first i am in a mood to terminate my account. Mr admin could you please give more guidance on wealthy affialate and how does it work and does it available in India. And what are income opportunities provided by WA. How much money can a person make by giving 5 hours daily. or just it is paying in cents like clixsense. and How genuine is your claim about WA because just visiting like this site i logged in for clixsense. Please be more specific on WA

  30. I will shock maybe the whole world of Clixsense but i do not care anymore because Clixsense is a real scam for the reason they are not fair to everyone in the world, just follow what i am saying here.

    Do you know Clixsense authorize 1 Country in the world to have multiples account from the same ip Address???
    YES THEY DO…only one and this is where it is unfair to any other people around the world to NOT GET those privileges!!!

    Again, i wan a part of that biggest team and they negotiate those privileges in 2010 and the group is called Clixsense Team Philippines.

    You can have multiples people account under 1 ip address…so think about that !

    If people knew this, they will wish to get the same privileges, right????

    So now try to get those privileges if you can…good luck!

    All my friends accounts and mine was terminated this week of July 2015 and all got suspended for a reason we do not know…but probably someone tried to cash out and if someone is no longer upgrade to Premium, it affect all account form same ip address…so we all lost because of that rule which no one was informed about!

    But again, Clixsense is UNFAIR to the rest of the world, period!!!

    Now deal with that fact of Clixsense!

  31. IT is a total scam. The only thing I ever received from their website is malware.

    • Yeah it seems to be the trend I see with what people are saying. Anytime there is a site that says that you can make money just clicking on stuff, you have to wonder: really?? Of course there is some kind of catch whether it be malware, or just a crappy traffic exchange in which advertisers pretty much get scammed because everyone who is clicking on their ads, are viewing the ads JUST to make some money and not really to buy their product!

  32. Well, that’s what the experts are saying. What else can I do but to agree perfectly with them and go along with them.

  33. I have to agree with this article. I’ve been part of Clixsense for a few weeks, but it’s a waste of time to click ads there. I clicked myself silly for days, but I haven’t even made a dollar yet.

    There is actually 1 good thing there, that’s C—–r. With C—–r you need to be patient, or so I understood, because you need to level up before you can do tasks that are more rewarding. You need to answer over a 100 test questions over a certain amount of various jobs, and these tasks are paying out a ridiculous little amount of cash. It will cost a lot of blood, sweat, time and tears to level up, but I still want to give that a shot. The tasks are supposed to get easier once leveled up, and you can earn more once you reach higher levels. Clixsense also has a very high payout rate with C—–r. I used to do micro-tasks with Zoombucks, and there you get much less for the tasks you do. Apparently it’s site-dependent how much you can earn. I don’t know, I just want to give it a try still, let’s see how it goes.

  34. The one thing I have learned with these survey companies is to come and check for reviews and people who have tried them.. I know all of them are not what they claim to be!!

  35. I have been looking for a simple way to make money online and have considered clixsense. It looks like it would be very hard to make even a small, regular income. It also looks as though it might cost more than it is worth to pay for the connection. Having been scammed over the last few years, I am pretty cautious. I have only got a mobile internet connection and have no experience in this kind of work. I am not trying to get rich but would like to earn something, regularly

  36. I have a different opinion about this. I am using clixsense and major source of income is from Tasks. We can’t depend only on adds. Also referrals are important. But you can make money without referrals from mainly doing tasks.

  37. i found that my online subsciption data gone very fast with clixsense, 1 week use up 1 GB!! how can be?

  38. Yep…I agree with the admin. According to me ptc sites are waste of time. I tired once advertising my affiliate link..all visits came in 5 minutes but not even one signup for a free program. I think 90% people visit our link only to collect money not for aiming to move to a different site. It’s a waste of time but still i have seen making even $30 per day from PTC sites. So some people are really loving it. we can’t blame them you know

  39. Hi!

    I am from Bangladesh. After reading your reviews about wealthy affiliates yesterday, I have decided to join the site. But after filled up the registery form. I could not login to my account and the system showed the message, ‘We were unable to find a user account with the credentials provided.’ Then I tried to register again, but this time the system showed the message, ‘Oops, we found that you already have an account at Wealthy Affiliate. Please login with that account to access Wealthy Affiliate.’ Today when I try to login to my account I got a message that from our country it is not possible to join as a free member but I can join as a premium member that cost me $47 per month. I don’t understand the whole thing. If it’s free then it should be free for all not for the selective countries. What is your comment about it. I was hopping at last work with a real site and earn money. I have tried many things but failed eventually.
    Hope to get your valuable suggestion. Thank you very much.

    • Hi Mohammed, unfortunately there are few countries that have restrictions on free memberships and can only start Premium. I believe the reason is because many people from these countries require EXTRA support and assistance that ends up costing WA money in the long run. Sorry about that! I would recommend going Premium anyway, even if you were to join free. Free gets you up and running..Premium is much higher-level training and tools.

    • You know I’ve been checking out all of these money opportunities and they’re all free to sign up but in order to make money you need to spend some money . That’s the old saying . Which is true .

      • If those coming unto PTC sites had money to spend would not go there in the first. Nobody would waste 20 days just to earn a dollar and that too by spending your $2. But then again the join because they are in need.

  40. cents or fraction of cents per hour, have you ever thought how much we charge from our internet service provider, we dont have that much but , even the advertisemtt execute\about as if they offering help and they add their url so that that ther next video shows theri real colour, mean while we would have clicked their url to know better about the click sense before that we would have lost clicking their url would benefit him not uus

  41. yes i dont understand EVEN PtC click , we wast 30 seconds and we pay our internet chargge , calculate for second how much we are paying not equivalent to cent offered to us minimum for 30 seconds per PttC is to get 12 to 14 cents unless we get only we can able to pay our internet charges, i access through private brand band service to surf

    • Clixsense will be beneficial only if you can refer people.

  42. I spend hours filling in surveys but just before finishing any survey i always get the message that i don’t qualify!!!! This site is abusing its users with fake surveys!! I never got payed…..

    • I have the same problem with surveys. I never get paid finishing a survey sadly

  43. How do they pay?Ive visited the site and signed up but ive not sen anywhere you enter your payments means

  44. I have a part-time job as a teacher and I consider ClixSense as a means to collect “pocket-change.” There is a section under “Tasks” that show people who have made hundreds of dollars though. I guess it depends on how long you’re willing to put in the work. Toodles <3

  45. Many of the surveys are total scams. Some you can never get to the survey, you’ve just been tricked into an endless loop of advertisements. Others are actual surveys, but they get out of paying you by disqualifying you when you’re pretty much done with it. I’ve been “disqualified” from surveys after completing them anywhere between 80-99 percent. Which can be a good 15-20 minutes later. They waste your time, get all the info THEY want, and then don’t hold up their end of the bargain. Qualification questions should come at the beginning of the survey, and not 99% of the way through. These surveys are not conducted by ClixSense, it’s third party stuff they provide, at least that’s what I’ve read. But IF they aren’t in on it, they clearly do no research or quality control to make sure the surveys are legit. And the tasks, I can’t do any. They said I had to sign up through CrowdFlower to do them. I signed up with them. I have an account, but when I try to sign in through CkixSense to do the Task, it says there is no account for that email. And speaking of email, the puppet account I used to sign up for ClixSense is just BOMBED with spam. I expected that, hence the puppet account. ClixSense is really not worth it guys and gals. Unless you like getting paid fractions of a penny to watch an ad, most of the other “opportunities” on the site have more stick than carrot.


    • I have finally terminated my clixsense account after doing survey after survey and not getting anything for them. They have a ‘profile’ you can update so you ‘only get relevant surveys’. That is a scam.

      You click on one survey, go 15 questions deep and you are then ‘not qualified’….uh…I’ve been answering aggregate data questions and private info about me for 10 min. Another survey had me going for 15 min, at the end it says they don’t pay for ‘profile surveys’. Never once mentioned on the board that the .60 for the survey isn’t .60 or .50. or .10 or even .1 – its a scam, they aggregate immense amounts of data and then don’t pay you for it.

      That last scenario they baited me with .60, took my time, then said ‘that kind doesn’t pay out’. I’ve complained to them multiple times and their support does not give a care less.

      I terminated my account last night. So glad.

  46. Clixsense is a real business which you can earn a lot of money. Like every business – online or offline – it needs time, and some money to invest.

    In Clixsense the money you need to invest is on upgrading your account and promoting your referral link in order to get referrals.

    • And now we have a Clixsense scam agent don’t we??? 🙂

      “you can earn a lot of money” – oh really??? but how??? by getting 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 1 cent per 30 million seconds, or by completing surveys after surveys that you won’t get paid for???

    • Agree with you Paul. Over the years, I learnt not to depend on one single PTC site. Too many scams, but hard work and persistence pay off for those who understand how to germinate and grow. If one is looking for fast money, PTC is not for you. Remember, you also lose money fast on those schemes and programs, if you can’t recruit. Why not choose to learn to wade before plunging into deep pools of high risk? As with waste of time on advertising on PTC sites, don’t forget, there are some who respond, especially on something that’s new and attracting! PTC industry is growing, and it is in the same state like MLM/Networking business that at one time came under criticism ad skepticism . These days, also noticed increasing numbers of advertisers , not directly involved in PTC Marketing, using PTC sites to test responses for their products and services.

      • Hahahaha funny you guys has just been scam!!

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