The Fortune Agency Online Scam- Quick Review

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The Fortune Agency Online scam is not unlike all of the other similar fake news websites that pollute the Internet. I’m telling you, man. If I had a nickel. But I’m still going to help you out a little here as much as I can. You see, many people get optimistic about home income opportunities when they run into companies that portray big money just working a few minutes per day. You might see a story of someone on the sales page making big bucks without any previous experience or any technical skills. Maybe this is you? Maybe you are doing research because at the same time, you feel it is too good to be true? Well you are right. Well, should I say, you are right if the idea of big fast quick money by joining is too good to be true. But make no mistake about it, you really can make lots of money without any previous experience in affiliate marketing, given you are willing to learn. Unfortunately, this program ain’t going to teach you anything close as to what it really takes.

Fortune Agency Online sounds legit and like something that could be promising. But it’s not. They make up courses like Wealth Development Certification and stuff like that similar. I guess this is to make you feel accomplished or like you’re getting into something good and official? Sometimes it works and people get suckered in. Not only that, but they’re going to make up fake stories of success and implement fake characters so you can get fooled. It happens all the dang time. They’ll use a name like Alyssa Jensen and feature a story about her and how she’s making all kinds of money because she joined the program and does a few “simple things” each day to generate a full time income on the web with the system.

It doesn’t stop there. Fortune Agency Online will even go as far as naming positions such as “Search Engine Agent”. Are you kidding me? There is no such thing or job. It’s simply someone who understands SEO and you won’t get a good understanding with this bogus system. I’m going to tell you where you’re really going to get burned. These type of fake duplicate websites do one thing very well: it’s that they take your money and make it extremely difficult to get any kind of refund. In fact one of the most common complaints that you’ll see from people that have been suckered in by websites like this, is they have a very hard time getting a refund is usually the company will pack its bags up and leave after a few months and after they have made a profit. Not only that but when you do buy into the program usually cost around $100 and you will be bombarded by relentless sales team callers trying to upsell you to more expensive packages as well. I would just highly recommend stayaway from Fortune Agency Online.

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