The Rich Janitor Review- Article Marketing Scam?

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rich janitor reviewsThe Rich Janitor is an online course by Mike Dougherty, that is supposed to help you make some money on the Internet. The story is that this guy was a janitor, and one day found a method to make massive amount of money online and now wants to share it with you. There are a lot of similar programs out there, so what makes this one different? One of the things that tends to attract people is the word “easy”. Anything that seems easy, people love to take a look at, especially in the make money online niche.

How Do You Make Money?

Well, to sum it up, the Rich Janitor is about these 3 things: Use the software, with one-click submit to tons of article directories, earn easy money. 

The idea is to set up a bunch of article and submit them to 1000’s of niche websites,  generate traffic, and make easy money 24/7. The software is supposed to help cut down on the time it would take, tremendously, to do this on your own. The pitch is, you can make money a lot faster than usual by following this method and using this article spinner software. Sounds like a good idea, right?

Article Marketing Is Pretty Much Dead

Oh yes. Haven’t you heard how Google has absolutely SLAMMED article directories and content that is not original? The Rich Janitor would have been good prior to 2012. It takes articles and re-writes them…that’s what spinning is. The idea is to be able to grab articles on the Internet, spin them, make them “your own”, produce, and get loads of traffic. You know traffic = money in the end, right? Well, that was the whole idea. The problem is that this is just not that effective anymore, and probably wouldn’t be worth the investment at this point. 

It’s Only $77 One-time Payment

Well, at least The Rich Janitor is only a one-time $77. There are definitely worst products out there that are complete scams and hardly teach anything. At least there was some helpful content on this one. There isn’t over-promising like I was expecting. Props to that guy. 

Why I Can’t Recommend This

rich_janitor_gone_It comes down to being outdated. The content is actually pretty good, well, errr, it was for when that strategy was working. Nowadays, search engines like Google will whoop your ass if you try to spin content and pass it as your own. You need to be unique to get stuff ranked, and that’s just the way it is. Well, after searching again and again, it seems maybe it is out of service and discontinued as you can see from this screenshot. 

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  1. Please cancel my order, as I did not receive the system only additional pages asking me to sign up for additional fees. My password is ———. I expect my money refunded immediately.

    • Hi Rae. This isn’t The Rich Janitor’s website…this is just a review of the program. You want to contact The Rich Janitor website.

  2. I did make the initial small deposit, which I guess I can charge to research. But when they called back with an offer to help me implement everything for another $497, I declined. But THE CHARGE WAS ON MY CARD THE NEXT DAY ANYWAY. Whatever you do, do not give them your debit card number!!Fortunately, I was visiting my friendly banker, who asked me about the charge, and then was able to cancel it when I got red in the face and started yelling. We cancelled my card, of course, and I have, ever since, followed their recommendation: Do not give anybody on the internet your debit card unless you know them VERY well, like Amazon or Walmart. That means passing up lots of wonderful opportunities, but gives you peace of mind.

    To be fair, I should mention that somebody from RJ called me to give me the help I had temporarily paid for. I did not yell at him because he was just doing his job, but I did say that I had not authorized the service, had cancelled the charge, and was no longer comfortable dealing with Rich Janitor. He hung up quietly.

    Feel free to publish my email if you want to. Mike Dee has it attached to a strong message from me.

  3. This is a joke.
    All the reviews show that it is a scam.
    There is no one that can come out in person and prove it to be different.
    I am not your turn up that fell off the truck.
    Please don’t bother me….

    Thank you

  4. I’m highly embarrassed that I got sucked into this ‘scam!’ I can paint a down and out picture just like this Patel character but unfortunately for me mine is so vividly true! Admittedly, I was very desperate at the time I forked out my hard earned money to invest in this ‘scheme! Luckily enough I was only hit at the lower end of the money scale but it still hurts as all the bills keep rolling in! In fact, I’m on that many payment plans to supposedly ‘catch up’ that it’s an ongoing struggle to ‘rob Paula to pay Peter! And just to add insult to injury, even though you claim that they are ‘affiliated with Clickbank’ they have informed me that ‘ it appears that this transaction was not charged by ClickBank, but by The Rich Janitor directly. If the transaction was related to a purchase made through ClickBank, the charge would be identified on your payment records as “ClickBank” or “CLKBANK*COM”. Unfortunately, since ClickBank was not involved in the purchase, you will need to contact the appropriate merchant for assistance with your request.’ We’ll what fun that has been! I emailed ‘Mike Dee’ supposedly directly and instead of refunding me the entire amount of approx $150 I received a lousy approx $6 including the International Exchange Fee! Now I find myself approx $140 out of pocket and with Clickbank’s revelation up sh*!t creek without a paddle! And to add insult to injury Suprise! Suprise! Since refunding the $6 odd (after all but promising me a full refund) and shooting back not 1 but 2 emails to retrieve the balance of the money owing to me the lines of communication have ceased except for the repetitive bullsh*!t generic emails! Seriously the old adage stands-the Rich keep getting richer and the poor getting poorer because even though we are down and out we keep fighting and believing in the greater good in people! And that is why we may be financially deficient but not morally!

  5. Since I am not doing anything on your site, can I get a refund for my 2 deposits. One for $47 and one for $27. I look forward to your emails and some are too difficult for me to attempt. You are really special and I appreciate your always trying to help me. God Bless P.S. You are also cute, i saw your pic. Norma

  6. Thanks Pat. I will dispute the refund with my credit card Co . I got a prepaid debit card just for this website so I only load as I need funds.

    • Maria, the prepaid debit card idea is GREAT. I wish I had thought of it myself, but thanks for the helpful suggestion

  7. I got scammed too and have been scammed3 times already. . I was researching further to see if it was going to be a legitimate website to pay the extra, which I should have initially done before I invested. How do we get a refund calling doesn’t work?

  8. How do I get my money back I paid $497 please help I paid on 4-9-2016 they keep saying that I’m using a wrong email but I’m sure I use my usual email

  9. Hi I have just paid the $70 and they are asking me to pay 500 around about for their team to do it all for you is this light ??

  10. sad that I just stumbled on this info after paying $46 for the RichJanitor package only yesterday 30th Aug via GTBank MasterCard. ($27+$19). I wonder where my fate lies. I live in Abuja and I do not want EASY/QUICK money. Can any honest person recommend for me a genuine, paying, online job? I wud gladly work any number of hours as I am currently not working.

  11. Rich Janitor is just another bait and switch Scam.

  12. My experience has been much the same as others before me. with one exception. They kept contacting me for MORE money to draw in more income.As I did not have any income from their scheme, eeventually this set off the alarm bells. I asked for a refund of all the money I had paid them. Well I got some of it back and was darned glad to get it.

    • How did you get a refund I’m trying to get my $27 black

      • Check to see if that site has a contact form or number.

  13. Reading all these comments …..looks like I got scammed too!! Same problem my account froze up after I purchased a program couldn’t log in….no response to e mails…. no contact number. Wow….

  14. Hi there
    I put a lot of trust in you, once again believing that there might be a way to make money off the internet as I am too sick to go out to a job. But once again, it looks like I’ve been scanned as the end of 60 days are fast approaching and I have not made a cent. So I am requesting my money back, just like you said I could so many times in your website. I hope that you will reimburse me. Thanks for your time and consideration to this email.

  15. Just because they give you a refund doesn’t mean it’s not a scam. They do not do what they promise or advertise, that makes it a scam. Anything on the net that requires you to pay first is a scam. Jobs pay you, not the other way around. Unreal how we keep falling for this shit. All this ‘program’ did for me was annoy and frustrate. When I emailed for help I got replies with more garbage links and more requests for more money. It’s all bullshit and people like this should not be allowed to continue they should be arrested and thrown in jail for fraud.

  16. Hi I’ve been trying to contact you all over and over again after I purchased 3 packages from you and everytime I try to log in it told me invalid username and password after a while if you’re not fixing the problem I have decided I want a refund I have tried contacting you over and over again about this and now I’m going about this this week please give me my refund please somebody please somebody give me my refund this is ridiculous and I would not recommend this to anybody

    • Hi Tonya. I do not own The Rich Janitor. This is just a review of it. You need to contact The Rich Janitor’s website for this. Not me.

  17. I sent three emails to cancel and request a refund. I got a confirmation email stating they received my request and somebody will respond within 12 to 24 hrs. Seven days later, still no response. How do I cancel and get a refund? I used my credit card and don’t want to be charged again. At this point, I don’t even care about the $27 I already spent, I just want to know that I’m canceled. Funny, I continue to receive the promotional emails Does anybody know what I can do? I’d appreciate any input. I tried the number but of course it doesn’t work.

    • Dang. Sorry to hear about your experience here. Yeah, it’s not uncommon for programs to make it really difficult to get your money back. I’ve had several programs continuously bill me (small amounts) after purchasing them just to review them. I would get in contact with your bank and let them know what the situation is. Chances are, this program’s support isn’t going to be all that responsive…especially promptly.

    • Get a new bank card.

    • IF you charged this to your credit card co., call them and ask for a representative. Tell them to put a stop to any future charges. You need the exact name as it appeared on your credit card statement. the credit cards companies are great with this type of thing and you will NOT receive any future charges. I,have done it MANY times and they rejected every charge that they try to make to your card. DO IT NOW!!!!. IF you did it thru your bank, they will not allow any direct payments to them AFTER your request!!!

  18. I was just scammed and charged and nothing. No way ofgetringmy refund it looks. So sad and a major scam!

  19. You dame thefts if knew were you are you will not be do this too any one I’ll.

  20. I am sending this email in that all other attempts to reach someone has been unsuccessful. I purchased this product in September however the same day I purchased it I determined that it was not something I wanted to pursue therefore I requested a refund. I have called and sent emails but nothing. Please refund my money as requested and as promised would be no issue.

  21. This is not a scam I can verify that. They gave me my refund back asap. They didn’t do as they said when they claimed they will make you $1000 a day and you don’t have to do any work but they gave me my money back

    • How did you receive your refund back? Please help!

      • Dispute the charge on your credit card.

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