Twin Peak Profits Review- Ryan Dennis Scam?

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twin_peak_profits_reviewWelcome to my Twin Peak Profits review. There are a lot of IM scams floating around that tend to target unsuspecting beginners or “newbies” to the make money online world. Could this be one of those systems? Well that’s why I checked it out. And I have to tell you right off the bat, I am not really that press that all. Please understand that to make money on the Internet is going to take a certain amount of skill, training, and definitely a lot of effort. You will run into a lot of software systems that claim they can make you lots of money by just buying whatever it is they’re trying to promote you.

Cheap “Business-In-A-Box” Software

So pretty much, Twin Peak Profits is another one of these affiliate programs that is a business in a box and is sold to new people through hyped up sales videos and promises a making money on the Internet. This particular product says that it’s going to go out and do all the research for you, write all the material that you need, and generate all the traffic leads and sales on autopilot if you just buy the product. Wouldn’t life be great and wonderful if something really did this for you? Unfortunately, there are times of these type of really low quality IM products out there. Really these are invented to be sold more than anything and not really to be used. Think of this product is nothing more but a big sales pitch. Serve you can drive lots of traffic to this particular sales pitch, then you might make some money. But that’s the problem right there: traffic. If you do not know how to get this, you’re not making money, and no, there really is no software out there that does all this for you on complete autopilot.

It’s quite confusing: once you try to exit the page, you will get a downsell to Commission Conspiracy which promotes a rip off called “Empire” Network. It’s just kind of comical. 

 Does Twin Peak Profits Scam People?

It’s going to cost you $47 but it doesn’t stop there. You are going to be bombarded with constant upsells because like I mentioned earlier, this is nothing more than really one big sales pitch. One of the things that is going to get people excited is the ability to make up to $600 or more per sale. Now that’s all great and dandy, but the hard part is actually getting somebody to buy this stuff and getting it in front of a lot of people. A lot of people would call it a scam. But what I’m going to call it is just another one of these up sells a product that probably won’t deliver what is advertised. Think of this as a product that is intended to be sold to naïve beginners who don’t have a clue about how making money online works and suckering them in.

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  1. hi Vince I have just received this e-mail from Mack Michael on a system just recently ” may,2014 on a on-line business called ” TWIN PPEAK PROFITS- RYAN DENNIS-said it was FOUNDED IN 2002 in ST.PAUL MINNESOTA CALLED ” INTERNATIONAL BRADS? PLEASE TELL ME IF THIS IS A SCAM. WHICH THE PRICE WAS $15.00 AND IT SAID IT WAS A ” 1 TIME FEE TOO? Vince please send me your Answer to my e-mail and your ” BEST ON LINE BUSINESSES THAT WORK FOR ME? Please send me your info on a ( PASSIVE RESIDUAL INCOME SYSTEM) FOR ME AS WELL ON SOMETHING THAT DOES WORK FOR ME AS I NEED TO MAKE A RESIDUAL INCOME> I HAD OPEN HEART SURGERY AND I NEED TO MAKE $$$$$. Vince I thank you for your info

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