Unbiased Profit Siege Review- Another Scam Product?

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profit_siege_reviewHello and welcome to my own Profit Siege review. Hopefully I’ll be able to answer some questions you may have about this particular make money online product. Does it deliver? Does it do what it says it can do? Will it make you money? All these are probably questions you have and I’m going to go into detail as whether or not I can truly recommend this product to you if you’re looking to make money or if you’re a beginner. Good thing you are doing your research because you might just save yourself a lot of time and money.

One of the first things I’ll tell you about in this Profit Siege review is all the up-sells. This is a software product that costs $47 and honestly I already knew just from the sales pitch it probably was going to be a disappointment. This is really how low quality IM products get you. They know how to take your money always offering something more at your expense, even though that something more isn’t even worth it. Then they’ll offer you almost the same thing but at a discount since you didn’t want to buy it the first time. Let me explain here.

The first up-sell is going to cost you $297 and the perk is 2 campaigns done-for-you which includes all the fixings such as landing pages, training videos, and other stuff. Just say no and you will get the next, well, I guess down-sell of $197 that offers you just 1 done-for-you campaign. But it doesn’t stop there. Next you’re going to be promoted a special plugin tool that goes for almost $100 and all it does is give you extra landing pages from money-making niches and uploads it to the original Profit Siege product that you already have.

Profit Siege Scam Software?

There’s kind of a big problem with this software system. Now I must admit that it does a good job of hooking up to your PPV and CPV campaigns, but your’e definitely not going to make a whole bunch of money and without experience? Forget it! The sad part is the sales video says you don’t need to have any technical knowledge or any experience in really anything and this software will work for you. In a nutshell, this product just creates your own landing pages for you, and it modifies campaigns. Also you will be able to see how your landing pages are doing with real-time stats, and notifications of payments. Stuff like that. It’s not going to make you money on its own, and that’s why I would almost call it a “Profit Siege scam”.

If you are new to affiliate marketing or making money on the Internet, please understand that PPV methods of earning income are very difficult and I do NOT recommend it for you!!!

Realize that this whole product revolves around a method where you have to invest money in order to even get a campaign up and going. This is known as paid-advertising. You’ve got to know so many things in this part of the industry. You have to know even what kind of networks your ads are going to. You have to know how to create very captivating ads and headlines that cause people to click. You have to really know how to pre-sell in your ad copy. There’s a lot that goes into it and it’s not just an “anyone can do it” type of thing. With Profit Siege, your campaigns are really just going to be sent to a bunch of people who are looking for free resources and you’ll make a cent or two per click at best.

Profit Siege Training Not The Best

  1. PPV Marketing
  2. PPV Networks
  3. CPA Networks
  4. Depth Charge
  5. Claim Jumper
  6. Single-Click-Cash

One of the things I saw that was a huge mistake of Profit Siege was in the training where they didn’t go into elaborate detail as to keywords and setting up your URL. This is huge and should not be ignored. Another thing is that the training videos are very short in comparison as to the amount of content and training that you would really need. You would probably need hours and hours of training and trial and error to get it right.

Does Profit Siege Scam People?

Look, I can’t say that Profit Siege is a complete scam. The software portion as far as setting up your CPA offers and getting everything ready to go, is a little bit buggy, but I guess it doesn’t everything up well and gets you ready. The problem I have is that it’s going to be very hard for you to make any kind of amount of significant money and it’s going to require you to invest some pretty decent capital upfront. If you or somebody that’s completely new to Internet marketing or you struggled in the past, I think you would probably lose money just by using this program as your source of direction. That’s my honest opinion, and are much smarter ways to make money online. Please don’t always believe other Profit Siege reviews because most likely they are trying to sell the product to you themselves.

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  1. I am not going with this venture. I want a refund put on my credit card.

  2. Thank u very much 4 ur information.i was thing of investing into profit seige software.

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