UTS Profit Ads Review- Another Revenue Sharing Scam?

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uts_profit_ads_review_I have seen UTS Profit Ads promotions all over the place recently and it kind of sparked my attention and interest. Being an Internet marketer, I’m always looking for the most profitable Internet marketing strategies that can bring in the money and sharing them with my followers. So naturally I gravitated towards this company to see what it was all about. Some people are saying it’s a scam, some people are saying it’s the greatest thing in the world, and then I have my own opinion so allow me to share if you will.

How Do Earn Income With UTS Profit Ads?

Basically you purchase a share which is also an “advertisement pack” for $20. This share is supposed to mature into $25 over a little bit of time, so you earn $5 for doing nothing. This is because as a member, you are participating in the revenue or sharing program. This completely depends on the number of sales generated each day by UTS Profit Ads. Some days I’m sure will be slow and some will be rocking. They say on the website that there is no guarantee of higher earnings and sharing program.

The free members are going to get paid for clicking on these ads and viewing them for a certain amount of seconds. For you this could mean some conversions. So ideally you want to submit a very catchy ad because some of these people are trying to make money will also or might find interest in your affiliate offer.

You can also make some money referring people to UTS Profit Ads and earn a 15% commission on all the shares that they buy. So this is kind of a hybrid between an affiliate program, revenue sharing pool, and advertising platform. And of course you can make a very very small income being a free member clicking on ads.

The ad pack accounts for at least 1000 credits. The problem I saw here was that I didn’t get very many clicks at all. If I could remember correctly, I got about two or three clicks for the 1000 credits. So I’m wondering about the quality of these hits, and where the real traffic sources are coming from because these banner ads I’ve used before are high converting elsewhere. So I can see that mainly this is a revenue-sharing type program, or at least I should say that’s where you’re going to benefit the most.

This doesn’t look unlike another paid to click platform/revenue-sharing program out there called Ad Hit Profits. In fact a lot of companies saw the benefits of the business model of AHP and started following suit. So overall I cannot say that this is a scam, but sometimes I wonder how come these type of companies are not using PayPal as a merchant or payment processor.

But anyways, if you’re interested in possibly trying out UTS Profit Ads, you could give it a shot. I don’t think you’re going make a lot of money to become clearly honest with you and there are better affiliate programs out there. But it wouldn’t hurt to try because you only have $20 to lose.


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  1. They are fraud……………………….plz dont invest on this site……i has already invested 20$..But they didnot return me a single penny after a month……….THEY ARE FUCKIN SCAMMERS…….

    • I totally agree. First they started UTS. Then they launched UTSProfitAds. Last update from admin is 2 months ago…..DONT INVEST DONT INVEST

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