Virtual Bee Review- Online Job Scam?

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virtualbeeVirtual Bee is a website that offers data entry work from home and I am pleasantly surprised to see that it is not like 99% of other data entry scams. I think we just might have a winner when it comes to an actual small online job. But don’t get too excited just yet. There are still some issues that I have with any kind of data entry work, and I’ll explain why. But first let me review for you how it works, how you get paid, and whether or not I recommend this to the average person looking to make some decent extra income. You can definitely make lots of money from home if you select the right income opportunities. But let’s get more into detail on this one.

Sign Up Process

Understand that Virtual Bee is a membership type website where you have to become a member first in order to get any kind of work. But even before you get any kind of work, you’re going to have to take a series of small typing tests to see if you qualify to get hired to do this typing job. One of the first things that I have to tell you, is that there is tons of competition. Just think about the thousands and thousands of people who are visiting this website and applying to take the same tests you are to qualify for these typing jobs. What I’m saying is, they’re going to be very selective in who they choose so you better be at top level when it comes to typing skills and grammatical errors. Some people have reported to me on the waiting list for more than three months and still haven’t been hired. So I can see that this is a very lengthy process and you might have to wait a while before you are even considered to get one of these small jobs.

How Much Do You Get Paid?

This is probably the most frequently asked question by those who visit my Virtual review. How much money are you going to make and how much do you get paid. I’m going to be honest with you, you’re not going to get paid a lot for the amount of work you’re going to put in. There are awesome affiliate income programs out there that will pay a lot more. Also, keep in mind that you might not get that much consistent work. You might have a project or two per month or just here and there. This is not steady employment. Here is the current pay rate.

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[note color=”#FFCC00″]$0.20 = 1,000 keystrokes [/note]

Let me tell you what has happened the last few years. They have lowered the pay rate per keystrokes just because there are more people flooding the website looking for work and it really comes down to how many jobs are available versus the demand for work. In other words, they know they can pay people now at a much lower rate since lots and lots of people are looking for jobs. It’s competitive. In other words, you’re not to make that much money for their large amount of work you have to do.

Does VirtualBee Scam People?

I have to admit, I had found quite a few complaints from former members. One of them was how they were not paid even though they had met the requirements to cash out and failed to contact any kind of support or get a response from the company. That’s a huge turnoff. But it happens.

Honestly, I really can’t recommend making money this way because even though it’s free to join from almost anywhere on the world, you’re not to make a full-time income doing this. That’s just reality. There are better ways to spend your time and efforts in developing profitable income streams from home then to do data entry that pays you peanuts. But to answer the question as if it is a scam or not, Virtual Bee is legitimate.


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  1. guys onething, without testing website, you should not say, it is worst, virtualbee, is the best website, i got payments from them more than 10 times, i have the payment proof, if anybody gets the doubt, i can show the payment proof, but without knowing such websites please dont scold them


  3. How is VirtualBee now?

  4. I started with them in August…the first month I was able to get a decent amount of work and was paid on time (I am in the US so the payout is $30 which is actually hard to get to). I will note, first, the first time I took the online tests it was back in March. I got 100% on all tests I took and did not receive a response from them until the last week of July. As I mentioned, the first two weeks I worked for them, I could routinely go on in the morning and get a decent amount of work (that said, it does take a long time for it to add up, it’s not like it’s simple to just get on and type away a couple hours and expect a decent payout). Since then, (mid-August) I have only been able to accumulate just under $8 and I go on regularly and typically there is little to no work. Honestly, if you like typing, you can definitely make better money in other ways and more consistently other ways.

  5. I decided to do a search for virtualbee on Google and see what came up. After reading the comments on this page, I admit I’m a little surprised. I’ve been working for them since March of this year, and I’ve had zero problems with them. So far I’ve made over $1,000. And no, I’m not lying, and I’m not some kind of shill for the company. Regarding the comments below, I don’t know why people have been having problems with them. The only thing I can think of is due to the “accuracy” rating. Mine is around 99%. I would assume that, if it’s much lower than that, then they would have legitimate reason to cancel your account (although they should at least pay you what you have in the account.) I also type very fast, and that’s another reason I’ve made so much, but accuracy is more important than speed. Other data-entry sites don’t pay that much, so I pretty stick stick with this one. This is not a substitute for an actual job, and if I had one, then I wouldn’t be doing this, so in the meantime, I’m glad this site exists.

    • Just out of curiosity, what was your percentile score after you took the three evaluations and how long did it take before you received an email from them about a job offer? TIA!

  6. I just started working for this company the end of May. I supposedly made $41.34 for my first paycheck that was supposedly processed on the 22nd of June, I made another paycheck that was supposedly $9.63. I went into my account today and the $9.63 had been removed. Still haven’t been paid the $41.34. I was told by email, that payday would be yesterday or today. Instead of being paid, I had $9.63 taken from my account and still haven’t been paid for the first sesssion. Sent an email this morning. We’ll see what happens.

    • I quit keying with virtualbee on June 5, 2015 and they owed me a final check for $51.70. They never sent it & I sent 2 emails & no response & no check. I,m on a fixed income and need this money. I agree, they need to be investigated and put out of business for cheating people out of money for work done and not paid for.

    • They did not pay me my final check for $51.70. I sent 2 emails. No response & no check. Someone needs to do something about this company. Much better when Key For Cash was the company. THANK YOU!

  7. I’m a full time student who just joined the team to try and make some extra money. Guess I will continue looking. Thanks for the heads up.

  8. make a little money

  9. Seems funny that after my sessions online to make a little money, I see how they subtracted 200, 300 letters or more taking away some money. I am fed up with this and will be filing a complaint to unlawfully take away work product. You email them and they come back upset. When Key for Cash owned this site you were making $.50 and up. Now you make a straight $.30. Then they say that how they counted your work is the way it will be done!!! I am leaving it as it is a fraud that take money away from people who did the hard work and earned it!!! Time for an agency to investigate them!

  10. Is there an actual real list of best and honest work from home sites?
    Thank you

  11. I “work” for them too. However, after 2 sessions and only having made 99 cents, I won’t be going back. It says 30 cents per 1000 keystrokes. My stats are this – Session 1: 3155 keystrokes, 63 cents / Session 2: 1211 keystrokes, 36 cents. It really isn’t even close to worth the effort you have to put in.

    • How long did u actually type?

  12. On the other hand, I’ve worked for them for over a year, since they were Keyforcash, and I’ve never had a problem getting paid.

  13. I made over 40% of their payout, and the “check” was suppose to be mailed on the 23rd. Today is December 6th, and still no check. Granted thanksgiving was thrown in there within the 5 day, mail out of the checks. But so far, nothing.. I’ve got another check that “will” be sent tomorrow.

    With two checks backed-up that have not arrived yet, I will not be “working” for these guys until they arrive. They say wait up to 30 days before contacting support; but who knows what good that will do? I contacted support 5 weeks ago, still no reply.

    Looks like “VirtualBee” is losing its credibility. . . . .

    • So curious to know – for all of you that tried this website and it failed you, what have you done since?

  14. Sadly I was one of those guys that jion Virtual Bee and never got any work.
    Thank you for posting this information.

  15. Thank you for this information! I was getting ready to join Virtual Bee until I found your review about it.
    Thanks again for your review and saving me time and effort!

  16. Thanks for your info, im about to join this site,coz i thought i can earn good money for living, planning to make it full time. coz im tired of being an employee,ll
    You have any recommendations ? i will highly appriciate it..

    once again thank you….

    • Hey Derrel,
      As the author of this article said at the end that he won’t recommend this site and I am with him on this. These data entry working sites firstly pay very less and its not worthy considering the amount of time you will be spending on this. I won’t consider such sites for my living instead go for some affiliate programs listed above or you can even try some other work which pays more and is trustable.

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