Will Home Income Package Scam You? Honest Review

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home_income_package_You’ve got to beware of the Home Income Package scam and other “work from home” opportunities that are floating around there on the market. I’m telling you. There is a sneaky way these websites make money and it’s off the new income opportunity seeker who doesn’t know any better.

I want to help you avoid scams so I will tell what the whole situation is and this thing really works or actually how it doesn’t work at all! You definitely can earn a good income from home but you’re not going to do it by joining this system! Let me explain and reveal to you what goes on behind-the-scenes. Sites like this one have to constantly be changing their name because they eventually get shut done but they’ll launch another almost exact similar one but under a different domain.

Not Even A Real Person?

The Home Income Package program is fronted by Ethan Anderson, who I don’t even think is a real person, and one of the things they try to make you believe is that you’ll be able to earn hundreds of dollars per day by just doing easy “link posting” or “data entry”. They say you don’t need any technical skills or any experience in the work from home industry and you can make big bucks quickly.

That should already be a big red flag to you. I mean, what job actually pays you that much for sitting at home to do simple stuff? None. I’m going to let you in on another trick they use: they place popular news logos on their homepage to make it seem like they’re legit when they’re not even endorsed by any of those networks!

They Fool People Everyday

Let me show you how the Home Income Package scam is going to take your money. You’ll sign up and for the training packet at a low cost trial offer. Then after a few days, without even telling you, they will charge your card. This is where they get 99% of the people. In your “training” packet you will realize that they are not really online jobs that they are training you for.

All they want you to do is somehow market their program.

Which one?

The same one you bought into. The way you’ll do this is “link posting”, well that’s what they’re going to tell you. This is nothing more than a scam IM program designed to get you thinking that you’re going to get legit online work and then bait and switch you to purchasing the “training” package. Don’t fall for it.

So What Should You Do?

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  1. Hello my name is Steffanie Bray and I would like to cancel and get my refund.

    • Hi Steffanie. This is just a review site. You want to call the number on the Home Income Package website to see if you can get a refund.

  2. Dang! I wish I had seen these reviews before I fell into this scam. Im curious to know if “they” can keep charging your card, or if I need to go through with the trouble of getting a new card. If anyone knows the answer, please get nack to me.

  3. To whom it may concern;

    My name is Ada Smith and I want to cancel my work at home program. I looked over it and realized it’s not for me.

    Thank you very much.

    • This is not the Home Income Package site. You’re going to want to contact them. This is just a review article.

  4. OUCH – I read our US President offering work at Home link in Fox News AND QUESTION THE LEGALITY, ETHIC AND THE AUDACITY of this type of legal offense. First of all A the legality of our President offering a “deal in providing a link” promising hope to the select few who saw his Fox News infomercial. Secondly, the scam is offensive and reeks of quick money making schemes. BEEARE !

  5. Please don’t fall into this scam! I am so glad that I checked the reviews. Unfortunately, I already paid them a $97 startup fee, and began watching their videos. They sound pretty enticing, but don’t be fooled, nothing they say Works as easily as they say it does. After a day of trying what they said, I noticed that just about every mode of link posting ended up taking much longer than they said, or required many more steps and knowledge than were described. Plus, pretty much, they suggest you Spam the crud out of legit social media and blog sites (you will be lucky if 1/10 of your work actually sticks, because most people won’t approve these junk posts). That is when I got wise and Googled their name, I really wish I had done this before to see all of the negative reviews and allegations of scam. Unfortunately also, I was stupid enough to call my bank and ask them what to do, when I should have just reported the charge as unrecognized and gotten it dismissed. This of course would require getting a new card probably, but that might be the easiest route to go.

    If you already signed up and did what I did with bank contact (they keep record of all calls for their protection in situations like this), tell Home Income you want to cancel immediately. Be sure to document all correspondence to them, and be as specific as possible when you talk to them. If you make a phone call to their startup specialist, record the phone call when you say you want to cancel (there are apps that can be used for this purpose). Also save all email conversations. I have taken all of these steps, and was provided this email when calling the start up number provided in their training email:


    They said that email is the only way to request the refund. I just wrote this email a request with my name and phone number (subject line: Refund Request), and they promised a refund in 3 to 5 business days. I have yet to see if they follow through, but if not, now you will have all the documentation you need to dispute the charge with your bank.

    I hope that I can help a few people to avoid the same mistake as I made; I have to admit, I was foolish and naive to fall for this scam. Never pay to get job details, best advice ever.

    • did you receive your refund? Unfortunately, I found this page after signing-up.

  6. They got me too. I cant even remember the original name of the company I signed up with because when I checked my credit card account I had never heard of this company and as someone mentioned there was another charge to my card from another company. My email account had paypal confirmations but when you clicked the link it took you to an advertisement for another get rich app. One email even stated I had been tagged on Facebook and when I clicked that link it took me to the same exact add for the same app as paypal. What a scam! I’m trying to figure out how to try and get my money back. The phone number doesn’t even work.

    • Larry, don’t feel bad, I was naive enough also to get fooled by these jokers. Did you ever get your money back? I’m in the process of trying to do so myself right now. My bank told me that I had to try getting a refund from them first, but I’m not expecting anything to come out of that. Just kind of curious how things went for you, and what you had to do. Any helpful tips are definitely appreciated.


    • What is there number did you ever get your money back ?

  8. This is a scam pure and simple. Please note that the whole reason for this company is to sell you a $14,700.00 support program which includes a person who will mentor you while you create a website and start a business. The representative stated that only 2% of the people who do the link placement portion of the program succeed! Note: that is a 98% failure rate!! The other portion is loaded with three levels of commissions all for something you can do yourself. They state that you need them because of their experience starting internet business ventures. This information will be supplied by the drop shipper and other sources that you use to create an online business. Anyone who starts a business online should be aware that they have to spend 100′s of hours researching and generally preparing themselves both emotionally and financially to do this kind of work—just like for any other business. However, the fake news information and the design of the site in general is VERY deceptive. ALL OF THE TRUE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS COMPANY IS LOCATED IN THE INFORMATION–LEGAL OF COURSE–AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SITE. Simply stated, they are preying on the impulsive nature of those who are in need of money to complement other needs in their lives. DO NOT DO THIS YOU WILL REGRET YOU EVER HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS COMPANY!

  9. Almost did it, almost but decided Google HOME INCOME PROGRAM, and got sent here, here I thoroughly feed my suspicions.
    I m well informed and saved. I don’t have money to throw away…

    Thanks for your time!

    Regards and Sincerely


    • How can i get the full refund?
      Program need website to post link to sale the products and only get paid if some one read and purchase products from the link I post than I will get commission.
      Can I dispute charge with my credit card?

      • this happened to me last month, so I called my bank and gave them all the information on the statement so the cancelled my bank card and did an investigation and they sent me a new card and my money bank. Call your bank. Good luck!

  10. Hi there. I received this message from Spencer Adler today January 8th 2015 on twitter. It is about this woman named Theresa Andrews and her incredible online job. And guess what, now she lives in Minusio, Ticino, Switzerland. So do not sign-up but spread the message that this is scam. Be safe out there on the net.

  11. I’ve juz been scam but was alert enough to ring up the bank to stop transaction….

  12. Something interesting about the comments section of the said site. what you’ll notice is all the perfect English in a symmetric manner. More appropriately all coming out of a single individual’s keyboard. no short hands…. amazing.
    anyways Cheers…. The review was an interesting read.

  13. thanks alot

  14. Hi all…
    I just wanted to tell you guys that you don’t get nothing for free in this world, and if home income package is offering you so much money and they don’t need any experience and skills or technical knowledge than there is something fishy… if there are 100 websites that offer work from home i don’t think that even 1 will be legit… i feel sorry for those who lost their money in this scam… but please spread the words amongst your loved once so that no one else fall it…

  15. Hi ….Need help from you guys ..Today I received pop up from Group Deals Tools stating you would be able to earn 6000 per day by just seating at home. I made the payment of Rs 4000 to these site and after that I found myself in trouble. These cheap people will create a website for you and wants you to sell of your products……How do I get my money back …any idea friends

  16. I received an e-mail that said that it was from someone I knew. After reading the article which was forwarded, I became suspicious. Generally, anything that appears to good to be true usually is. Thank you for your information!

  17. hai sir admin….is it true….?.i believe that share market only.but you peoples are says something…so now i really confused…so please you will give information about this……i am waiting for your reply.

  18. I’m not sure if this is the same as this one?

  19. I received an e-mail that said that it was from someone I knew. After reading the article which was forwarded, I became suspicious. Generally, anything that appears to good to be true usually is. Thank you for your information! You saved me a lot of money. I went to forward your article to the person who sent it and surprise, when I chose “reply” on the original e-mail, the e-mail was going to someone I had never heard of. To all interested parties, beware and do research before giving your hard earned money to anyone else!

  20. Don’t trust this I lost my money in this.

  21. Guys who doesn’t know that we lost millions of money through Eurex. Please be careful

  22. I have been scammed. I received a Tweet from my daughter recommending this “Home Income” program and since she is a respected accountant, here in Australia, I bought it immediately. I was a bit surprised at the number of up-sells after I gave my payment details, but declined them and spent US$97 for this course. I did not ring her as it was late at night and she now has 2 little boys, but I went to see her this morning to discuss the business she had recommended, but she only gave me a blank look. She told me she had not used her Twitter account for over 12 months so someone must have hacked it. When I told her that I had bought the program, she told me to go to the police and make a complaint. The link in the Tweet led to a financial page written by a man called Spencer Adler, however I believe he has acted under many different names. I have made a Scambook complaint against the man “Spencer Adler” whose column had the article about a Theresa Andrews from Queensland, Australia, who had made $90,000 in the last 12 months with the “Home Income” program. My bank has put a hold on my debit card, as the transaction had not gone through yet, but they say it still may go through and if it does their Fraud department will advise the Australian Federal Police and with help from the United States Government they should be able to track the owners of the US bank account where my funds have gone to. I knew immediately, when I rang the phone number given on the web page, and nobody was there to answer it. If you launch a real business, most people make sure there are operators available to take the new subscriber’s calls.

    I feel sick that they managed to hack my daughter’s Twitter account and send me that recommendation. I believe Twitter is somehow responsible for this Scam because how could somebody hack an account so easily? They must have little or no security for member’s personal information at Twitter.

    All is not quite lost yet and Spencer Adler or whatever his new name is now, should be able to be tracked and charged with multiple counts of fraud once he tries to withdraw everyone’s funds.

    • Thanks for your comments, Kim. Sorry that you were scammed :/

      Unfortunately, there are quite a number of websites out there just like this one and I’m willing to bet that “Spencer Adler” is just a fictitious character…a common strategy these “Home Income” type systems often use.

      It’s really hard to even track down who is behind these companies. The best thing you can do is talk to your bank and see if you can get your money back and explain how you’ve been scammed.

      Best Regards,

    • Its not Twitters Fault any website or program can be hacked if the person really knows what they are doing like a day ago Google+ was hacked and about a year ago and a couple of day ago so was PlayStation it all boils down to they know what they are doing and what they want. and sorry to hear about that.

    • This is for the lady from Australia. This surely looks like a scam, because in your comments, you stated the Home Income website you saw featured a “Theresa Andrews” from “Queensland” making $9,000 a month. Well,, Home Income”s website here in the states features a “Theresa Andrews” from “Fair Oaks” California. They show a photo of a pretty young mother holding a baby. Supposedly “Theresa” This whole thing smells like a stinky rat. SAVE YOUR MONEY everyone.

    • every body see nature but do not accept

  23. I think ure right, because I also have a feeling that this whole package is all scam. I wonder how one mak such a huge money just lik dat, well it’s realy sad becos i’m a victim in ds whole shit. Pls o need a total guidance. Waiting ur response

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