Will Online Income Solution Scam You? Honest Review

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online_income_solution_scamDoes Online Income Solution scam people? If you’ve been looking for a way to make money online, then I got some bad news for you if you joined this company. I want to help you out in this review in case you haven’t joined yet as well. Maybe you got excited because you thought you landed an awesome income opportunity because you saw an email or ad that said something like “all you need is an internet connection and basic typing skills” and you can make 100’s of dollars per day, right?

Well, sorry, but that’s not how it works.

Online Income Solution makes it seem like it’s providing you pretty much a type of home based job where all you have to do is follow the tutorials and immediately start making money. I’ve done thousands of Internet income opportunity reviews, and this is your classic over-priced upsell product that is just about the same as an outright scam. Actually many would call it a straight out scam. Let me explain why…

Online Income Solution Is Deceptive

One of the things that really stands out among a lot of scam-like websites like this, are the iconic news network logos. You’ll see this among similar work from home companies who like to overcharge you on joining there work from home program. They will often decorate their sales page with popular news network logos to make the opportunity seem more “legit”. But if you look carefully, you’ll see an aster-ix and when you read the note, it will say something to the effect that there is actually NO affiliation with these networks and Online Income Solution.  

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What’s funny is, you’re not even really told what it’s going to be about. All you’re going to see is pictures and quotes of testimonials and the benefits of buying or signing up for this system. There’s no details as what exactly it is you are going to do, how you’re going to do it, or really how you’re going to make the money. It’s mostly hype and pre-selling you.

I’ve also been doing even more research and it seems it can be pretty difficult to get your money back and a refund. They make it a little challenging and have requirements such as: you must use it for 2 weeks and put in effort. Like, who DOES that? You should just be able to get your money back. After all, there is a supposed 60 day money-back guarantee. 

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So basically on the front-end of Online Income Solution, it’s only going to cost you $19.97 only for the training videos…but it probably won’t stop there. No sir. You can expect websites like this to bombard you with more upsells, asking you to buy the next package that is going to really be the “key to your success” and also receive phone calls from the sales team, asking if you want to invest in 1-on-1 coaching which could cost you lots of money. Understand that the owners or affiliates (people trying to sell this) are the ones making any kind of big money. It’s just a really low-quality work from home system that teaches you the extremely basic things about affiliate marketing and Internet business. Not worth it in my opinion. Is it a scam? Pretty close to one if you ask me. 

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  1. I just purchased simple income solutions. I should hsve noticed its just clickbank. I guess I’ll try to get a refund. These companies are all over the internet. I was just hoping this was different. Thanks.

  2. That really sucks, because this I bought into this for $97.00 and $27.00. Every time I send an email message Simple Income Solutions, they keep saying they cannot refund the money, because I would have to send the company that I bought this from to refund my money. Heck, I do not know the name of the company that actually got my money.

    • I would really know what the name of the company is so I could get in touch with them. HELP1

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