Will Volusion Scam You? An Unbiased Review

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Ok, does Volusion scam people? I know of a few people that have been asking this question and that’s why I decided to create this review. I know, I know. Sometimes it is very difficult to differentiate Internet marketing scams, from legitimate online business platforms. I have to say, I am quite optimistic about this one. So if you want to know if this company is right for you, make sure you take a couple minutes and read this review.


What Exactly Is Volusion?

Volusion isn’t necessarily a program or system that you plug into to make money. It is more of a e-commerce service. For an example, if you have a product and you are looking to sell it online, it helps you setup a home business (website) to sell your product. It provides the platform for you to build and host your own little online store. It also provides marketing for your business, social media, and optimization conversions. But please understand, it doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to make any money with your business.

What It Offers

  •  an online store builder
  • management and setup 
  • website hosting
  • business tools
  • marketing services
  • SEO packages
  • pretty much anything that has to do with launching your own online web store


If I should pretty much explained that at best, I would say that this is a company that provides lots of business tools and not much training as far as getting traffic to your online business. Instead they have paid options you can invest in, which contributes to good marketing for your online store if that makes any sense.


No, I don’t think Volusion scams people. Think of it as a service that will help you get started in launching your own home-based business on the Internet with all the bells and whistles. However, if you’re looking to make money, you have to learn Internet marketing. Please understand that not all websites make money out there, and even if you were to join this company, you cannot be 100% certain that your business is and work order website is that generate revenue. It takes a certain amount of skill and knowledge to make that happen.

Why I Still Wouldn’t Recommend Volusion For Money Seekers 

Even though this is a legitimate company and offers pretty decent services, from my experience people that are beginners who are looking to make money on the Internet often check to see if this is the best place to start. In my opinion, this isn’t the best place to start if you’re somebody that’s interested in making money from home. For that, I would recommend checking out some of my top personal recommendations.


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  1. Yes, Volusion is a scam – definitely a scam! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! It would take too long to post everything they did to me.

  2. For months I was dealing with Matt Wallan (Sales Manager) then Oscar Salmon, I was paying monthly service of $65+, a few months later I reduced to the $35+ plan. Always had great service. Now we have this going on, unbelievable that a company the size of Volusion try’s to scam people in this way.

    I cancelled this account with Volusion over a year ago. Volusion has continued to charge my account with more than $400 of fraudulent charges.

    Just spoke to a customer service rep, 04/24/2015, in billing goes by the name of Riva G. said will give to manager called April S. They will not provide me with last names, emails or direct extensions.

    It is apparent this is a scam. I advised Riva G. to have her manager call me asap to get my refund or I will proceed to report Volusion to the better business bureau, and online scam monitoring services and social media to insure they do not scam others.

    I will check my records to see exactly how much you fraudulently charged my account.

    I am requesting an immediate refund of all my money. When I cancelled my account you removed my access and knocked down my site, I have records from my hosting company and ISP as to the exact day this occurred.

    I suggest you review your records and do the right thing.

    Awaiting a resolution and refund, will post results.

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