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work_at_home_institute_reviewThe Work At Home Institute, unfortunately, is just another setup to fool you into joining. I would call it a scam. This is something I have seen over and over again and continue to see sites like this launched on a weekly basis. It’s terrible. I’m thinking you got an email of some sort or maybe ran into a website that claimed you can make all kinds of money doing simple tasks and that’s just not going to happen. Can you make money from home? Yes, you can. Is this program going to show you how to properly do it? Hell no. I’m going to decipher this online system’s intentions and show you how it’s really just a big setup that’s aimed at fooling you to dish out your credit card and information.

The Generic News Clip

WAH_Institute_reviewsYes, I have seen this a gazillion times with other scam sites. You will see a paid actor doing a news segment on the work from home industry and how thousands of people are making a killing working from home. The video never even mentions Work At Home Institute. It just features a few people who have successfully built a home based business and what not. This is just an attempt at promotion on the website, I’m think to give a sense of comfort or legitimacy. But…don’t believe the shenanigans. You know, this website looks anonymously duplicated to other sites I been doing reviews on. The same old crap.


Endorsements That Are Not Even Endorsing The Product

wah_institute_scamSo you will notice a few recognizable news network icons on the page. Stuff like ABC, CNN, MSNBC, and other broadcasting networks. This is an attempt of Work At Home Institute to make it seem like they are endorsed by these companies when in fact, they’re NOT. I’m thinking if the average person recognizes these logos, they will trust the site as a real legit website. Again, I must advise you: don’t be fooled. There is no correlation between the networks and WAHI.

You Don’t Make Money Just “Link-Posting”

Yeah. So this is where they get a lot of people to fall victim and give them money. It costs $97 to get your hands on the Work At Home Institute package. This is the puzzling thing. The actual content isn’t the worst in the world. It provides extremely basic knowledge of websites and affiliate marketing. Definitely in my opinion, not worth the money. But it is the whole sales process and promotion that is so scammy. They make it seem like it’s going to be easy peezy money, when it’s far from it. In fact, it can be very difficult to actually make money online.

Security Seals Are Photoshopped

work_at_home_institute_scamProbably one of the scariest aspect of this website is that the security seals at the bottom aren’t even real! This is really deceiving because people are led to believe there are entering into a safe website when that could not be the case. The security signs at the bottom should be clickable and lead you to a 3rd party disclaimer saying that the site has been registered with the security companies. They’re not. They are just images. Wow, that’s really sketchy. 

Problems Refunding

I have been doing more research and seen many comments in other forums of people who have purchased Work At Home Institute and have a nightmare of a time getting their money back. This is actually not unusual. Once they get your credit card and info, a lot of times you have to jump through so many hoops and circles to get a hold of support and actually request a refund. Some companies will only be available during day time business hours where you can only cancel over the phone. It’s just a big fat headache. I wouldn’t risk it. I would stay away form Work At Home Institute for that manner. 


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  1. I was about to be another victim. I saw the ad a couple of days ago and was getting ready to try it until I came across this warning. God is good all the time…

  2. I tried work at home institute and it was really confusing and there’s more you have to pay out and will only take more of your money. Be careful trying this I requested my money back and didn’t get it back I’m still trying for my refund .

  3. I always tell people to ask one question. Why would any company let you make these amazing hourly income, when they could hire as many people as they could ever use at $10 or $12 an hour and keep the profit for themselves instead of sharing the profits with you. Actually you could probably find all the workers you need for minimum wage.

    • Yeah I know. I actually think to myself the same thing. There are people out there with college degrees making $12 an hour. And you think some website is going to pay you more than that? C’mon. It’s insane to even think that people would fall for this, but they do. Good to see that you understand the shenanigans of all of this.

  4. I always look to see how many times something is repeated and what is highlighted usually is junk.

  5. Thank you for your advice. When I was reading it the words ‘if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is’ came to mind. I hope other people look up forums before jumping into this scam.

    Thank you Vince

  6. Yea, its SCAM Do you have their contact information Can’t
    exit the Secure Order even when cut off computer it won’t
    close reply thx

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