Empower Network Blog Review- Not Ranking Anymore, What Happened?

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empower_network_blogDo you have an Empower Network blog?When it first launched, these blogs were ranking quite well, but there’s no doubt that the cookie-cutter EN blogs aren’t ranking that well anymore. After April 2012, Google made some changes that affected paid-blog networks which made an impact to the EN blogging system. Then after the May 2013 Google Penguin 2.0, the blogs got hit a lot harder again. I can see that a lot of EN blogs are grouped together towards the 7th and 8th page search results for high-traffic keywords. You have noticed that EzineArticles and many other article directories got hit by Google, but at least EzineArticles only accepted quality content.

empower network blogging systemHere’s an example of how I did a quick search for “Empower Network review”. There should easily be lots of EN members’ blogs showing up on the 1st page, right? I know I would see them all over the place. I actually scrolled through 15 pages! And I still could not find an Empower Network blog ranking for these keywords. That’s a huge red flag. This is supposed to be their main product, and it looks like it’s not working anymore. What are members supposed to do now? 

That’s one of the biggest flaws with the whole system: “blog about anything and make money”. No no no. You can’t just blog about anything and expect to make money. There is a whole science behind finding a niche, targeting keywords, and building blog posts around these keywords to rank on Google, generate traffic, and monetize the traffic. You’ve got to know what kind of visitors you’re attracting to your website. Some visitors are looking to browse, looking to buy, and looking to bash. It’s possible to get 1000 hits on your site and not make a dime. On the other hand, you can get 50 hits and score $400. You have to understand the process correctly. You have to know your market, know how to sell, know your product, and know your conversion ratio. You don’t just blog about nonsense and expect to make sales. Unless you’re a celebrity with 1 million followers, then you might be able to.

I actually joined the Empower Network hoopla a while back because it looked promising, but now I bailed out after realizing what the business was really about. I was actually able to rank on the 1st page with my EN blog, but because of what I already knew about SEO and not because I actually learned anything through their training. 

[note color=”#fffae5″]Note: One of the most heart-breaking things I’ve seen, is this one lady who is so dedicated to blogging about making curtains and tiebacks. It’s her passion and she seems to know a lot about it. I mean, her posts are really good and very informative. They make me want to make curtains just by the way she instructs on her posts. Diagrams, pictures, and everything. Too bad she’s wasting her time and not only that, uploading all her work to a domain she doesn’t even own. It almost saddens me because I know for a fact she has put in some hard work by the quality of those posts. None of them are ranking.[/note]

I knew what Empower Network was about all along. It is a content farm for David Wood and Dave Sharpe. What better way to expand your empire than to have 1,000’s of money-hungry people blog on your site which keeps growing and keeps bringing in sales from search traffic, spamming FB, and email lists? They essentially have a big army of bloggers where 1,000’s of individuals contribute just a little bit each. All these little bits add up. This is the real purpose behind the blogging system. Unfortunately, that’s now gone. Google has cleaned house and now I can’t see Empower Network blogs in the first pages of search results anymore for keywords I know they used to rank for or keywords worth blogging about. Where’d they go?

The training videos for Empower Network blog product ($25 per month) pretty much just tell you to upgrade to the higher cost products. There is no valuable content. No instruction on how to blog. Only “8 core steps” you’re supposed to do daily, in which even the top leaders are not consistent with. Think of this product as mostly one big upsell and a blog. In fact I have checked the blogs of some of the top-leaders and have found the majority of them are not even “blogging daily” which is what the whole concept of the business is supposed to be about!

So let me recap what has happened to the Empower Network blogging system. No longer do search engines such as Google appreciate EN clogging up search results with unfiltered content, so it looks like they might even de-index Empowernetwork.com itself pretty soon. We will see with the next algorithm update. Now it seems the two Dave’s have moved their following onto another search platform: Youtube. They have added another product to their business for their followers to buy: a video training course. Oh boy. Here we go again!


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  1. Hi, Will this work for a local carpet cleaning business? to blog about carpet cleaning and get on the front page for local search. Thank you.

  2. Yes, I think it is better to go on your own with your blog, but you can always try this that will start lauch in two weeks.

  3. I thought I was the only one that notice there was no real value coming from them and that they were just one big up sell. I thought maybe it was just me LOL I dont think its a scam but I do think they dont tell you the truth about what it really takes to get rich. They tell you its all bout vision and making people see the possibilities. That you just have tpo blog daily and get motivated. etc etc. No, its really just about being able to buy all the products, and having enough money to pay for advertising, quality traffic to your capture page, and a bunch of solo ads. That is how they get the leads. Then when they make the money they can get on Facebook and flash their money to their friends which will think its real and sign up under them. You’re not selling the product you’re selling the lifestyle that people so desperately want. If you can convince people you can give that to them, your gold. If they just told people all of that upfront then maybe it people wouldnt think its a scam.

  4. I found your site while doing some research on how some of these sites that have nothing but a vague lead capture page as an index page rank so well.

    I just had to read your article. Very well said, true, informative, yet polite.

    I also had another concern I was searching for, I hope maybe you can answer me. I had a comment from one of these aforementioned sites, it was kinda spammy, but the site had excellent (really low #s) PR.

    I was thinking of approving it just for the PR, even though I am not a believer in this program. This particular site is new, and has a PR N/A (not the site I listed here).

    Would approving it hurt or help me, or no difference?

    Thanks, Randy

  5. The only training offered in Empower Network
    is an 8 step video series where they go over the basics of what the owners want you to
    do to promote Empower. It’s up to the individual whether
    or not to engage. Start with making a formal relationship with your fans (call it a “license”)
    which details what you want from your fans and what you’ll give them in

  6. Awesome post man! But i have one question. What should people do who are passionate about making money from Empower Network or any other product. How can they be successful? Please answer to me for this, it’s because I am failing a lot in this Online field. Please give me honest opportunity.

    • Hey Vinay , well you should concentrate on learning one skill you like and mastering it whether there is a money making opportunity or not . i am with empower network too but gonna drop out i think since it has so much problem now and i can’t promote something that i feel doesn’t bring the value they preach .

    • Vinay, Tom is right, but I might add that it takes patience, dedication, and allot of learning. There is no get rich quick here, Never give up and keep plugging away at it

  7. I really Agree with you, You have said everything which I would to say about EmpowerNetwork. They just ‘motivate’ you a lot, go around and sell these useless products. Just imagine, if EN was so powerful and valuable why 97% of people fail l to make any money with it.

  8. I am indeed working on another Empower Network back up review and hope to post it as soon as possible.

  9. I got started with Empower Network a few months back because my buddy got me psyched up about it. I was always skeptical about promoting a product that I wasn’t fully aware of or informed about.

    Pretty much if it didn’t work for me, I wasn’t going to promote it to others. On top of that, one of the bigger issues I had was that no one on Empower Network (at least no one that I saw) was providing any real value.

    Okay you blog.

    Traffic comes to your site.

    Someone clicks on a banner and gets sold from the Dave’s.

    But then what? What real value after that has the person gotten other than “an opportunity?”

    I think the business model itself was solid while the blogging platform was ranking. But as soon as Google made their updates (like you talk about) it just became unethical – at least for me – to promote a “viral blogging system” that was no longer viral.

    Their entry level product no longer delivered on high rankings so it’s pretty much down the drain. They did cut out the technical hassles yes, but in the long run – if you want sustainability – you’re probably better off learning some technical aspects of blogging and purchasing your own domain.

    Yes creating your own product is hard work to but in the end it’s well worth it. It’s all about the self-development and the person you become in the process of becoming successful.

    Great post, glad I could be a part of the conversation.


    – Chris Altamirano

    • Yes, I agree, I signed up august 2012 just days before Facebook blocked it.
      That is when it became a dud. But I persevered with covering links but it no longer was the viral socially acceptable blog they continued to claim it to be. I still believed it was somehow. Even though the facts were in my face.
      Then blog beast launch of the new and improved blog beast was even worse than what we were working with.

      This company works more as a cult than a business.
      I stopped drinking the kool aid December 18, 2013.

  10. Great blog post man. I have noticed the drop off with my Empower blog post go from top 5 to nothing. Thank god i’m only at the base level with these guys. I was skeptical to get all in.

    • Yeah for sure. Google is getting much more strict on these big blog networks. They don’t like them. It’s better and safer to build your own website(s).

  11. Hey bro I watch your youtube video review about empower network. At least you were honest about it and you did not bashed empower network with your title then say something good about it in your video so that you can get someone to join under you. I have been in empower network for a few weeks now and I am thinking about leaving it. I should have know better that you cannot just blog about anything and show up on the first page of google.

    • Yeah. No doubt. There really isn’t much valuable training on blogging at all, even in the 15K Formula level. Just basic stuff.

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