The Kim Swartz Scam- Exposing Review Right Here

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kim_swartz_scamDon’t be deceived by the Kim Swartz scam. I know you might have seen her “work from home” program or system or what have you. As a full time Internet marketer, I can most-of-the-time spot out a scheme within just seconds of looking at the sales page, but decided to give this one a 2nd look…or chance. And I was still disappointed. There are definitely many indicators that it’s all a setup aimed at fooling the naive and vulnerable. I actually do see this alot and many times, the owners of these schemes hide or bail out after they’ve made their money.

Not only that, but they even have IP tracking scripts installed so they know exactly where you are from! So they tailor the site to make it seem like the opportunity is in your area. 

Is She Even A Real Person?

“Kim Swartz” is nothing more than a made-up character who is promoted on these fake news directory websites. You will see an “online news” website promoting some kind of data entry or work at home shenanigan backed up by fabricated testimonials. I’ve figured it out, folks. It’s to have you trust the site as they riddle it with famous media logos such as MSNBC, CNN, and even ABC. You see these things and immediately you think the site and everything that are spilling, is true, when the fact of the matter is, it’s just a big fat hairy scam.

kim_swartz_review_Lots of fake stuff on the site. One of the things that really caught my eye was the fake comments. It just looks so unnatural and I could’ve sworn I have seen them on other similar scam type websites. This is because websites know people like to check the comment section for honest feedback from people who have “tried” it before and want to see what they have to say.

So, they can fabricate the comment section to make it look like real different users are leaving feedback. Not even the most legit of work from home programs have that many “positive” comments. Very interesting…

So what exactly is the Kim Swartz scam promoting?

You will often see her name attached to “work at home” programs that are nothing more than big sales funnels that sucker desperate people who are looking to earn profits from home easily.

These “packages” are just simple courses on affiliate marketing. They like to sometimes refer to this as “link-posting” so average people can get an idea of how things work, somewhat. Trust me. Making money online isn’t just about simple “data entry” or posting links. The actual product as far as info itself isn’t that bad most of the time. It’s the promotion that, in my opinion, is unethical and the character “Kim” has fooled lots of people into buying an overpriced package riddled with upsells.

This means you may expect to receive additional phone calls about upgrading and spending thousands of dollars for coaching. Not to mention it’s usually really hard to get a refund. 

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  1. Like many others, becoming rich is not my goal. Rather ‘m just looking to find some type of work/business with as little out of the pocket expense and work from home. Anyone know of any?

  2. I finally see a real photo of people who posted their comments but no photos on people at work from home website, it’s really a scam.

  3. Thank you . I chd ked and they said Kim lived in my home town of N.Y. i am so glad i used my gut feelings and didnt make that call for the package i am truly grateful

    • lol same thing….she’s amazing at how she can be located everywhere at the same time 🙂 lol

    • lol it said kim swartz lived in my home town in florida.

  4. I’m glad I did my research because I was definitely interested. The comments/reviews seemed off to me, All positive…..the woman in the video sounded so scripted (bad acting)…the dates of the review are within the last week which questioned how long this company been around.I started to look kim Swartz up and here I am…thank. you!

  5. do you know of any legitimate on line work at home programs and how can we research them before applying out time with them?

  6. I am trying to find a completely safe online job. I need income but can’t worked away from home. I can’ never find a legit online company. Do you have a list of known reputable companies that folks can work for safely? I haven’t found a single one yet. Thank you

  7. I was scammed into a funnel like this. Now I know what a funnel is and how they work. Has anyone received a refund from any of these people?

  8. I once lived in Pacoima. The population is predominately Hispanic and Black. The name “Swartz” seemed unlikely. However my Moms maiden name was “Zimmerman”. She was mixed. At the time we lived in Pacoima, (1960’s) it was mostly Black!

  9. Well I am from a small town in Missouri, and I search M. Kim Swartz and couldn’t find her no were in my town, and trust me everyone knows everyone, or someone else does…They even know what you had for supper and went you go to bed in this town, So if she was here she is hiding pretty darn good, Sad that people like this and web-site’s do this to people. I am on disability from Cancer and have been through many surgery and can’t go back to work, and my husband was in a bad accident in 2005 and he is now on total disability, we use to own a trucking Co. and with a blink of a eye, because of some one else not paying attraction we lost everything and all I want to do is get a work @ home job, to be her for my husband and pay my bills, I don’t care about being a millionaire or anything like that, just be conformable and than people like Kim Swartz scams you…sad world we live in….

    • sorry this has happened to you…you’re in our prayers…God doesn’t give you more than you can handle so he must think you and your husband are pretty strong people. It’s hard, but keep the faith and trust God and the job of your dreams will be waiting for you…from home too!!!


  11. Thank you! This is a scam! I researched Kim! She is not from my home town!

  12. Well, Vince, it’s a year AFTER your last comment, and Kim Swartz is still going strong! I’m so glad I came across your report. I’m always leery about these things, and saying she was from my area was more of a red flag for me than reassurance. I checked the BBB first, and they gave Work At Home Institute an F, but didn’t have any info on it. So I researched Kim. Luckily I found you instead!! Thanks for the heads up!!

    • Yeah many times these scams are from foreign countries where it’s harder to take them down, so they’ll stick around for a long time. Good thing you came to check out this review! Hope it helped save you a huge headache.

      • how munch do you have to take out of pocket to get up and running with the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) program

        • Absolutely $0 to get started with Wealthy Affiliate.

          • What make Wealthy Affiliate program any different from the rest of scams?

          • Everything. You just gotta test it out.

  13. I am SO glad I decided to do some research regarding Kim Swartz. Thank you so much for the scam alert! I was very close to giving my credit card info, but something made me stop and do some checking first. I really appreciate it! I was laid off a month ago, so money nowadays is very precious! You saved me from making a HUGE mistake.

    • Yeah I actually can’t believe that emails and promotions are still going around. I did this review over 1 year ago, and people still run into that site. There are a ton of them just like it out there, so you just gotta be careful!

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