Unbiased Infinity Downline Review- Another MLM Scam?

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Hello there and welcome to my Infinity Downline review. My goal here is to give you my unbiased opinion on this system. In fact my whole website I have decided to give people honest in-depth reviews on moneymaking systems and programs out there as an expert Internet marketer who’s been doing this for now two years. I’m thinking that you have heard about this particular company because you are interested in starting your own home-based business or you’re just interested in making lots of money on the Internet. While I hope to help you make a well-informed decision as to whether or not this business is right for you. No, I am not an affiliate of infinity downline so you don’t have to worry about me trying to get you to sign up on my team. So let’s get started shall we?


If I can explain it in a nutshell, I would tell you that it’s an online multi-level marketing type of opportunity. It was started in 2009 by a gentleman named Peter Wolfing.  If you are not familiar with the multilevel marketing industry, it’s one of those things where you get paid to recruit people & sign them up. And then you make more money when the people that you recruited, recruit more. A lot of people that are unfamiliar with this type of compensation plan might refer to it as a “pyramid scheme”. But that’s not really a fair label in my opinion. But regardless, it is in MLM type of business.

One of the things I first noticed while visiting the website is that it is pretty simple and I would even call it an old-school type of Internet work from home opportunity. Just visiting the sales page is in the format of long newsletter and sells allot of hype and dream.

How Does It Work?

So like I mentioned before this is in the MLM business meaning that you’re going to have to pay about $25 to get in. That $25 goes to whoever sponsored you. Your job is going to be to recruit people through the Internet and sign them up under you. This particular compensation plan has your second and fourth sale not go to you, but straight to your sponsor. This is known as the 2 pass up. You might think that you lose out on 2 sales, but this is going to happen with the people that you recruit. Their second and fourth sale go straight to you so you earn money without doing anything, after you’ve already sponsored some people.

What I Like

Also like I mentioned earlier, what I really like about infinity downline is its simplicity. It’s very raw and not complicated. What you are paying for is the opportunity to make commissions and also for some training. There is nothing fancy and it is just straight moneymaking business. It’s actually been around for quite a while if you’re talking about the Internet marketing industry because most companies only last a couple years and close up shop. But it seems to still be going strong. Another thing that I like is that with MLM you could possibly build residual income. That means once you get things going, you might be able to get bigger and bigger paychecks each month without doing any additional work.

What I Don’t Like

Now here comes my honesty. To be truthful, I am not really the biggest fan of multilevel marketing and let me tell you why. You are most likely going to run into the same problem that I would say 99% of people that join these type of things, run into. It’s going to get really tough to get sign ups if you don’t know how to do proper Internet marketing. In my opinion, there just isn’t enough sufficient training in the system to truly draw in tons of traffic that you need in order to see any kind of ideal results. Building an MLM type business is something that not a lot of people can do because you are literally going to have to mentor and coach people along the way and spend lots of time and possibly your own money. That’s just the reality.

My Final Thoughts

Is Infinity Downline just another MLM scam? No, it’s definitely not a scam. But it’s also nothing unique nor is it anything special. If you want to make this system work or really any other kind of aniline system, you’re really going to need to know how to do Internet marketing the right way. That means that you’re going to need to know how to create articles and videos that dry and lots of traffic so you can get easy sign-ups. If you want to know exactly how to do that then you might want to check out my own personal recommendations. 

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  1. Are you kidding? The idea of residual income alone screams scam. Get bigger and bigger paychecks all without putting in the work? Even if that were a real thing….what a shitty way to make money. People involved in MLMs should get real jobs and actually contribute to society in some way.

  2. Thank you! have you actually tried it?

  3. Hello Vince, thank for this review i was looking for informations about ID and i’ve read on your site all i need 🙂

    Success !

  4. Was about to join the Infinity Downline with Tony D . Thanks for your comments.
    Please send the 5 programs you referred to….. Thanks, Jack

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